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Spread [Plus]
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Spread -- [Plus]
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There are four different versions of Spread (only the first two are used at Plus):

  1. From Columns: Centers spread apart as ends move in.
  2. From a Line: Ends and adjacent Centers exchange places by sidestepping into each other's position.
    • If adjacent dancers are in a Mini-Wave, slide nose-to-nose;
    • If adjacent dancers are a Couple, do a Half Sashay (Belle slides in front of Beau).
  3. Desginated dancers Spread (e.g., from Columns: Ends Spread, check a Butterfly)
  4. The call Wheel & Spread. From a One-Faced Line. Wheel & Deal; Leaders sidestep apart from one another (and backup slightly) as Trailers move in between.

Fra Columns:


Fra en Line:


Fra en "Z":


Fra en Diamond:


Girls Trade & Spread:

Girls Trade & Spread

Designated Dancers Spread:

Boys Spread

This instance of Spread is usually
only used at C1 and above.

Wheel & Spread [C4]:

Wheel & Spread
Wheel & Deal
Leaders Spread as Trailers move in

Wheel & Spread, the basis for Spread, was once on the Plus list.
Today, Wheel & Spread is no longer considered legal at Plus.

Diagram from T-Bone Lines. (e.g., Generalized Lines after Centers CR1)

Diagram from a Thar.

Diagram from a Wave Of 6.

Diagram from 8ChTh after Outsides Single Shuffle.


  • Nobody changes their facing direction on a Spread.
  • Spread is usually used as a suffix to another call (e.g., Follow Your Neighbor & Spread).
  • Because there are different versions of Spread, sometimes there is am ambiguity. For instance, from R-H Columns: Centers Trade & Spread. Do the Centers Trade then all Spread, or do the Centers Trade then Centers only Spread? The caller should use helper words to disambiguate.
  • From Back-to-Back Lines, Wheel & Deal & Spread is the same as Wheel & Spread. However, from a Tidal setup (e.g., from an As Couples Two-Faced Line), they are quite different.

Is it okay for someone to backup for a Spread? (e.g., from Trade By?)

Calls commonly used at Plus that can be followed by Spread:

Slide [A2] (Lee Kopman 1966): From a Wave or other applicable 4-dancer formation. Ends and adjacent Centers slide nose-to-nose past one another to exchange places.

Slim Down [C4]: From any 2 x 4 or other applicable formation. Without turning, Centers move one position toward the nearest unoccupied outside position as Outsides move one position toward the center. Everyone does either a sidestep right, sidestep left, step forward, or step backward. From Columns, Slim Down is the same as Spread.

CALLERLAB definition for (Anything) & Spread

Choreography for Spread

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