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Cross Ramble [C2]
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Cross Ramble -- [C2]
   (Norm Poisson)

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From a 3/4 Tag or other applicable formations.

Outsides Cross Cast Back as Centers do an Everybody Cross Fold (danced as a Step Thru & Partner Trade); all Slide Thru.

A 3/4 Tag ends in generalized Columns.

Cross Ramble is a 2-part call.

In the following diagrams, = Boy and = Girl.

Cross Ramble
Outsides Cross Cast Back
as (all) Centers Cross Fold
Slide Thru


  • Cross Ramble is a sex-dependent call since it involves a Slide Thru.
  • The Centers do not Trade The Wave. They do a Cross Fold to face. This movement is best danced as a Step Thru and Partner Trade.
  • Those doing the Cross Cast Back [C1] pass Left shoulders.
  • Some glossaries define the Outside's part of Cross Ramble as a Cross Divide (Partner Tag & Ends Bend) instead of a Cross Cast Back (or Trail Off), hence you might encounter a caller calling Cross Ramble from a setup in which some of the Outsides start facing in.

Scoot & Cross Ramble [C2] (Norm Poisson): From a 1/4 Tag. Scoot Back; Cross Ramble. Ends in Generalized Columns. Scoot & Cross Ramble is a 3-part call.

See also Cross Cast Back [C1] and Ramble [C1].

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