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Square Dance Calls authored by George Elliott

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3 records

  1. Lines Pair In | Out vic ceder
  2. Pair The Line vic ceder
  3. Pair The Line (In/Out) Jay King

This may not be a complete list of all calls authored by George Elliott.

 Lines Pair In | Out 


From a Line of 4.

Centers U-Turn Back (turning toward each other) as Ends Fold.

Ends in a 2x2 or "Z".

Lines Pair In starts from Back-to-Back Lines, and ends in a Starting Double Pass Thru formation.
Lines Pair Out starts from Facing Lines, and ends in a Completed Double Pass Thru Formation.

Comments and Examples:

Same as Pair The Line.

George Elliott 1958

ID: 86

 Pair The Line  -  C4 


From a Generalized Line.

Centers U-Turn Back (turning toward each other) as Ends Fold.

Ends in a 2x2 or a "Z".

George Elliott 1958

Pair The Line

ID: 175  (handle=722)

 Pair The Line (In/Out)
 Jay King  -  page 157


From lines facing out: Pair the Line In -- Centers "backtrack" (U-turn back by turning in toward each other). Ends Fold behind the centers. Finishes in double pass thru formation. From lines facing in: Pair the Line Out -- Centers backtrack to face out and ends Fold in behind them. Finishes in completed double pass thru formation. NOTE: Also called Pair It In/Out; Lines Pair In/Out.

George Elliott 1958

This definition is from The Handbook of Modern Square Dancing by Jay King.
It is provided here for informational and educational purposes only.

ID: 2037
17-June-2019 09:35:38
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