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Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Bars
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585 chocolate makers

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Country  (City, State)
Switzerland  (Zug)
Éclat Chocolate2
More than two decades ago, Christopher Curtin set out from Madison, WI to the House of the Companion du Devoir, the premier guild for pastry chefs in France. It was here that he worked alongside the best journeymen pastry chefs in Europe and became the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany.
USA  (West Chester, Pennsylvania)
Øgo | Netto4
Netto is a Danish discount supermarket.
Denmark  (Netto)
Okoladen is an organic chocolate factory in the town Orslev, close to Vordingborg.
Denmark  (Vordingborg)
Ülker Bisküvi launched its operations 70 years ago in a small workshop in Eminönü, Istanbul, with only six or seven boilers, a small oven and three employees. Yet it is now the flagship of Yıldız Holding by both sales volume and profitability. At its plants in Istanbul, Ülker Bisküvi produces chocolate (Topkapı), chocolate and chocolate-coated biscuits (Silivri), biscuits (Gebze), and cakes (Esenyurt). Ülker Bisküvi also produces biscuits at its Ankara plant, as well as biscuits, cakes, crackers and chocolate at its Karaman plant.
Turkey  (Istanbul)
365 Organic (Whole Foods)1
5 Mile Chocolate1
USA  (Dallas, Texas)
9th & Larkin5
At 9th & Larkin, we make bean-to-bar chocolate in small batches. Each batch is handcrafted with the highest quality cacao beans sourced from a single region, and using as little as two ingredients to achieve the purest flavor profile possible. Every one of our sumptuous chocolate bars is handcrafted to perfection. Starting with raw cacao beans, we carefully select, sort, roast, winnow, grind, refine, temper, mould and wrap each bar by hand.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
A. Morin3
France  (Donzère)
The name Acalli (ah-CALL-ee) means "canoe" in Nahuatl, the same language that gave us the word "chocolate." We are chocolate makers, meaning we work from bean to bar. While our home is in New Orleans, cacao is by nature a tropical plant, and we source the cacao we use through direct relationships with farmers at origin. We chose a canoe for our logo to represent those things about chocolate that we love most: its way of connecting people in distant places, its elegant simplicity, and the promise of adventure and discovery in every new bar. Great chocolate is a collaborative effort between cacao growers and chocolate makers, and in that spirit our goal is to make bars that faithfully represent the work our partners do at origin. The flavors in our chocolate are not just the result of careful roasting and conching; they also represent careful attention during cultivation, harvest, and especially fermentation and drying. We hope that by highlighting the communities and cooperatives we work with and showcasing the flavors in their cacao, we can bring a little more recognition home to cacao growers themselves.
USA  (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Barbados  (Bridgetown)
Czech Republic  (Brno)
Al Nassma3
Quality is not a means to an end, but an integral part of our philosophy, from the careful process of attaining the precious camel milk, the meticulous selection of hand picked ingredients to the processing standards in our own manufacture.

Here we are highly generous with one aspect: time. The result is an incomparably exquisite taste that for Al Nassma stems from our unique blending of camel milk and geniune ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla, finest acacia honey and the highest grade cocoa beans.

Alce Nero1
Our story begins in the late 70s, when two young cooperatives, one located in the Apennines of the Marches region, the other in the Tuscan-Emilian Apenines, decided to pioneer a change in their methods of agriculture and farming. Back then (and still today), the move towards organic farming and bee breeding represented a new way, both ideal and concrete, of producing and offering delicious, healthy products that respect the environment and nature around us. We are responsible for the entire chain of production: from the fields where we choose the most suitable and traditional varieties of flora, to the production techniques that respect that quality of our raw materials, to the processing, which uses innovative technology to protect the natural aspects of our foods.
Italy  (Monterenzio)
Alter Eco4
The Alter Eco project was born in 1998. At that time the ambition of Tristan Lecomte, founder of Alter Eco was already set up as a full and coherent project. The challenge: to enable people in rehabilitation to work in a small shop specialized in the sale of fair trade products, whose profits would fund a center of charitable associations. Today, 14 years after the creation of the first Alter Eco shop, our project supports 40 cooperatives in 25 countries, we have established a partnership with French farmers, we distribute organic and fair products in several European countries, North America and Japan, we offer in France Alter Eco products in nearly 4,000 retail outlets (also available in bulk in some stores), we analyze our environmental impact, are involved in projects to preserve tropical forests, and take heart of our involvement in education and public awareness of sustainable development.
