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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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These Miscellaneous [NOL] Definitions are already in or may be incorporated into a future Ceder Chest Definition Books Ceder Chest book.

  • This material is copyrighted, so please treat it accordingly.
  • For complete explanations, diagrams and examples, please purchase the book.
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Branch Off

From a 2 x 2 consisting of two Mini-Waves, or from an applicable T-Bone 2 x 2.

Lead Beau: Trail Off
Lead Belle: Peel Off
Trailers: 1/2 Crossover Circulate (to Right-hands) & Trade.

A non-T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a R-H Two-Faced Line.


From Parallel Lines with the Ends in Tandem.

Ends Detour & Circulate as Centers do your part Out Roll Circulate & Roll.

Ends in a Starting Double Pass Thru formation.

Select A(n) anything

From Columns.

#1 & #2 1/2 Invert The Column; Counter Rotate 1/4; and Zing.
#3 & #4 Column Circulate; (Concentric) Trail Off; and (Concentric) do the given call.

There is also a Magic and a Cross version.

Shorter / Longer Concept

The Shorter or Longer Concept can be applied calls in which all dancers are moving in the same direciton, either clockwise or counter-clockwise within their group of 4 (a Box, Diamond, or Single 1/4) for the last portion of the call.

Do the call normally, but end 1/2 of a Box Circulate position before (if Shorter) or 1/2 of a Box Circulate position after (if Longer) the normal ending position.

Upon completion of the call, each dancer's facing direction is the same as if the call was done normally. Only the ending spots on the floor are different.

Calls that normally end in a Box will end in a Single 1/4 or 3/4 Tag;
calls that normally end in a Diamond or Single 1/4 Tag will end in a Box.

Slice Concept

Slice anything:
The idea of Slice is to use Step & Slide [A1] as a Tagging call. That is, do a Step & Slide then the Steppers work as Leaders in a Box while the Sliders work as Trailers in a Box to complete the Tagging call.

Slice Your Neighbor:
From a Two-Faced Line, Wave, or applicable Diamond.
Step & Slide; complete a Follow Your Neighbor (i.e., Ends 1/2 Box Circulate & U-Turn Back as Centers Arm Turn 3/4).
A Two-Faced Line ends in a Wave; a Wave ends in a Two-Faced Line; a Diamond ends in a Diamond.


Slice Back:
From a Two-Faced Line or Facing Diamond.
Step & Slide; complete a Scoot Back (i.e., Ends Run toward the center of the 4-dancer formation as Centers Trade & Step Forward).
A Two-Faced Line ends in a Mini-Wave Box; a Facing Diamond ends in a T-Bone Box.


Slice Chain Thru:
From an As Couples Wave.
Step & Slide; complete a Scoot Chain Thru (i.e., Ends Flip toward the handhold, as Centers Swing-Slip-Swing and Extend).
Ends in Parallel Waves.

Slice Your Leader:
From an As Couples Wave. Step & Slide; outsides go toward the handhold, all Your Leader. Ends in Columns. This call can also be done from a Tidal Wave, in which case dancers end on the same spot (crash to R-H) to end in Offset Columns.

also Diagram from LH Tidal Wave!

Slice Reaction|Reactivate|Nuclear Reaction|etc. From an As Couples Wave or a Tidal Wave. Slice Back To A Wave (Step & Slide, Centers Trade as Outsides flip toward the handhold and adjust to form a Couple); complate the given Tagging call.

Slice The Tag: From a Two-Faced Line or Wave. Step & Slide; Centers Step Thru as Ends adjust in end in Single Completed Double Pass Thru. Same as Stable Cross Lockit. Contrary to other 'Tagging calls', no fractions can be used (e.g., no Slice The 3/4 Tag).


  • Although the normal starting formation is a Line or Wave, some Slice calls (e.g., Slice Back, Slice Your Neighbor) can also be done from a Diamond.

Generous Slice Reaction!

Other new call... Bank The Boys/Girls?

What about a Step & Flip version?

anyone Tox

From Facing Couples or an applicable T-Bone 2x2.

Designated dancers 1/2 Circulate & flip away (Reverse Flip)
as Others Dodge & 1/2 Circulate.

Usually ends in a Wave.

Travel direction

Travel {direction}

From Facing Couples. Pass Thru; As Couples 1/4 toward the given direction.

A Travel Thru is a Travel Right. Also Travel Left/In/Out.
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