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(Anything) & Roll
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 (Anything) & Roll  --  [Plus]
 CALLERLAB  -  December 2007


Starting formation - Various. TIMING - 2

The term "... & Roll" may be added to any call which, by definition, causes one or more dancers to have turning body flow to the right or left as they complete their portion of the call. It is an instruction to those dancer(s) to turn individually, in place, one quarter (90°) more in the direction of body flow determined by the preceding command.

Note that if "... and Roll" is added to a call, which by definition, has some dancers walking in a straight line at the completion of their portion of the call, those dancers will do nothing for the "... and Roll".

STYLING: At the completion of the movement preceding the roll (anything), release all handholds and allow the established momentum to set the direction for the solo turn in place. Arms are returned to natural dance position and ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.

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