Amadeo (EDBOL)1 
The Factory of Chocolate Confectionery EDBOL is a company that acts both as a producer, distributor and exporter of the confectionery products. We make and deliver our products to the following trade networks: Auchan, E.Leclerc, Geant, Lidl, Carrefour, Netto, Edeka, PoloMarket, Leader Price (branch of Geant Poland), Biedronka (branch of Jeronimo Martins), Lewiatan, Kesko Food Finland. Additional reason to be proud of is our own brand name Amadeo.
In Italian, Amano means both "by hand" and "they love". It's an appropriate name for a chocolate crafted by hand with love. Amano Artisan Chocolate, founded in 2007 by Clark Goble and Art Pollard, is dedicated to reviving the art of making fine artisan chocolate from the bean. Our chocolate is made in small batches from only the finest cacao beans and the most select ingredients. We hope you enjoy our chocolate.
USA  (Orem, Utah)
Spain  (Barcelona)
Finmac is a farm in the Carribean-slope town of Guapiles. The women of the farm formed a working group in 2005 called Amazilia to make chocolate bars to sell in San Jose. The group is named after the hummingbirds that hover around the tree opposite their workshop.
Costa Rica  (Guapiles)
Amedei is a chocolate manufacturing company located in the Tuscany region of Italy. Begun in Pisa in 1990, Amedei is the result of a cacao love affair of the brother and sister team of Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri.
Italy  (Pontedera, Pisa)
In 2007, Frederick Schilling, founder/CEO of Dagoba Organic Chocolate, received by mail a box filled with cacao samples, sent by Diego Badaró, from Brazil. Amazed at the beauty and high quality of the beans, Frederick replied instantly, interested in working with Diego somehow. One month later, Frederick came to Bahia, where the two men soon realized that their journey together had just begun. This first contact, triggered by 100 cacao beans sent to the US, was the founding stone of what nowadays is AMMA CHOCOLATE, one of Brazil's major manufacturers of craft chocolate. Diego Badaró belongs to the 5th generation of a traditional cacao farming family from the South of Bahia. He's been bringing back the cacao tradition, by developing in his family's farms an organic cacao culture, and the results have found great success in the specialized market, both in Brazil and abroad.
Brazil  (Salvador)
Quality guarantee since 1955; Marcel Bollier, Swiss Confectioner.
Anthon Berg3
Anthon Berg is one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in Denmark. Founded in 1884, and later appointed official confectioner to the Royal Danish Court, Anthon Berg is one of the few companies to manufacture its own chocolate from scratch - from roasting to conching - which accounts for its superb quality and taste. Anthon Berg was acquired by the Toms Group in 1954 and was established in the USA in 2007.
Denmark  (Ballerup)
Antica Dolceria Bonajuto3
Founded by Francesco Bonajuto in 1880. We begin with a mass of semi-ground cocoa that still contains its cocoa butter. The mass is heated to make it fluid, and at a precise temperature, it is mixed with castor sugar and spices (cinnamon or vanilla). The mixing is done with a "refiner", a modern-day replacement of the metate. The mixture is kept at a temperature that prevents the sugar crystals from melting (they remain an integral part of the chocolate bar). The final phase consists of spreading the mixture into forms, which will then be pounded to ensure that the chocolate takes the desired shape. This particular "cold working" of the chocolate excludes the phase of conching, which many think is the secret to keeping flavours alive that would otherwise disappear. The strength of this particular product is the simplicity of the technique and the fact that there is no addition of butter or other extraneous substances (vegetable fats, milk derivatives or lecithin). Bonajuto's chocolate is composed only of a mixture of cocoa, sugar and spices.
Italy  (Modica)
David and Leslie Senk opened their doors on the first of the new year 2015 from their small craft chocolate workshop in Milpitas, CA. They closed business in March 2020.
