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{anything} Plus {n}
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 {anything} Plus {n}  --  [C4]


There are 3 variations of "Plus N":

  1. "Square The Bases Plus 2" means replace Split Square Thru 2 with Split Square Thru 4.
  2. "Sets In Motion Plus 1 (or Plus 2)" means that 1 (or 2) more of the dancers in the resulting Center Column have the first peel left, then next peel right.
  3. Plus N is a lateral dodging movement towards flow direction. The number indicates the number of half-positions to slide. For example, from a R-H Wave, a Recycle Plus 1 would be a Recycle then all 1/2 of a "Left" Truck.

    This version of Plus N requires that the previous call have lateral flow (e.g., Bounce, Recycle, Ah So, Wheel & Deal, Turn & Deal, Shove Off, (Outsides after a) Plenty, Shuffle The Deck, (Outsides after a) Swing & Circle, Shakedown, Ferris Wheel, Turn Over, (from Couple) Cast Off 3/4, (Outsides after) Take N).

(anything) Plus (n)

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24-January-2019 04:32:38
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