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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Interlocked Scoot (Back) [C3A]
   (author unknown)
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From a 1/4 Line. EN: 10
1/4 Line から. JP: 10

Scoot Back with the dancers in your Interlocked Single 1/4 Tag (the dancers occupying the Interlocked Diamond footprints). EN: 20
自分の Interlocked Single 1/4 Tag の人 (Interlocked Diamond の位置にいる人) で Scoot Back をします. JP: 20

Ends in a 3/4 Line. EN: 30
3/4 Line で終わります. JP: 30

Interlocked Scoot Back
(Interlocked Follow Thru)

Note: Use the hand that the Centers have closest toward the Center of the set. EN: 40
注釈: set の中心に一番近い centers がとっている手と同じ手を使います. JP: 40

There are two traffic patterns in use: EN: 50
2 つの通り方が使われています: JP: 50
  1. Interlocked Extend; Swing; as one movement, Extend and Very Centers Slither (same as Step Thru; Centers Veer Right or Left). EN: 60
    Interlocked Extend と Swing を 1 つの動きで行い, Extend をし Very Centers Slither をします (Step Thru をし, Centers Veer Right または Veer Left と同じ.) JP: 60
  2. Interlocked Extend; Swing-Slither; As Couples Extend.

The first traffic pattern is preferred as it is more indicative of the Interlocked CONCEPT. However, most dancers tend to use the second traffic pattern as it is smoother to dance. EN: 70
私たちは, Interlocked CONCEPT につながる始めの通り方が好きです.しかしながら, 多くのダンサーは「踊るのにスムース」ということで 2 つ目の通り方を使いたがります. JP: 70

Interlocked Extend [NOL]:
From a 1/4 Line. Everyone except the Very Centers do a normal Extend the Tag as the Very Centers (as one movement) back-to-back Slither and Extend. Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 278
1/4 Line から. Very Centers 以外は普通の Extend the Tag をし, Very Centers は (1 つの動きとして) back-to-back Slither and Extend をします. 平行な Wave で終わります. JP: 278

Interlocked Follow Thru [NOL]:
From a 1/4 Line. 1/2 Interlocked Scoot Back (Interlocked Extend and Arm Turn 1/4). Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 279
1/4 Line から. 1/2 Interlocked Scoot Back (Interlocked Extend and Arm Turn 1/4) をします. 平行な Wave で終わります. JP: 279

Interlocked Scoot Chain Thru [C4]:
From a 1/4 Line. Interlocked Extend; Swing; Slip; Swing; as one movement, Extend and Very Centers Slither. Ends in a 3/4 Line. EN: 280
1/4 Line から. Interlocked Extend, Swing, Slip, Swing, 1 つの動きとして Extend and Very Centers Slither をします. 3/4 Line で終わります. JP: 280

Interlocked Scoot The Diamond [C3AV]:
From a 1/4 Line. Interlocked Scoot Back; Outsides 1/4 to the handhold; all Interlocked Diamond Circulate. Ends in Interlocked Diamonds. EN: 281
1/4 Lineから.Interlocked Scoot Back をし, Outsides が handhold (とっている手, 使った手) の方へ 1/4 向きを変え, 全員で Interlocked Diamond Circulate をします.Interlocked Diamonds で終わります. JP: 281

Interlocked Drop direction [C2V]:
From Interlocked Diamonds. Everyone except the Very Centers do a normal Drop direction as the Very Centers Interlocked Extend (as one movement back-to-back Slither and Extend). EN: 283
Interlocked Diamonds から. Very Centers 以外は普通の Drop direction をし, Very Centers は Interlocked Extend をします. JP: 283


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