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Cross Extend
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 Cross Extend  --  [C1]
 CALLERLAB  -  February 2010


From a Single 1/4 Tag or Box Circulate: Extend but move on a slight diagonal so as to end in a formation whose handedness is the opposite from that of the starting formation. Cross Extend from a Right-Hand Single 1/4 Tag will end in a Left-Hand Box Circulate. Cross Extend from a Right-Hand Box Circulate will end in a Left-Hand Single 3/4 Tag.

Notes: Cross Extend is a 4-dancer call. The common 8-dancer starting formations are 1/4 Tag and Ocean Waves.

From a 1/4 Tag, since those in the center wave are most aware of its handedness, it is important for them to meet the outside dancers with the correct hand.

From Ocean Waves there is a tendency for the original leaders to cross or half sashay with each other. This would be incorrect because the two Box Circulate formations should not interact. The original leaders simply move straight ahead and adjust to form a couple in the resulting 3/4 Tag formation.

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Cross Extend

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