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 Star Thru


Starting formation: Facing Dancers (man facing woman)

Command example: Star Thru

Dance action: Man places his right hand against woman's left hand, palm to palm with fingers up, to make an arch. As the dancers move forward the woman does a one quarter (90 degrees) left face turn under the arch, while the man does a one quarter (90 degrees) turn to the right moving past the woman.

Ending formation: Couple

Timing: 4

Styling: Hands are joined in raised position at approximately eye level, palm to palm, with fingers pointed up to form an arch. The arch will be offset to the man's right and woman's left. The man's hand should be used to stabilize as the woman provides her own momentum. As the call is completed, the hand grip should be readjusted to couple handhold.

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Star Thru

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