USA  (Milpitas, California)
Nicaragua  (Granada)
Artisan du Chocolat16
Born in Ireland in 1972, Gerard Coleman trained as a chef and pastry chef in Dublin, London and New York. At the age of 25, he trained as a chocolatier in Belgium before returning to London and founding Artisan du Chocolat in 2000. Gerard's work starts with searching for exceptional and rare cocoa beans carefully harvested from South America, the Caribbean and Asia with distinct taste profiles. He transforms these into chocolate bars adding cane sugar and dried milk from the British Isles, conching and refining in house in Kent. Artisan du chocolat is one of the very few British artisan chocolatiers who produce chocolate (and chocolates) from ground cocoa beans instead of buying in already made couverture.
United Kingdom  (London)
Artisana Organics1
Askinosie was started in 2007 after its founder and namesake, Shawn Askinosie, left his full-time job as a criminal defense attorney to find something much more sweet. It took roughly five years for Shawn to finally find his passion, which ultimately landed him in the Amazon, searching for cacao.
USA  (Springfield, Missouri)
Astor Chocolate, a family owned business, was established in 1950 in New York. The company was founded with a commitment to creating superior quality confections while upholding exceptional customer service. This commitment is the foundation of the Astor Chocolate of today. It all begins with the chocolate. Astor products are made using the finest premium Belgian chocolate, imported from world-renowned chocolate makers. All chocolates arriving at the facility are tested for consistent high quality and flavor by the Q.A. team.
USA  (Lakewood, New Jersey)
Atypic Chocolate1
Australia  (City of Port Phillip, Victoria)
Auberge du Chocolat10
Established in 2005 by Anne and Ian Scott, Auberge du Chocolat is a unique artisan family business with a passion for chocolate, ice cream and fudge. Auberge du Chocolat have rapidly established a significant presence in the premium chocolate community with their prize-winning (over 40 Academy of Chocolate, ICA and Great Taste Awards) chocolates, ice cream and chocolate bars. The company is committed to sourcing products in a sustainable and ethical way.
United Kingdom  (Gerrands Cross, England)
Auro Chocolate3
Philippines  (Calamba City)
Aztec Man5
Czech Republic  (Ostrava)
B.T. McElrath1
Brian and Christine McElrath started a thriving artisanal chocolate company in 1996. Our chocolates are made from the purest available ingredients. We support sustainable agriculture by sourcing chocolate products with UTZ Certified Sustainability Program and socially responsible business practices, as well as supporting farmers in our community. We purchase our fresh cream and butter from local family-owned farms (including Hope Creamery of Hope, MN), and we create all of our hand-crafted confections with B.T.'s signature blend of the finest cocoa products from around the world.
USA  (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
OJSC "Confectionary concern Babaevskiy" is the oldest confectionary factory in Russia that was founded in 1804. It was known in Russia and abroad as "Association of Abrikosov's sons" starting from 1880. The factory is a laureate of various All-Russian exhibitions and was called "Purveyor of his imperial majesty Court" from 1899. Association's turnover amounted to 2,5 million rubles in 1990. It was renamed into "Babaev Confectionary factory" in 1922 and became the principle supplier of toffee candies, caramel and fruit drops. The factory produced chocolate, chocolate candies and convenience foods after the World War II. Today, "Confectionary concern Babaevskiy" is a member of the leading Russian Holding "United Confectioners".
Since 1928 the "sweet knowledge" and the artisan technique have been passed on from generation to generation. Maître Chocolatier Johannes F. Bachhalm combines this tradition virtuously with innovative impulses for unique creations and concocts his very personal Choco Culture.
Austria  (Kirchdorf an der Krems)
Bahen & Co.3
Bahen & Co. founder, Josh Bahen, has a decade of experience in the making of fine wine and a wine-makers attention to craftsmanship. Together with his wife Jacq they operate the chocolate making facility from a family operated farm in Margaret River, Western Australia. Using vintage chocolate making equipment and only 2 ingredients, cacao and cane sugar, Bahen & Co. strives to make chocolate in a traditional way that pre-dates the mass production of the industrial revolution.
