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Grand Square The Route
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 Grand Square The Route
 SCVSDA Notes  -  December 1981


From static square: Sides -- Face partner & back away 4 steps then Quarter In, walk forward four steps and Slide Thru to end as couple in head position. During the next eight beats of music these dancers make a right-hand Star 1/2 then release the star to join hands as couples, Sweep 1/4 & end as couples at side positions. Heads -- While the sides are active the heads make a right-hand Star 1/2 release the star to form couples (with partners) and Sweep 1/4 into side positions, then Face partners, back away four steps, Quarter In, walk forward four steps and Slide Thru. All men are at home with opposite ladies as partners. Now action is reversed with sides beginning the Star while the heads Face and back away. Each part takes eight beats with a total of 32 for the entire sequence.

Glen Maynard

This definition is from SCVSDA Note Service by Bill Davis.
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