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 Backtrack  --  [Basic]
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


12.b. Backtrack

Starting formations: Promenade, Star Promenade, Single File Promenade, Wrong Way Promenade

Command examples:
Promenade Single File; Ladies Backtrack
Ladies Step Out And Take A Backtrack
Gents Step Out And Take A Backtrack
Ladies Roll Out And Backtrack
Put the ladies in the lead, go single file; Ladies backtrack once around; Turn partner right a full turn
Star Promenade; Ladies Backtrack, Left Allemande
Promenade Wrong Way; Boys step out to the left and Backtrack twice around

Dance action: The designated dancers walk in a small 180 degree arc towards the outside of the set.

Ending formation: Various, depending on starting formation and who was designated.

Four dancers designated: Four dancers that did not do the backtrack continue starring or promenading single file in the center of the set and four dancers that did the backtrack will promenade single file in the opposite direction around the outside of the set.

Everyone designated: Single File Promenade

Timing: 2

Styling: If necessary, release the handhold. Continue with arms in natural dance position.

Comments: Backtrack requires a forward motion before the Backtrack and a forward motion (in the other direction) after the Backtrack.

The couples version of Backtrack (e.g., Promenade, Head Couples Backtrack) is no longer in use.

This definition is from CALLERLAB
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.


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