Australia  (Margaret River, Western Australia)
Baiani chocolate bars carry the tradition of the Pinheiro and Aquino families, both part of the cacao farming tradition since the end of the 19th Century. Owned by Pinheiro's family since 1973, Santa Rita farm - situated at Vale Potumujú, in Bahia, Brazil - is where we source our beans from. Having our own Origin, using high standards in the processing of our cacao and hand crafting out chocolate to enhance its unique personality and flavors, are what set our Tree To Bar chocolates apart.
Brazil  (Arataca)
Bar au Chocolat15
Nicole Trutanich is the founder and Chocolatemaker behind Bar au Chocolat.
USA  (Manhattan Beach, California)
Baratti & Milano6
Founded by Ferdinando Baratti and Eduardo Baratti in 1858, master chocolatier Baratti & Milano continue to operate in its famously elegant patisserie in the landmark Piazza Costello in Torino, Italy.
Baron's origins date back to 1982. A small tradesman shop manufactured chocolate wafers. A new production plant was opened in 1992 in Wysogotowska street where chocolate bars are formed. A second plant was opened in 1996/97 at Graniczna street to manufacture filled and confectionery items.
Poland  (Przezmierowo)
Purchased by the Chickasaw Nation in 2000, Bedré Fine Chocolate is a member of the "Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council"
USA  (Davis, Oklahoma)
Germany  (Übach-Palenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Bellflower Chocolate Co.1
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
We produce chocolate locally in Saigon, with the finest selected trinitario cacao beans, which are purchased directly from planters, on an above fair trade price from different provinces of Vietnam, in the pur Belgian tradition.
Vietnam  (Ho Chi Minh City)
Malaysia  (Cheras, Selangor)
Benoit Nihant4
Belgium  (Trooz)
Austria  (Lofer)
Bernard Castelain8
Bernard Castelain settled in the heart of the famous Châteauneuf du Pape vineyards since 1994, producing a large range of high quality chocolates from a rigorous selection of raw materials, a choice of pure cocoa butter couvertures, a high qualified staff and an artisanal knowledge.
France  (Châteauneuf du Pape)
Beschle Chocolatier Suisse is very proud of its 110-year heritage, which spans four generations of the Beschle family. The Basel-based company is now under the direction of Dominic Beschle, the great grandson of founder Ernst Beschle. Dominic works together with his brother Pascal Beschle, the master craftsman behind each and every Beschle creation. Since 2006 the company has opened into new markets, achieved international recognition and continuously developed its collection of fine truffles and pralines. Beschle Chocolatier remains true to the core philosophy since 1898, and that is to simply create the finest chocolate in the world.
Switzerland  (Basel)
A product of Lidl Danmark K/S.
Denmark  (Kolding)
USA  (St. Louis, Missouri)
Bittersweet Origins10
We scrupulously taste and consider each bar, so you can trust that any bar you purchase from us is well-made and of the highest quality. We consider chocolate to be very much like wine: a fermented agricultural product, full of nuance and redolent with flavors from the land in which it was grown. In support of this, we organize our shelves very much like a wine shop, grouping types of chocolates together and provide tasting notes on all our signage. Come on by for a sample of anything that piques your curiosity.
USA  (Oakland, California)
Bixby & Co.2
USA  (Rockland, Maine)
Germany  (Herford, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Black Mountain Chocolate6
In the shadows of the Black Mountains of North Carolina near Asheville is where the journey began as an artisan chocolate maker. The crafting of raw cacao beans into something unique and enjoyable blends nicely with the artisan culture that makes up the communities of Western North Carolina. We select and import only the best cacao beans from around the world and carefully create some of the finest chocolate you will ever taste.
USA  (Swannanoa, North Carolina)
Blanxart chocolates started in April 1954 when a master chocolatier, after working for all the best cake and chocolate shops in the city, decided to leave his prestigious job and open his own business with four partners. The quality of Blanxart chocolates comes from a high standard of raw materials and stringent quality controls from start to finish. Our company carries out the entire production process, from the roasting of the finest cocoa beans from Ghana, Congo, Guayaquil and the Dominican Republic to the final packaging and distribution.
