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 Cross Fire  -  Plus
 Burleson's  -  entry 2274

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This definition is from Burleson's Encylopedia of Square Dancing by Bill Burleson.
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Cross Fire

 Crossfire  -  Plus
 CALLERLAB  -  December 2007


Starting formation - Two faced line, Parallel lines of four, Inverted Line(s). TIMING - 6

As the centers begin to Trade, the ends Cross Fold. Upon completing their Trade, the centers release hands and step straight forward forming an ocean wave or mini-wave with the dancers they are facing. If the Trade leaves the original centers facing no one, they step forward and remain facing out.

STYLING: If starting formation is a two-faced line, center dancers use hands up position for trading action and blend into normal mini wave styling. If starting formation is parallel lines of four that results in centers facing no one, that couple joins hands with a couple handhold.

This definition is from CALLERLAB
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

Cross Fire

 Crossfire  -  Plus
 Jack Lasry  -  May 1978


Crossfire has been dropped from the quarterly experimental and placed on the plus II plateau. The defination of the action of Crossfire allows for the figure to be used from a number of starting positions that result in a variety of endings. Let me review the defination. The ends will crossfold..while the centers trade & extend to join hands with the awaiting dancer.

The basic formation for crossfire is the two faced line.

  1. Box 1-4..Swing thru...boys run...crossfire (sets up a column)..triple scoot....boys sa doe to a wave....recycle....pass to the center...square thru 3/4..left alle.
  2. Box 1-4....Swing thru....boys trade....boys run....tag the line right....crossfire....boys run....pass to the center..square thru 3/4....left all.

Formation number 2 for crossfire is end to end two faced lines.

  1. 1P-2P....Swing thru....boys run....crossfire *ends in parallel waves) Split circulate....boys run...crosstrail thru..left alle.
  2. Box 1-4....Swing thru...boys run..couples hinge..triple trade....crossfire....scoot back....split circulate....walk & dodge....partner trade & roll....grand right & left...

Formation number 3 for crossfire is line facing out.

To set up your introduction to this formation I suggest lines with two boys as a couples on the left end and two girls on the right end. You can set up this line by having the Heads Pass Thru..Around One To a Line.....Now review the rules. THE ENDS will CROSS FOLD and the centers will Trade (this time a partner trade) and extend...You will end in a 1/4 tag formation (normal). The part that is a little different is the centers PARTNER Trade rather then arm turn trade and their extension places them into the center ocean wave....

  1. Heads pass thru...around one to a line.....pass girls trade...recycle....pass thru...left alle. box 1-4.
  2. Box 1-4...Swing thru....boys run...tag the line in....pass thru....crossfire....boys extend to a wave....boys thru....pass by..left alle...

Formation number 4 for Crossfire is from inverted lines...

The inverted line formation is set up by having the heads square thru then put centers in and cast off....The ends are facing out while the centers are facing in....Apply the rules for crossfire and the ending formation becomes two parallel ocean waves...The centers partner trade and extend to the dancers who did the cross fold to end in parallel ocean waves.

  1. Box 1-4....Centers in cast off 3/4....crossfire....girls trade...recycle...left alle...
  2. Box 1-4..Centers in cast off 3/4...8 circulate (ends trade-centers pass thru) crossfire....8 circulate....swing thru....boys run...1/2 & roll...left alle..

This definition is from Square Dance Callers Notes by Jack Lasry.
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

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