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Wagon Wheel
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 Wagon Wheel


From a Right And Left Grand Formation.

  1. Turn partner right forearm turn once around.
  2. Men then give the girl's right hand a slight push to spin her once around as the men star left. The girl finishes her spin, drifting along alightly in the direction of the turning star and hooks her left arm through the man's right (original partner) in "escort" position as the star continues to turn.
  3. When the call is given ("Hub flies out and the rim flies in, it's a right and left, hook in again"), the men break the star at the center and with ladies still hooked to their right arms, they back around while the ladies walk forward around to turn about once and a half around until all are faced in Grand Right & Left direction (i.e., Wheel Around, Full Turn, then 1/2 Rollaway). Pull by with a right, then pull by the next with a left to do another Wagon Wheel Spin as described above with the next girl and end up in an escort type star promenade. Finally do another "Hub Out, Rim In," go forward two with a right & left and then meet partner to promenade home.

Comments and Examples:

Definition is somewhat verbatim from
"The Handbook Of Modern Square Dancing",
compiled and arrranged by Jay King.

Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw 1939

ID: 22
22-October-2019 06:10:58
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