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Boys / Girls
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 Boys / Girls
 CALLERLAB  -  November 2009


Command examples:
Boys Run
Girls Trade
Men Circulate; Ladies Trade
Cloverleaf; Ladies Lead Dixie Style to a Wave
All 4 Ladies Chain

Description: The Boys are those dancers who initially squared up as the left-side dancers of each couple. The Girls are those dancers who initially squared up as the right-side dancers of each couple. The terms Men, Gents, Gentlemen, and Guys are synonymous with Boys. The terms Women, Ladies, and Gals are synonymous with Girls.

Comments: No matter the actual genders of the dancers, those who initially squared up on the left-side of each couple will play the role of Boys; right-side dancers will play the role of Girls.

Some callers emphasize that in square dancing the commands are all given to the Boys. They say that the Girls have to pay attention and do the opposite action. In modern teaching, choreography, and patter that statement is misleading and generally not true. Most of the calls are defined without reference to gender. Most of the commands are given to all the active dancers. Callers should teach and call in a way that doesn't perpetuate this myth.

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