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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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These C4 Definitions will eventually be incorporated into a future Ceder Chest Definition Books Ceder Chest book.

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This page is still being constructed. Not all calls have associated definitions.


12-Matrix Concept

A 12-Matrix is a 1 x 12, 2 x 6, or 3 x 4 array of dancers and phantoms. Do the given call working with all of the positions in the matrix.

anything And Anything

Do the anything call but replace the final Centers Cast Off 3/4 with a Centers Cast Off 1/4 as the others U-Turn Back.

anything The Wave

From Parallel Waves.

Tandem Step Thru; do the anything call.

The anything call is usually a Peel Off movement (Peel Off, Trail Off, Peel & Trail, etc.) or Cloverleaf movement (Cloverleaf, Cross Cloverleaf).

n By 1 Diamond Concept

A n By 1 Diamond consists of two lines of n (2 or 3) and two single dancers, forming a diamond formation. See diagrams below.

Add A Concept

Insert the given call at the given point.

For example, From Parallel Waves: Oddly Add A Spread: Hot Foot Spin: Fan The Top & Spread; Very Centers Trade; Spin The Top & Spread. Also Oddly Add A Roll, etc...

An Anchor

From applicable Tidal Lines.

Center 6 Trade; Outsides Step Thru, Ends Bend and Pass In as Center 4 Trade then Center 2 Trade.

Ends in a 1/4 Tag or 1/4 Line.

direction Anchor fraction

From a Couple.

Using the dancer nearest the given direction as the pivot point, Cast Off the given fraction toward the given direction. The pivot dancer starts and ends on the same floor spot. There is neither a default direction nor a default fraction for this call.

Bail Out

From applicable formations.

Centers Short & Sweet and Counter Rotate 1/4 as Outsides 1/2 Circulate & Hinge.

This is a 2-part call.

By Golly

From Facing Couples. This call must be preceded by a call which can be followed by a Sweep 1/4.

Those closest to the flow direction Sweep 1/4 as the others Dodge and Any Shoulder Wheel Thru.

Ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Circle (fraction) To A Two-Faced Line

From Facing Couples.

Circle Left 1/2 (or the given fraction); Veer Left.

Ends in a R-H Two-Faced Line. This is a 2-part call.

Connect The Diamond

From a Diamond with the points facing opposite directions.

Centers Hinge as Points do your part Lockit (Isolate); all Drop In.

Ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Cover Up

From Parallel Waves, applicable Parallel Lines, Eight Chain Thru, applicable 2 x 4 T-Bones, or other applicable formations.

  1. Circulate;
  2. 1/2 Circulate;
  3. Centers Recycle as Outsides Any-Shoulder Pass In.

Usually ends in a Double Pass Thru formation.

Create A Column

From applicable 4 x 4 Matrices.

Dancers in the inside Phantom Columns do two Phantom Columns Circulates as dancers in the outside Phantom Columns do either two "O" Circulates or two Butterfly Circulates (depending upon whether they are in a Phantom "O" or a Phantom Butterfly).

Non-T-Bone starting formations usually end in Generalized Columns.

Cross Horseshoe Turn

From a 2 x 4 with the Ends in Columns facing Out.

Ends Cross Cloverleaf as the Centers Face In and Cross Trail Thru.

Generalized Columns end in an Eight Chain Thru. This is a 2-part call for the Centers.

Cross Walk & Dodge

From an applicable 2 x 2.

Trailers (Box) Crossover Circulate as Leaders Dodge.

Ends in a 2 x 2.


From Facing Couples or a R-H Wave.

Curlique; Leaders Run as Trailers Cross Extend (to L-H), Trade, and 1/2 Press Back.

Ends in Facing Couples.


From Facing dancers of opposite sex (or a R-H Mini-Wave).

Using Right hands, the lady places the back of her hand into the man's raised palm: Touch; man does his part Right Arm Turn 1/4 as lady Left-face 3/4 Turn to end in the man's original starting position.

Ends in a R-H Mini-Wave.

Diagonal Column | Line | Wave Concept

A Diagonal Column | Line | Wave is a Distorted Column | Line | Wave in which the facing directions of the dancers are off by 45° relative to the Column | Line | Wave (i.e., if everybody individually turned 45° to the Right or Left, then they would be in the named formation). For example, from a Butterfly formation, there are two Diagonal Columns or two Diagonal Lines | Waves.

Diamond anything Concept

From Twin Diamonds.

Do the anything call but use all four dancers in your Diamond when executing all movements on the outside. The traffic pattern usually contains Diamond Circulates.

Ends in Twin Diamonds.

Any 2-dancer call and some 4-dancer calls may be used with this concept.

Dixie Spin

From Facing Couples or a Single Double Pass Thru.

  1. Dixie Style To A Wave;
  2. Fan The Top.

Ends in a L-H Wave. This is a 2-part call.

Dixie Tag

From Facing Couples or a Single Double Pass Thru.

