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More Definitions

(any Courtesy Turn) By    handle = 1743

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  1. {anything Coutesy Turn} By(-By(-By))) vic ceder

 {anything Coutesy Turn} By(-By(-By)))  -  C4
 vic ceder


Do the anything call, which must end with flow (usually a Couples Cast movement such as a Courtesy Turn);
"By" means "A Quarter More + Slither";
"By-By" means "A Quarter More, Slither + Slide";
"By-By-By" means "A Quarter More, Slither, Slide + Slither".

Some callers omit the word "Thru" from the call. (e.g., Turn & Left By-By is a Turn & Left Thru + 1/4 More + Slither + Slide).

Comments and Examples:

Right & Left (Thru) By-By: Right & Left Thru & 1/4 More, Slither, & Slide.

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