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 (Reverse) Walk To A Diamond/Interlocked Diamond/Hourglass/Galaxy
 SCVSDA Notes  -  October 1993


Walk To A Diamond - From facing couples: Beau Walks, Belles Dodges, all 1/2 Box/Split Circulate.

Reverse Walk To A Diamond - Belle Walks, Beaus Dodges, all 1/2 Box/Split Circulate.

Walk To A Interlocked Diamond, Hourglass - From facing lines: Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge, Center trailers Cross Extend [to far center (interlock)] or Quarter Out and slide together to become very centers of an hourglass as other six 1/2 Split Circulate.

Walk To A Galaxy - From an 8 chain thru: Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge, those two facing the very center Veer Out as other six 1/2 Split Circulate to form a galaxy.

For Reverse versions of the above interchange the roles of the beaus and belles in the initial Walk & Dodge

Since the initial action in these calls is the Challenge call "With the Flow" all uses should be preceded by a call with appropriate flow. Thus, Flutterwheel, Walk to a Diamond, but Reverse Flutterwheel, Reverse Walk to a Diamond.

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