If starting from Facing Couples, do 1/2 of a Half Sashay;
Centers Right Pull By; all Left Touch (Dixie 1/2 Tag);
Extend (Dixie 3/4 Tag);
Extend again (a full Dixie Tag).

Ends in a Single Completed Double Pass Thru.

Drag Concept

Non-designated dancers do their part of the given call, "dragging" (or pulling) the designated dancers along with them.


From a Line or a Diamond.

Centers U-Turn Back (toward each other) as Ends do their part of Fan the Top.

Usually ends in a Diamond or a Line.


Within the given call, replace each 1/4 turn with a 3/4 turn and vice-versa.

Swapping 1/4 turns with 3/4 turns only occurs for portions of the call in which dancers doing the 1/4 or 3/4 turn are holding hands throughout that portion of the call.

Hence, only the following movements are modified:

  • Arm Turns
  • Cast Offs
  • Stars ( including Facing Stars )
  • Single Hinges ( From a Mini-Wave only. Partner Hinges (from a Couple) do not apply since dancers temporarily release handholds. )

Grand Spin The Top

From a Tidal Wave or Facing Lines.

  1. Arm Turn 1/2;
  2. Center pairs of dancers Cast Off 3/4 as the Very End does their part of a Fan The Top.

Ends in a 3 x 4 matrix. This is a 2-part call.

Grand Switch (The Line | Wave)

From a Generalized Tidal Line.

The #2 dancers (adjacent to Very Ends) Run as the others Grand (Working As Ends) Cross Run. Ends in a Tidal Line.

Grand Working direction Concept

Grand Working direction anything is a precise way to state how to do the Grand version of a 4-dancer call. In the past, the Grand version of each call often had to be memorized, since there were slight differences that no single rule would cover.

In Style

From Generalized Columns with the Centers facing In or from a Generalized 1/4 Tag with the Centers in a R-H Wave.

Outsides Dodge toward Reverse Promenade direction (Stable Turn To A Line) as Centers (Step To A Wave if starting from Facing Couples), Very Centers U-Turn Back (turning away from the center of the set), As Couples Extend.

Ends in Parallel Lines.

Interlocked Parallelogram Formation

An Interlocked Parallelogram is a Distorted 2 x 2 that can be formed from a normal 2 x 2 after two non-adjacent dancers move a distance of one matrix position directly away from a line bisecting the 2 x 2.

From a 2 x 4, there are two Interlocked Parallelograms.

Interlocked Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves Concept

From a 4 x 4 Matrix, visualized as 4 adjacent Columns | Lines | Waves.

Those in each Outside Column | Line | Wave work with those in the far Center Column | Line | Wave in a (Disconnected) 2 x 4 Matrix.

anyone Kick By {n}

From a Line of 3 or more.

Designated dancer Run past n dancers and Roll as the dancers being Run past do a Partner Tag one position toward the designated dancer's original starting position.

Line To Line

From Facing Lines, a R-H Tidal Wave, or other applicable formations.

  1. Centers Turn Thru as Outsides Pass In;
  2. Clover And Pass Thru;
  3. all Pass In.

Ends in Facing Lines. This is a 3-part call.

Magic Diamond Concept

From Twin Diamonds.

A Magic Diamond is a Distorted Diamond in which the Centers of one Diamond work with the points of the other Diamond.

Magic Line | Wave Concept

From Parallel Lines | Waves.

A Magic Line | Wave is a Distorted Line | Wave in which the Ends of one Line work with the Centers of the other Line.

Mixed Up Square Thru (But anything | n)

From an Eight Chain Thru, Facing Lines, or other applicable formations.

Square Thru until the original Centers become Ends of Back-To-Back Lines and until the original Outsides become Centers of Facing Lines; New Centers (working in the middle) do the anything call or complete the Square Thru n (continuing with alternating hands).

Orbit Circulate

From Parallel Waves.

Orbit Circulate [C4]:
The right-most Leader of each Wave does a 'big' Zoom away from the Center of the set to end in the position diagonally behind their starting position (Trapezoid Zoom) as the others Trade Circulate. Ends in opposite-handed Parallel Waves.

Left Orbit Circulate [C4]:
The left-most Leader of each Wave Trapezoid Zoom as the others Trade Circulate. Note: Left Orbit Circulate is not the Mirror version of Orbit Circulate. The Trailers pass Right shoulders on both Orbit Circulate and Left Orbit Circulate. This is important on 1/2 Left Orbit Circulate.

Twin Orbit Circulate [C4]:
Leaders Trapezoid Zoom (passing right shoulders as they pass) as Trailers Trade Circulate. Ends in opposite-handed Parallel Waves. This call can be fractionalized into halves.


From Parallel Lines in which each Line has at least one Out-Facing End.

  1. 1/2 Out Roll Circulate;
  2. Triple Trade;
  3. Centers Ah So as Ends do two Phantom "O" Circulates (Hocus Pocus).

Ends in Parallel Waves. This is a 3-part call.

Pitch direction | anything

From Tandem dancers, Facing dancers, or Back-to-Back dancers.

