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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Jay Concept [C3A]
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From a Generalized 1/4 Tag or other applicable formations. EN: 10
一般化された 1/4 Tag または他の適切な formation から. JP: 10

Work in a Distorted Box with the dancers with whom you would normally Jay Walk. At the end of the call re-establish the footprints of those four positions. EN: 20
Jay Walk をする人たちの Distorted (ゆがんだ) Box で動きます.コールの終わりで, これらの 4 つの footprint の位置を再構成します. JP: 20

Jay Left Wheel Thru

A Jay can be denoted by a given direction, that direction being relative to the dancers in the Center Line. In identifying the Jay, the facing direction of the Outside dancers doesn't matter. EN: 70
近ごろ, 何人かのコーラーは, 上記の名前の付け方を一般化して使っています.明確に, Jay は方向で示され, その方向は Center Line にいる人からの相対的な方向です.すなわち, 外側の人の向きには関係がありません. update JP: 70
  • (Front) Jay:
    Center dancers work with the Outside dancers that are in front of them. EN: 80
    Center は, 自分の前にいる outside の人と動きます. JP: 80
  • Back Jay:
    Center dancers work with the Outside dancers that are behind them. EN: 90
    Center は, 自分の後ろにいる outside の人と動きます. JP: 90
  • Right | Left Jay:
    Center dancers work with the Outside dancers that are to their Right | Left. EN: 100
    Center は, 自分の右 | 左にいる outside の人と動きます. JP: 100

(Front) Jay
Back Jay
Right Jay

Note: Jays can pop up in other formations (such as an "H"). Also, two dancers who are offset can do 2-dancer Jay calls (such as Jay Touch 1/4). EN: 110
注釈: Jays は "H" のような他の formation でも使えます.また, offset になっている 2 人でも Jay Touch 1/4 のような 2 人のコールができます. JP: 110

Back Jay Shakedown:

Back Jay Shakedown
Left Jay Partner Tag:

Left Jay Partner Tag

Historically, Jays were denoted as follows: EN: 30
歴史的に, Jay は次のように分けられます. update JP: 30
  • (Facing) Jay:
    Dancers within each distorted Box are facing In (toward the Center of the Box) and are facing each other. This is the default Jay. EN: 40
    各々の distorted Box にいる人は中を向いています (Box の Center に向かって), そしてお互いに向かい合っています.これが標準の Jay です. JP: 40
  • Back-to-Back Jay:
    Dancers within each distorted Box are facing Out (away from the Center of the Box) and are Back-to-Back with each other. EN: 50
    各々の distorted Box にいる人は外を向いています (Box の Center から離れるように), そしてお互いに背中合わせになっています. JP: 50
  • Front-to-Back Jay:
    Dancers are Front-to-Back within each distorted Box, with some dancers as Leaders and some dancers as Trailers facing the Leader's back. EN: 60
    各々の distorted Box で Front-to-Back になっていて, ある人は Leaders で, ある人は Trailers で Leader の背中を見ています. JP: 60

Facing (normal) Jay
Front-to-Back Jay
Back-to-Back Jay

Hint: for complicated calls, check the orientation of your Jay with respect to the room before you start moving. For example, you could remember the wall toward which your Jay is offset. We usually memorize our Jay by remembering (1) whether the Centers are in a Two-Faced Line or a Wave and (2) which End position (of the Center Line) is a part of our Jay. EN: 120
ヒント: 複雑なコールでは, 動き始める前に Jay のずれの方向を部屋についてチェックします.例えば, Jay が offset になっている方向の壁を覚えておきます.普通 (1) Centers は Two-Faced Line なのか Wave なのかと, (2) Center Line のどちらの End が仲間なのかを覚えておくことで, Jay の位置を記憶します. JP: 120

Occasionally, a caller may call a Shape-changing call from a Jay. EN: 130
時々, コーラーは Jay から Shape-changing のコールをコールします. JP: 130

Jay Pass The Ocean

On a shape-changing call (usually from a Box to a Line or Wave), the idea is to maintain the center point between the pairs of dancers. In the above example, dancers and finish such that their center point is the original center point between dancers and . Similarly, dancers and finish such that their center point is the original center point between dancers and (which just happens to be the original starting position of dancer ). EN: 135

Change Jays [NOL]:
After doing a Jay call, work with the other Jay positions (Outsides work with the other Center positions, and Centers work with the other Outside positions). EN: 333
Jay のコールを行った後, 別の Jay の位置で動きます (Outsides は他の Center の位置と動き, Centers は他の Outside の位置と動きます). JP: 333

Same Jay [NOL]:
After doing a Jay call, do the next call working with the same dancers in the same Distorted Box. EN: 334
Jay のコールを行った後, 同じ Distorted Box (ゆがんだ box) の同じ人と, 次のコールを動きます. JP: 334


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