Spain  (Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona))
Bloomsberry & Co.1
New Zealand
Blue Bandana3
Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker is an award-winning line of single-origin chocolate bars created by Eric Lampman, head of R&D at Lake Champlain Chocolates and son of founder Jim Lampman. Eric's work with Blue Bandana reflects a desire to go deeper into the chocolate-making process. To forge direct-trade partnerships with growers and co-ops. And to improve cocoa quality by reinvesting in training and education at origin. The result is bean-to-bar chocolate that captures the distinctive terroir -- or taste of place -- of the land where the cocoa was grown. The History It all began with a trip Eric took to the Dominican Republic in 2009. There he experienced firsthand how cocoa was cultivated, harvested, fermented, and dried. Fascinated, he brought some beans back to Vermont and started experimenting with small test roasts, learning how to winnow, refine, conche -- discovering how to make chocolate from scratch. The rest, you could say, is making history
USA  (Burlington, Vermont)
Italy  (Capriata D'Orba, Alessandria)
Chocolat Bonnat's history stems back to 1884, when Félix Bonnat first opened his doors at 8 cours Sénozan in Voiron, a Bonnat Shoptown in the French Alps in the southwest of France, about an hour northwest of Grenoble. Félix's two sons, Armand and Gaston, began to help with business operations soon after, and in 1956, scion Raymond Bonnat, with his wife Nicole, took full control of the firm. Formally schooled in business as well as chocolate, Raymond guided the company to exponential growth. Now four generations strong, Bonnat is run by two of Raymond and Nicole's four children, Cécile and Stéphane.
France  (Voiron)
In 1985, at the age of 27, Valter Bovetti settles down in France, after one year catering in Switzerland. In 1994 he established the chocolate factory in Aubazine (Corrèze). In 2002, a new Bovetti factory opened with a production area, chocolate museum (where you can see all the stages from the cacao-trees to the making of chocolate) and shop in the same place.
France  (Corrèze)
Switzerland  (Aarau)
Sweden  (Fjärås)
Branson's Chocolates1
Branson's Chocolates was founded on the love of fine chocolate and fudge. Wanting to make chocolate and fudge the traditional hand made way; we use recipes that originated in 1887 on Mackinac Island, Michigan and fine chocolates from Peter's Chocolate. In 1887, a candy maker on the island of Mackinac Island, Michigan was making a chocolate fondue that accidentally set up on the marble slab. This resulted in "fudge" with a smooth creamy texture. The candy maker refined the "marble slab" fudge recipe and technique. To this day Branson's Chocolates still uses the same recipes, the finest ingredients, no preservatives and techniques that the candy maker started so many years ago. All items are hand made in small batches, to ensure quality, in the quiet town of Ashland in Southern Oregon.
USA  (Ashland, Oregon)
Brasstown Craft Chocolate is a limited liability company established by chocolatiers Rom Still and Barbara Price in Winston-Salem to manufacture and sell fine artisan chocolate. Our love of chocolate art and the discovery of the vast number of flavors attainable by fair trade cacao bean selection and roasting have brought us to where we are today. We are involved in the entire chocolate making process, from bean to bar, from roasting to wrapping. Our mission is to share our enthusiasm for high quality, craft chocolate with as many people as possible. Chocolate is sophisticated and indulgent, but we feel that fun and frivolous should be added to the list. After all, it
USA  (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
Bristol Farms1
USA  (Westwood, California)
In 1928 Lennart Brunberg bought a bakery in Porvoo, Finland. He soon introduced one of the company's future successes, chocolate. The cornerstones of Brunberg have always been high quality, unique products and flexibility. Still operating as a family business, the Brunberg's of today is an efficient factory where tradition combined with modern technology and continous product development guarantees tasty and interesting products.
Finland  (Porvoo)
Burnt Fork Bend5
Jennifer Wicks began experimenting with the art of chocolate making in her home about 2008. Wicks has experimented a lot over the years, changing the percentages of the ingredients. Her own taste and that of her family and friends have led to a dark chocolate bar that is 72 percent cocoa. Her kitchen, located along a bend of Burnt Fork Creek, east of Stevensville, just passed government inspection in September 2011 and she is now producing dark and milk bars of single origin and blends.
