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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Beau | Belle [A1]
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From a generalized Couple or other applicable formation.

The Beau is the Left-side dancer and the Belle is the Right-side dancer.

In the following diagrams,

  • Beaus are denoted by magenta squares ()
  • Belles are denoted by blue circles ()

The identifiers Beau and Belle are occasionally used from setups in which you have no defined partner. In this case, you are a Beau if your right-hand is toward the Center of your 4-dancer formation, and conversely, you are a Belle if your left-hand is toward the Center of your 4-dancer formation.

  • Beaus and Belles are not the same as Boys and Girls. Beaus and Belles identify positions within formations, whereas Boys and Girls identify dancer roles. When you square up, you are assigned the role of a Boy or a Girl. This role remains in effect for the entire tip. On the other hand, as you dance, your formation and position within that formation constantly changes. Hence, while dancing, you may change whether you're a Beau or Belle, a Leader or Trailer, an End or a Center, etc.
  • At A1 and A2, the usage of Beau | Belle is restricted to a Couple. At C1 and above, Beau | Belle can be used from other formations such as Mini-Waves, T-Bones, etc.
  • If your partner's position is to your Right, then you are a Beau.
    If your partner's position is to your Left, then you are a Belle.
    • I et Couple er danseren til venster Beau og danseren til højre Belle.
    • From a R-H Mini-Wave, both dancers are Beaus.
    • From a L-H Mini-Wave, both dancers are Belles.
  • Beaus and Belles are important to learn since these terms are used in the definitions of many calls.
  • Identify yourself whenever the caller names you. That is, if the caller says 'Beaus' and you're a Beau, then raise your hand. This lets the other dancers in the square know who is active. Sometimes the caller will say something like 'Beaus (pause) Trade' - the caller paused so that the Beaus can identify themselves (raise your hand!), find the other Beau, and then do the Trade. If you don't identify yourself, the other Beau may have a hard time locating you.


  • From a Couple, the Beau holds the R-H palm up and the Belle places the L-H palm down into the Beau's palm.
  • From a One-Faced Line of 3 or more dancers, each dancer should hold their R-H palm up, L-H palm down. This is done so that:
    1. There is a consistent handhold protocol for same sex partners
      (this is in contrast to handholds at the Mainstream level where Boys typically keep both hands palm up, Girls keep both hands palm down).
    2. Using handholds in this manner, it is easier to quickly identify Beaus and Belles when subsets of dancers are activated (e.g., as in Center 4 Beaus Run).

Beaus and Belles tend to be infrequently used by callers. Hence, below is a list of possible uses for Beaus and Belles at A1 and A2:

Choreographically, Beaus and Belles are primarily used with the following calls:

  • Run
  • Trade
  • U-Turn Back
Other applicable calls include:
  • Roll
  • 1/4 In
  • 1/4 Out
  • Fold
  • Zoom

Examples using Beaus and Belles:

Fra Out-Facing Lines:
Beaus Run
Beaus U-Turn Back
Beaus Trade

Fra In-Facing Lines:
Belles Crossover Circulate

Fra Double Pass Thru:
Belles only Zoom

Fra Facing Couples:
Beaus do your part Wheel Thru & Roll

Fra Completed Double Pass Thru:
Beaus only Checkmate The Column
Belles only Peel Off

Fra Completed Double Pass Thru:
Beaus Right Roll To A Wave as Belles Zig-Zag

Fra Facing Couples:
Beaus Walk, Belles Dodge

Fra Parallel Two-Faced Lines:
Ferris Wheel, Beaus Roll

Leader | Trailer [MSV]: From a generalized Tandem (a 1x2), a 2x2, or other applicable formation. The Leader is the out-facing dancer and the Trailer is the in-facing dancer.

CALLERLAB definition for Beaus and Belles Naming Convention

Choreography for Beau | Belle

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