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Veer Left / Veer Right
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 Veer Left / Veer Right  --  [Basic]
 CALLERLAB  -  December 2007


(a) LEFT (b) RIGHT - Starting formation - facing dancers, facing couples, mini waves or two-faced lines. Two facing couples working as a unit, or two facing dancers move to the left (or right, as directed) and forward to end in a two-faced line or mini wave respectively. From a mini wave or a two-faced line, the veering direction must be toward the center of the mini wave or line. Each dancer, or couple working as a unit, moves forward and inward to end back to back with the other dancer or couple respectively.

STYLING: All dancers use couple handhold. Outside hands in normal dance position. TIMING: Box, 2 steps; SS, heads or sides, 4 steps.

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Veer (Right|Left)

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15-October-2019 04:53:44
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