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Magic Diamond Concept [C4]
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Magic Diamond Concept -- [C4]
   (Dave Hodson 1979)

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From Twin Diamonds.

A Magic Diamond is a Distorted Diamond in which the Centers of one Diamond work with the points of the other Diamond.

Work with these dancers in a distorted Diamond.

Magic Diamond Circulate

Now, from here,
Magic Flip The Diamond

Note that in the last diagram above you now have a Magic Wave [C4] with the dancers who were in your Magic Diamond.

Notes on traffic patterns:

  • The basic rule is try to get to your ending position with a minimum number of collisions (trying for zero collisions would be a good goal).
  • On Magic Cut The Diamond or Magic Flip The Diamond, the points can often work as if In Tandem.

In our opinion, callers should say Magic Diamond Cut | Flip The Diamond rather than Cut | Flip The Magic Diamond. In the first case, the dancers initially hear the word Magic and can immediately start locating their Magic Diamond. Also, in our opinion, Cut|Flip The Magic Diamond is NOT the same as Magic Cut|Flip The Diamond, since on a Cut|Flip The formation those with handholds do a formation Circulate as the others simply slide together and Trade (Cut) or Phantom Run (Flip). Hence, for a Cut|Flip The Magic Diamond only the Centers are working Magic.

Magic Inpoint|Outpoint|Inside|Outside Triangle Identification:


Inpoint Triangle


Outpoint Triangle


Inside Triangle


Outside Triangle


Dancers are listed in order of their Circulate path within the above diagram:

  • Magic Inpoint Triangle: (, , ) and (, , )
  • Magic Outpoint Triangle: (, , ) and (, , )
  • Magic Inside Triangle: (, , ) and (, , )
    [This is the hardest one to see.]
  • Magic Outside Triangle: (, , ) and (, , )

Magic Interlocked Diamond Concept [C4]:

Work with these dancers in a distorted Diamond.

Magic Interlocked Diamonds are rarely used since they are difficult to visualize and often involve hideous traffic patterns.

See also Magic Line | Wave Concept [C4].

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