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 Cowboy Loop (An Entire Dance)
 Jay King  -  page 2


Designated couple leads to the right and circles once around. Active man drops left hand and leads the line of four thru an arch formed by the opposite couple. He leads the line around to the right and heads back toward the center while the arching couple moves down toward the end of the line. As the line passes under, the arching couple reverse their facing direction (still holding the arch) and the active man leads the line through again. The arching couple walks along the line and then reverses their facing direction again to face the center. Active man makes one more loop by ducking through the arch at the end of his own line and walking around in a clockwise direction (trailing couple "dishrag" under) and now picks up the former arching couple to circle six. The active man leads the line through an arch now made by the fourth couple and the whole action is repeated.

This definition is from The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing by Jay King.
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