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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Box Recycle [C1]
   (author unknown)
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From Facing Couples, a Mini-Wave Box, or a Box consisting of one R-H Mini-Wave and one In-facing Couple. EN: 10
Fra Facing Couples, en Mini-Wave Box, eller en Box bestående af én Right Hand Mini-Wave og ét In-facing Couple. DK: 10

Those who are a Couple do your part of a (Facing) Recycle as those in a Mini-Wave do a Leaders Trail Off as Trailers 1/2 Box Circulate and U-Turn Back by turning toward the Center of the 4-dancer formation. EN: 20
Hvis du er i Couple gør din part af (Facing) Recycle, hvis du er i en Mini-Wave skal Trailers (uden at give slip på Leaders) lave en Extend og U-Turn Back. Leaders følger med og bliver Ends i en Wave DK: 20

Ends in a Wave. EN: 30
Ender i en Wave. DK: 30

From R-H Mini-Waves or Facing Couples: EN: 40
Fra Right Hand Mini-Waves eller Facing Couples: DK: 40

Box Recycle
From L-H Mini-Wave Box: EN: 50
Fra Left Hand Mini-Wave Box: DK: 50

Box Recycle

Split Recycle [C1]:

From applicable formations. Each 2 x 2 do a Box RecycleEN: 60
Fra anvendelige formationer. Hver 2 x 2 laver en Box Recycle. DK: 60

  • Since Split Recycle is the original name for this call, there are several callers who always call it by that name. EN: 70
    Da Split Recycle er det originale navn til dette kald, er der adskillige Callere der altid anvender denne term. DK: 70
  • From a Mini-Wave, Box Recycle feels like a Box Counter Rotate 1/4 & Hinge. When doing Box Recycle from a Mini-Wave, hold onto the adjacent dancer throughout the entire call. EN: 80
    Fra en Mini-Wave, Box Recycle føles som en Box Counter Rotate 1/4 og Hinge. Når man udfører Box Recycle fra en Mini-Wave, bevares håndhold med danseren ved siden af under hele kaldet. DK: 80
  • From an In-facing Couple, only the Beaus can Roll. From Mini-Waves, everyone can Roll. EN: 90
    Fra In-facing Couple, kan kun Beaus lave en Roll. Fra Mini-Waves kan alle lave Roll. DK: 90
  • From unambiguous setups (e.g., from Columns), the caller can simply say Recycle instead of Box RecycleEN: 100
    Fra utvetydige formationer som eks. Columns, kan Calleren bare sige Recycle istedet for Box RecycleDK: 100
  • Some callers believe that from a 2 x 4 such as Waves or Columns, Box Recycle means Center 4 (Concentric) Box Recycle whereas Split Recycle means each side Box Recycle. We prefer the callers to be more explicit as in 'Centers Box Recycle'. EN: 110
    Dette går ikke fra eks. parallelle Ocean Waves hvor man skal være mere specifik og kalde eks. Split Recycle for hver side, Center Box Recycle for Center 4. Kaldes kun Recycle herfra er det den "gammeldags" Recycle der gælder. DK: 110

Recycle [from Facing Couples] [A2] (Lee Kopman 1974):
From Facing Couples. Beaus 1/2 Box Circulate and Right-face U-Turn Back as Belles Left Dodge and Veer Left. Ends in a R-H Wave. EN: 437
Fra Facing Couples. Beaus laver 1/2 Circulate og Right-face U-Turn Back mend Belles lave en Left Dodge og Veer Left. Ender i en Right hand Wave. DK: 437

See also All 8 Recycle [C1].

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Choreography for Box Recycle

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