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Turn & Deal [A1]
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Turn & Deal -- [A1]
   (Colin Walton 1963)

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From any Line of 4.

As one movement, 1/2 Tag then turn 1/4 in place toward your initial turning direction.

Ends in a 2 x 2.

  • A R-H Two-Faced Line ends in Facing Couples.
  • A L-H Two-Faced Line ends in Back-to-Back Couples.
  • A L-H Wave ends in a R-H Mini-Wave Box.
  • A One-Faced Line ends in Tandem Couples.

R-H Two-Faced Line から:

Turn & Deal

L-H Two-Faced Line から:

Turn & Deal

L-H Wave から:

Turn & Deal

One-Faced Line から:

Turn & Deal


  • Turn & Deal is danced as one smooth flowing movement.
  • Turn & Deal feels like a 1/2 Tag & Roll.
  • As with Tag The Line, remember to pass right-shoulders with any dancers you meet.
  • Drop hands with adjacent dancers and move individually toward the center of your Line.
  • Turn & Deal has historically been fractionalized into thirds (mantra: Turn, Step, Turn). Today, however, it is rare that a caller would fractionalize Turn & Deal since a 2/3 Turn & Deal is the same as a 1/2 Tag. However, at the upper levels, there are calls that contain Turn & Deal as part of their definition (e.g., Mini-Busy [A2]) that are occasionally fractionalized.

    Fractionalization of Turn & Deal:

    1. Turn 1/4 in place toward the center of the line;
    2. Passing right-shoulders, step forward to the 1/2 Tag position (a R-H Mini-Wave Box);
    3. Turn 1/4 in place toward the same direction as the first turn 1/4.
  • From a R-H Two-Faced Line (the most common starting formation), Turn & Deal is similar to Wheel & Deal except that the dancers move individually instead of as a Couple.
  • The mirror image of Turn & Deal has historically been known as Left Turn & Deal. When doing a Left Turn & Deal, pass left-shoulders instead of right-shoulders.
  • Turn & Deal & Roll always ends in a Left-Hand Box.

Line Of n Turn & Deal [NOL]: From a Line of n (n is an even number, usually 6 or 8). Do a 1/2 Tag in the Line of n, then turn 1/4 in place toward your initial turning direction. Ends in Parallel Lines of n/2.

Line Of 6 Turn & Deal

Any Shoulder Turn & Deal [NOL]: From a Two-Faced Line. Passing the most convenient shoulder (right-shoulders from a R-H Two-Faced Line; left-shoulders from a L-H Two-Faced Line), do a Turn & Deal. Ends in Facing Couples.

Vertical Turn & Deal [C4]: From a non-T-Bone 2 x 2. Vertical 1/2 Tag; Original Leaders Turn an extra 1/4 in place toward their initial turning direction. Hint: Think about doing a Vertical 1/2 Tag & Roll.

Turn To A Line [C2]: From an applicable 2 x 2. As one movement, Zig-Zag, Complete The Tag (Tandem Step Thru) and Turn 1/4 in your initial turning direction. A non-T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a Line.

Triple Turn [C4]: From a non-T-Bone 2 x 2. Turn To A Line; Turn & Deal; Turn To A Line. Ends in a Line. Triple Turn is a 3-part call.

Single Turn & Deal [C4]: カップルまたは Mini-Wave から.1 つの動きとして, 1/4 In, Touch をし, 始めの回転の方へ 1/4 回ります.Couple からは Tandem で終わり, R-H Mini-Wave からは向かい合って終わり, L-H Mini-Wave からは背中合わせで終わります.

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