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More Definitions

 Chapter 33
 SCVSDA Notes  -  December 1982


From columns (and column-like formations): There are three parts for leaders (1 & 2) indicated by the first number and 3 parts for trailers (3 & 4) indicated by second number. Leaders 1) individually Peel Off, 2) Column Circulate, 3) Quarter In. Trailers 1) Column Circulate, 2) Hinge, 3) very centers Trade (CHT for chapter). Chapter 33 gives 1/4 tag; Chapter 21 gives parallel waves; Chapter 22 & 23 give diamonds. In other formations designated dancers (such as boys, beaus, belles) can be substituted for leaders and trailers; e.g. completed DPT beau-belle Chapter 21 gives an "O".

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