USA  (Stevensville, Montana)
Côte d'Or10
Since 1883. In the late 19th Century, Belgium chocolatier Charles Neuhaus set out on a journey in search of fine cocoa beans to make his new chocolate, Côte d'Or. To this day Côte d'Or still sources its cocoa beans from the original source, the African Gold Coast (today known as West Africa), as well as rare cocoa beans known as 'noble beans' from South America, to deliver a truly unique chocolate experience. Now a part of Kraft Foods.
Cacao Atlanta6
Cacao Atlanta began in 2004, handcrafting chocolates out of a small rented kitchen, followed by the opening of our 3000 square foot laboratoire and boutique in 2008 in Inman Park. In April of 2009, we proudly launched our first bean to bar creation placing us in the exclusive and coveted world of artisan chocolate makers. We are true craft chocolate makers proud of our Southern roots with love and passion infused every step of the way. Not only are we a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, we produce every chocolate product from the cocoa bean.
USA  (Atlanta, Georgia)
Cacao de Origen1
Venezuela  (Caracas)
Cacao Hunters8
Colombia  (Popayán, Cauca)
Cacao Prieto2
Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor and aerospace engineer, whose family has been farming organic cacao and sugar cane in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years. Their shop is located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York at 218 Conover Street.
USA  (Brooklyn (Red Hook District), New York)
Cacao Sampaka4
Cacao Sampaka was born with the hope of reviving the rich culture surrounding cocoa and chocolate, using new ideas and techniques to open an infinite world of possibilities. We are chocolate manufacturers and we control the whole process of manufacturing from the selection of the cocoa beans through to the packaging of the product. This means we can guarantee the highest quality at very reasonable prices. Using only authentic cocoa and never artificial preservatives, our chocolatiers create a whole new language of forms and flavours, the widest range available, all made by artisans in our small factory.
Spain  (Barcelona)
Peru  (Lima)
Manufactured by Kim's Chocolates.
Belgium  (Grijpenlaan)
John Cadbury was one of ten children of Richard Tapper Cadbury, a prominent Quaker who had moved to Birmingham, England from the West Country in 1794. In 1824, 22-year-old John Cadbury opened his first shop at 93 Bull Street, next to his father's drapery and silk business in the then fashionable part of Birmingham. Apart from selling tea and coffee, John Cadbury sold hops, mustard and a new sideline - cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared using a mortar and pestle. In 1831, John Cadbury rented a small factory in Crooked Lane not far from his shop. He became a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa, laying the foundation for the Cadbury chocolate business.
United Kingdom  (England)
Café Tasse6
In 1826 Pier Paul Caffarel converts a small ex-tannery at the edge of the old Turin city centre into a workshop for the production of chocolate. To produce its exclusive creations Caffarel uses only raw materials and ingredients of the best quality. For the most important ingredient of all, the cacao bean, Caffarel chooses only the best of the crop from countries in Africa and Central-South America. The excellent hazelnuts, main ingredient of Caffarel production, are of the best choice: 'Piedmont PGI' (Protected Geographical Indication). There are also other good quality raw materials like Bari almonds and Pistachios from Bronte. The most qualified suppliers in Italy, France and Germany provide milk and sugar necessary to produce the best chocolate. All of these raw materials are then subjected to severe laboratory tests to guarantee that they meet the high standards expected by Caffarel.
Italy  (Luserna San Giovanni)
François-Louis Cailler (1796 -- 1852) was the first Swiss producer of chocolate. He set up the first Swiss chocolate factory in Corsier, near Vevey in 1819.
Australia  (Duncraig, Western Australia)
Albert Jarman Caley commenced the manufacture of quality drinking and eating chocolates at his 'Fleur de Lys' works in Norwich in 1883. Today, Caley's chocolatiers have reproduced, in this product, a chocolate that delivers all the attributes of those traditional times.
United Kingdom
Jean-Michel and Jill Carre created "Le CaliBressan" restaurant in 1996 in France. Jill, missing her native California, has returned with Jean-Michel to Carpinteria, CA with Chocolats du CaliBressan manufacturing truffles, bonbons and custom chocolates to delight all.
