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Arm Turns
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 Arm Turns  --  [Basic]
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


Starting formations: Facing Dancers, Mini-Wave

Command examples:
Left Arm Turn 3/4
Walk Around Your Corner; Turn Partner By The Left; 4 Ladies Chain
Slip The Clutch; Turn By The Left 3/4, Check An Alamo Ring
All Arm Turn Half
Centers Arm Turn 3/4
Men Star Left 3/4; Turn Corner Right Arm Turn; Do Paso
Allemande Left, Turn partner by the right once around; Men star left 1/2, turn opposite by the right
3/4 to an alamo ring, ...
Turn A Right Hand Half
Alamo Ring: Swing Thru; Turn Your Partner By The Right; Allemande Left

Dance action: Dancers join indicated forearms and walk forward around each other. The amount of turn can be specified as a fraction (e.g., Half (180 degrees), 3/4 (270 degrees), Full (360 degrees) or implicitly by the next call (e.g., Turn Partner By the Left; 4 Ladies Chain).

Ending formation: Usually a Mini-wave, or no formation as the dancers prepare to let go of the arm turn and step forward to do the next call.

Timing: 1/2: 4, 3/4: 4 to 6, Full: 6 to 8

Styling: Forearm hold

Comments: From a Mini-Wave the distance to turn may be specified by a fraction (e.g., Arm Turn 1/2).

From Facing Dancers the distance to turn must be specified by a relative position (e.g., To A Thar, or To Your Corner) or the next call (e.g., Turn Corner By The Right; Do Paso). It is improper to specify a fraction.

The Mini-Wave formation does not imply a specific handhold. The styling for Arm Turns and calls defined with Arm Turns is a Forearm hold. See the section "Dance Action: Defining Calls with Arm Turns".

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(Right|Left) Arm Turn

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