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Checkmate The Column [A2]
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Checkmate The Column -- [A2]
   (H.P. Williams 1975)

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From applicable 2 x 4 Columns.

First Two (#1 and #2) Circulate 4 spots & 1/4 In as Last Two (#3 and #4) Circulate twice, 1/4 In, & Circulate.

Normal Columns end in Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

R-H Columns から:


L-H Columns から:


Full Tag から:


Zero Tag から:



  • The First Two should make a wide arc for the 4 Column Circulates. This movement is sometimes described as Single File Promenade 1/2 Way & Veer Left|Right. It starts and feels like the Beau's part of a Track 2.
  • Only the First Two dancers can Roll.
  • The First Two (#1 and #2) end as a Couple with each other; and the Last Two (#3 and #4) end as a Couple with each other. The lead dancer of each Tandem (#1 and #3) end as Ends, and the trailing dancer of each Tandem (#2 and #4) end as Centers in the resulting lines. As such, it's important to establish your couple-relationship as soon as possible.
    • For the First Two, Checkmate dances smoother as a Trail Off to form a Couple; Couples Circulate; and Bend The Line.
    • For the Last Two, Checkmate dances smoother as a Double Pass Thru; Face In & join hands to form a Couple; and Couples Circulate.

Single Checkmate [C3A]: From a 2 x 2. Leaders Box Circulate twice and 1/4 In (Box Transfer) as Trailers Box Circulate, 1/4 In, and Box Circulate. Ends in a 2 x 2.

Single Checkmate

3 By 1 Checkmate [C2] (Willard Orlich): From Columns. First Three dancers Column Circulate 4 positions & 1/4 In as the #4 dancers Circulate 3 positions, 1/4 In, & Circulate. Ends in Parallel 3 & 1 Lines.

3 By 1 Checkmate

Checkover [C1] (Al Appleton 1978): From Columns. First Two Checkmate The Column as Last Two step foward to form a Box (Circulate), Cast Off 3/4, Slither, and As Couples Extend. Ends in Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

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