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Triangle Formation / Triangle Circulate
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 Triangle Formation / Triangle Circulate  --  [C1]
 CALLERLAB  -  February 2010


[This is a draft definition awaiting approval by the Challenge Committee.]

Triangle Formation
A triangle consists of an apex and either a (mini) wave-base or a tandem-base. Triangles are found as parts of a galaxy, hourglass, twin diamonds, and various other formations.

Teaching Hint: Every dancer has one shoulder toward the inside of the triangle. After Triangle Circulate, that same shoulder is still toward the center.

Inpoint/Inside/Outpoint/Outside Triangles
Various formations, including Twin Diamonds and Point-to-Point Diamonds, contain Triangles.

Inside Triangle: The Center 6 form the Triangles.

Outside Triangle: The Outside 6 form the Triangles.

The footprints of twin diamonds, with the outside 4 in tandem, contain additional Triangles. Each of these triangles has one point as the apex and two of the center 4 as the base.

Inpoint Triangle: Each point facing in is an apex.

Outpoint Triangle: Each point facing out is an apex.

Tandem-based/Wave-based Triangles
Various formations, especially a Galaxy, contain triangles that may be identified by the formation of their "base". A wave-based triangle has the dancers in the base usually in a mini-wave (also possible: a couple). A tandem-based triangle has the dancers in the base usually in a tandem (also possible: facing or back-to-back dancers).

Examples of various Triangle Circulates:

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