Leaders Right Zing (1/4 Right and Run) as Trailers Circulate and turn 1/4 toward the given direction or do the anything call.

Pitch direction ends in a Couple or a Mini-Wave.

Revert (The) any Tagging call

From various formations.

Do the any Tagging call (or any variation of a Tagging call) to the 1/2 Tag position; Arm Turn 3/4; and complete the any Tagging call.

Right | Left Roll The

From Back-to-Back Couples.

Right Roll The:
Belles (work diagonally with each other) Right Roll To A Wave to become Centers of a Diamond as Beaus 1/2 Box Circulate.
Ends in a R-H Diamond.

Left Roll The: (Mirror Image of Right Roll The)
Beaus (work diagonally with each other) Left Roll To A Wave to become Centers of a Diamond as Belles 1/2 Box Circulate.
Ends in a L-H Diamond.

Right | Left Wing Concept

Right Wing anything:
Do the anything call as if you started as a Beau. That is, if you are a Belle, do the anything call as if you had first side-stepped to the left to become a Beau (i.e., assume that the starting formation is a Right-handed setup).

Left Wing anything:
Do the anything call as if you started as a Belle.

Rolling Ripple n By n (By n)

From a Line.

Designated dancer Ripple the first given number; new dancer occupying designated dancer's original starting position Ripple the next given number; repeat part 2 for each additional given number.

Rotary Circulate

From Parallel Waves.

Leaders 1/2 Split Circulate, Circulate twice, and do the last half of a Split Circulate as Trailers Extend, Hinge, Box Circulate twice, Hinge, and Extend.

Ends in Parallel Waves.

Round Off

From Parallel Lines.

Face Out; In Tandem U-Turn Back (toward the center of the set).

Ends in a Double Pass Thru formation.

Short | Tall Six Formation

Usually from a Galaxy.

A Short Six consists of six dancers whose facing directions form a short, squat (wide) oval shape. A Short Six can also be defined as a 2 x 2 and the lateral adjacent dancers. The two dancers who do not form part of the wide oval are not involved. A Short Six (also sometimes called a Mini-"O") is usually considered to be Distorted Columns of 3.

A Tall Six consists of six dancers whose facing directions form a tall, slender oval shape. A Tall Six can also be defined as a 2 x 2 and the vertically adjacent dancers. The two dancers who do not form part of the tall oval are not involved.

anyone Shove Off

From applicable 2-dancer formations.

Designated dancer Phantom Run (one position away from non-designated dancer) as non-designated dancer moves into designated dancer's vacated position without changing his|her facing direction.

Single Concept

Single is a way to take an 8-dancer call and make it a 4-dancer call; or to take a 4-dancer call and make it a 2-dancer call.

In the Single version of a call, each dancer executes the movement that would normally be done by a set of two dancers within the normal version of the call. Hence, for a call to have a Single version, it must be possible to group all dancers into sets of two, in which the dancers in each set are always facing the same direction thoughout the given call. The dancers in each set are usually dancing their portion of the call As Couples, In Tandem, Once Removed, or Twosome (or some combination of these concepts).

You can think of Single as replacing each set of two dancers with a single dancer located exactly half-way between the two dancers. This single dancer then executes the given call always staying on a path located exactly half-way between where the two dancers would be in the normal version of the call.

anyone Tow Truck

From applicable 2-dancer formations.

Designated dancer Truck as the adjacent dancer moves into designated dancer's vacated position without changing their facing direction.


From Columns.

Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; Chain Reaction.

Ends in Parallel Waves.

Triangular Box Formation

A Triangular Box consists of a Diagonal Line of 3 and a dancer in a corner position of the 3 x 3 Matrix defined by the Diagonal Line. Work with these dancers in a Distorted Box. Triangular Boxes are most commonly used from Interlocked Blocks [C1].

Trixie (Spin)

From a 2 x 2.
Leaders 1/4 In as Trailers 1/4 Out.

Trixie Spin:
From an applicable non T-Bone 2 x 2 or 2 x 4.
Trixie; Cast Off 3/4; Centers Cross Run.
Ends in a Line. This is a 3-part call.

Twisted Concept

From various formations. If the first part of the given call involves a Pass Thru or a Pull By, then do the Pass Thru or Pull By but turn 90° toward the shoulder passed between the two dancers halfway through the movement.

Wheel Fan & Cross Thru

From Facing Couples.

Wheel Fan Thru blending into a Half Sashay (with the dancer who does the 1/4 Out sidestepping in front of the dancer who does the Arm Turn 3/4).

Ends in Back-to-Back Couples.

Yo-Yo Concept

Replace the first Arm Turn 1/2 of the given call with an Arm Turn 3/4.

"Z"-Columns | Lines | Waves Concept

"Z"-Columns | Lines | Waves consist of two "Z"s placed side-by-side to form distorted Columns | Lines | Waves. Work in the distorted 2 x 4 to do the given call.

Zippered Formation

Zippered {formation} is another term for Staggered {formation} except that it is restricted to formations consisting of 'zippers'.
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