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More Definitions

(I-J-K-L) Change The Web    handle = 1353

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  1. {I-J-K-L} Change The Web vic ceder

 {I-J-K-L} Change The Web  -  C4
 vic ceder


From a applicable generalized 1/4 Tag or applicable T-Bone 1/4 Box.
  1. Centers Arm Turn the first fraction;
  2. Very Centers Arm Turn the second fraction as End of Center Step Forward as Outsides adjust (usually a 1/2 Reverse Swap Around or 1/2 Swap Around as necessary) to form a Star;
  3. Star the third fraction;
  4. Very Centers Arm Turn the fourth fraction as dancer following them Veer Out (to become End of Center) as others adjust to form a Couple.
Ends in a 1/4 Tag.

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