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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Single Concept [C3A,C3B,C4]
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Single Concept -- [C3A,C3B,C4]
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Single is a way to take an 8-dancer call and make it a 4-dancer call; or to take a 4-dancer call and make it a 2-dancer call. EN: 10
Single は, 8 人のコールを 4 人のコールに, あるいは 4 人のコールを 2 人のコールにする方法です. JP: 10

In the Single version of a call, each dancer executes the movement that would normally be done by a set of two dancers within the normal version of the call. Hence, for a call to have a Single version, it must be possible to group all dancers into sets of two, in which the dancers in each set are always facing the same direction thoughout the given call. The dancers in each set are usually dancing their portion of the call As Couples, In Tandem, Once Removed, or Twosome (or some combination of these concepts). EN: 20
あるコールの Single では, そのコールの 2 人によって通常行われる動きを, 1 人で行います.したがって, Single があるコールは, 全ての人を 2 人の集まりに分けることが可能で, その 2 人は, コールを動く間ずっと同じ方を向いている必要があります.その 2 人は, コールの自分の部分を As Couples, In Tandem, Once Removed, または Twosome (またはこれらのコンセプトの組み合わせ) で動きます. JP: 20

You can think of Single as replacing each set of two dancers with a single dancer located exactly half-way between the two dancers. This single dancer then executes the given call always staying on a path located exactly half-way between where the two dancers would be in the normal version of the call. EN: 30
Single を, 2 人のダンサーの集まりを 2 人のダンサーの真ん中にいる 1 人のダンサーで置き換える, と考えることができます. この single のダンサーは, コールを普通に動いている 2 人のちょうど真ん中の位置にいつもいて動くことになります. JP: 30

Here is a partial list of calls that might be done Single at C3B: EN: 40
C3B で踊られる Single のコールリストの一部です: JP: 40

Bounce anyone Checkmate Circle By
Cross Chain & Roll Cross Chain Thru Divide The Ocean | Sea
Ferris Wheel Flare Out To A Line Polly Wally
Rotary Spin | anything Shakedown Shake & Rattle
Sidetrack Slant anything Split Swap
Strut Left | Right Travel Thru Turn & Deal
Turn To A Line Veer Left | Right  

In 1996, callers voted to restrict the usage of the Single CONCEPT at C3A to the following calls: EN: 50
1996 年に, コーラーの投票の結果, C3A での Single CONCEPT の使い方を, 次のコールに制限しました. JP: 50

In 2000, callers voted to drop the generalized Single CONCEPT from C3B. EN: 60
2000 年には, コーラーの投票の結果, C3B から一般化された Single CONCEPT を落としました. JP: 60

Single Ferris Wheel [C3A] (Walt Wentworth 1974):
From a Mini-Wave Box. Leaders do your part Single Wheel, as Trailers Extend & Single Wheel. Ends in a Zero-Tag (Single Starting Double Pass Thru Formation). Equivalent to Follow Thru & Roll. EN: 342
(1 つの動きとしての, Follow Thru & Roll) JP: 342

Single Ferris Wheel

Single Rotary Spin [C3A]:
From a Single Eight Chain Thru. Right Pull By; Centers Step To A L-H Mini-Wave and Cast Off 3/4 as Outsides Left-face U-Turn Back (Single Courtesy Turn) and Roll. Ends in a R-H Wave. EN: 343
Single Eight Chain Thru から.Right Pull By をして, Centers は Step To A L-H Mini-Wave をし, Cast Off 3/4 をする間に, Outsides は左回りに U-Turn Back (Single Courtesy Turn) and Roll をします.R-H Wave で終わります. JP: 343

Single Rotary Spin
 Right Pull Byをし
と Centers Step To A L-H Wave
 Outsides は Single Courtesy Turn & Roll
as Centers は Cast Off 3/4

Single Shakedown [C4] (Lee Kopman 1979):
From Back-to-Back Dancers. As one movement, Right Roll To A Wave & Roll. Ends in Facing Dancers. EN: 345
(1 つの動きとして, Right Roll To A Wave & Roll) JP: 345

Single Shakedown

Single Turn & Deal [C4]:
From a Couple or a Mini-Wave. As one movement, 1/4 In, Touch, and turn 1/4 toward your initial turning direction. A Couple ends in Tandem dancers; a R-H Mini-Wave ends in Facing dancers; a L-H Mini-Wave ends in Back-to-Back dancers. From a Couple or R-H Mini-Wave, Single Turn & Deal is the same as Single Wheel [A2]; from a L-H Mini-Wave, Single Turn & Deal ends in Back-to-Back Dancers whereas Single Wheel ends in Facing Dancers. EN: 46
カップルまたは Mini-Wave から.1 つの動きとして, 1/4 In, Touch をし, 始めの回転の方へ 1/4 回ります.Couple からは Tandem で終わり, R-H Mini-Wave からは向かい合って終わり, L-H Mini-Wave からは背中合わせで終わります. JP: 46

R-H Mini-Wave から:

Single Turn & Deal
L-H Mini-Wave から:

Single Turn & Deal
Couple から:

Single Turn & Deal

  • As with Turn & Deal, remember to always pass Right Shoulders! EN: 70
    Turn & Deal では, 常に右肩で通ることを覚えてください! JP: 70
  • From a Couple or a R-H Mini-Wave, Single Turn & Deal is identical to Single Wheel [A2]. EN: 80
    カップルまたは R-H Mini-Wave からの Single Turn & Deal は, Single Wheel [A2] と同じです. JP: 80
  • From a L-H Mini Wave, be sure to pass Right shoulders so that you end Back-to-Back! EN: 90
    L-H Mini Wave からは, 必ず右肩で通り, 背中合わせになります! JP: 90

Single Turn To A Line [C3A]:
From Tandem dancers, Facing dancers, or Back-to-Back dancers. As one movement, Zig-Zag, Step Thru, and turn 1/4 toward your initial turning direction. Ends in a Couple or a Mini-Wave. EN: 344
Tandem の 2 人, 向かい合った 2 人, または背中合わせの 2 人から行います.1 つの動きとして, Zig-Zag, Step Thru をし, 始めの回転の方へ 1/4 回ります.カップルまたは Mini-Wave で終わります. JP: 344

Tandem Dancers から:

Single Turn To A Line
Back-to-Back Dancers から:

Single Turn To A Line
Facing Dancers から:

Single Turn To A Line

There are several calls that contain the word 'Single' but that do not follow the 'Single' definition. For example: EN: 100
'Single' の言葉を含むコールがいくつかありますが, 'Single' の定義にはあてはまりません.例えば: JP: 100

For more information on Single, please read The Single Concept by J. Eric Brosius. EN: 110
Single のついての詳細は, The Single Concept by J. Eric Brosius の資料を参照してください. JP: 110

CALLERLAB definition for Single Concept

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