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Turn To A Line [C2]
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Turn To A Line -- [C2]
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From an applicable 2 x 2.

As one movement, Zig-Zag, Complete The Tag (Tandem Step Thru) and Turn 1/4 in your initial turning direction.

A Non T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a Generalized Line.

Tandem Couples から:

Turn To A Line

Inverted Box から:

Turn To A Line


  • Think Leaders Right, Trailers Left. The movement is clockwise with respect to the Center of the 2 x 2.
  • Dancers with hands joined at the start of the call have opposite hands joined at the end of the call.
  • Turn To A Line is almost the exact opposite of a Turn & Deal. It dances very much like a Turn & Deal (i.e., 'Turn-Step-Turn').

Zig-Zag [A2] (Bill ShymkusJack Lasry 1968): From a Generalized Tandem or other applicable formations. Leaders 1/4 Right as Trailers 1/4 Left. A Generalized Tandem ends in a R-H Mini-Wave.

Single Turn To A Line [C3A]: Tandem の 2 人, 向かい合った 2 人, または背中合わせの 2 人から行います.1 つの動きとして, Zig-Zag, Step Thru をし, 始めの回転の方へ 1/4 回ります.カップルまたは Mini-Wave で終わります.

Single Turn To A Line

Single Turn To A Line

Single Turn To A Line

Triple Turn [C4]: From a non-T-Bone 2 x 2. Turn To A Line; Turn & Deal; Turn To A Line. Ends in a Line. Triple Turn is a 3-part call.

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