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 Butterfly Formation / Concept  --  [C1]
 CALLERLAB  -  February 2010


A butterfly is a column formation with the ends of the column separated by 2 positions. Butterfly Circulate From a butterfly: All dancers move forward one position along the path below:

Other Butterfly calls, such as Split Circulate, Walk and Dodge Any call which can be done from General Columns (columns, double pass thru, etc.), and which ends in general lines or columns, can be done from a butterfly. The dancers act as though the ends were close together; however, they end on the original 8 spots on the floor. For example, "Butterfly Double Pass Thru":

The ending formation is always the same as though the ends stepped together, everyone did the call, and the ends slid apart again - the same eight spots on the floor are occupied at the end of the call as when it began.

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