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 Crosstown Roll  --  [C4]
 vic ceder


From a (4-dancer) fractional tag position (i.e., Single 1/4 Tag, Mini-Wave Box, Single 3/4 Tag) or applicable Diamond.

Those with handholds (the mini-wave) 1/4 In, then pass by each other passing opposite shoulder from original handhold, turn an extra 1/4 toward same direction, then Exend. The others adjust as necessary to form a 2x2.

A 1/4 Tag, 3/4 Tag, or Diamonds ends in a 2x2; a 1/2 Tag ends in an opposite-handed 3/4 Tag.

Comments and Examples:

The movement for those in a Mini-Wave is like a Single Turn & Deal to end Back-to-Back, then Single Veer in flow direction to the next fractional tag position.

Paul Kubik 1974

Cross Town Roll

ID: 127
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