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Scoot & Dodge [A1]
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Scoot & Dodge -- [A1]
   (Harry Ed Dunkle 1970)
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Aus einer Mini-Wave Box oder anwendbaren T-Bone 2 x 2.

Leaders Dodge (Seitschritt in die angrenzende Position wie beim Walk & Dodge) während die Trailer ihren Teil, Scoot Back, machen (Extend, Trade, und Extend).

Eine Mini-Wave Box endet in Back-to-Back Couples.

Aus einer R-H Mini-Wave Box:

Scoot & Dodge

Aus einer L-H Mini-Wave Box:

Scoot & Dodge

Aus einer T-Bone 2 x 2:(used at C1 and above)

Scoot & Dodge

anyone Scoot others Dodge [A1V]: From Facing Couples or other applicable 2x2. Those designated Scoot Back as Others Dodge. Ends in a 2x2. For example, from normal Facing Couples: Boys Scoot, Girls Dodge.

Scoot Back [Mainstream] (Lee Kopman 1969):

  • Aus einer Mini-Wave Box oder einer passenden T-Bone 2 x 2. Die Leaders tanzen ein Box Circulate, während die Trailers ein Extend, Arm Turn 1/2 & Extend tanzen. Eine Mini-Wave Box endet in einer Mini-Wave Box.
  • Aus einer Single 1/4 Tag. Extend; Arm Turn 1/2 & Extend. Endet in einer Single 3/4 Tag.

Walk & Dodge [Mainstream] (Holman Hudspeth 1967): From a Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone 2 x 2. Leaders sidestep into the adjacent position as Trailers walk forward into the next position (i.e., Circulate). A Mini-Wave Box ends in Back-to-Back Couples.

Grand Scoot & Dodge [NOL]: From Mini-Wave Columns. #1 dancers Dodge, as the Others Grand Scoot Back (Grand Extend, Trade, and Grand Extend). Ends in Columns with the Ends are facing out.

any Tagging call Back & Dodge [C4]: Tanze den any Tagging call bis zur 1/2 Tag Position; Scoot & Dodge. Endet in Back-to-Back Couples.

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