USA  (Carpinteria, California)
Camille Bloch0
Cao Artisan Chocolate5 
USA  (Lynchburg, Virginia)
Cao Chocolates5
USA  (Miami, Florida)
Our process begins up in the Ecuadorean Andes mountains, in the center of the world, at latitude 00. There, the crystal clear waters begin to flow to form the magical Caoni River which is born in the untamed rainforest of Ecuador. Its waters then flow into the rich subtropical and tropical lowlands of Esmeraldas, Manabi and Los Rios, and irrigate and feed the small, old traditional cocoa bean plantations home of the unique Arriba cocoa trees where hundreds of native families use their ancestral knowledge to grow these beans. After the beans have been sun dried, our people carefully select the very best of them. Our master craftsmen create single-origin, dark chocolates that express the natural flavors, aromas and textures that only Arriba cocoa beans can provide.
Ecuador  (Quito)
USA  (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Haris Car, born in Wuppertal, Germany of Bosnian descent discovered bean-to-bar chocolate in 2019 in Peru and returned to Pasadena, CA to create CAR Artisan Chocolate.
USA  (Pasadena, California)
Carla also produces Dolcezza chocolates and Coop Premium for Jednota Coop stores.
Czech Republic  (Krkonošská)
Denmark  (Skødstrup)
Spain  (Aragón)
Casa Bosques1
USA  (New York, New York)
In July 2014, Denise and Jim Castronovo opened what is said to be the first bean-to-bar, handcrafted, chocolate shop in Florida. The Castronovos import beans from Belize, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, roast them and turn them into chocolate in their Stuart store, 555 S Colorado Ave., Stuart, FL 34994, Phone (561) 512-7236.
USA  (Stuart, Florida)
Belgium  (Eeklo)
Cello Chocolate3
Ned Russell has a B.S. in Food Science from U.C. Davis. He worked for 8 years as Manager of Quality Assurance and Product Development for a small chocolate-related company, and then for 12 years in the same capacity at Ghirardelli Chocolate, in San Leandro, CA. Ned over saw 150,000 pounds of chocolate produced everyday. Now, making handcrafted chocolate, Ned makes closer to 15 lbs. a day. Along with his affinity for superior chocolate, Ned has spent many years learning to play the cello. So, like good music that resonates in your heart and soul, Cello Chocolate was born. It was officially established in January of 2013. Debi worked for a number of years in sales and marketing for Sybase, Oracle and Apple Computers. She oversees the business and sales side of Cello Chocolate -- and also does all the wrapping. Debi Russell works alongside of Ned and does a LOT of chocolate tasting, you know for quality assurance. With Ned's manufacturing experience and Debi's sales experience, this was a match made in heaven.
USA  (Nevada City, California)
Cémoi is a French chocolate manufacturer founded by Jules Pares in 1814 in Arles-sur-Tech, Pyrénées-Orientales. Now in its 3rd generation as a family-run business, has since grown into the largest and leading chocolate brand in France, with more than 2,350 employees in ten different factories throughout the country from Perpignan to Villeneuve-d’Ascq.
France  (Chambéry)
France  (Chelles)
Around year 715, in a green valley where a river flowed, there was a mill whose owner was the Count of Laon. His daughter Bertrade, a fabled beauty but for one foot which was longer than the other, fell in love with the Palace's Master, Pepin the Short, son of Charles Martel. They begat a son, Karl, whom History remembers as Karolus Magnus, Charles the Great - Charlemagne. The mill was destroyed around year 1000, and Charlemagne's Farm was built and expanded time and again upon its ruins; it took its current form around the 17th Century. An artist, Denise Courant Bellefroid, decided to establish there a chocolate factory dedicated to producing the highest-quality products. Our company has been founded in 1974 and our staff is composed of 17 members. We are producing first class chocolate made only from natural ingredients, without any G.M.O. or oil addition.
Chuck Siegel began experimenting with chocolate when he bought a book on truffle making and a block of Belgian chocolate. What started as an attempt to impress a female friend who was a chocolate connoisseur, ended up being a passion of Chuck's that would later define his career. Chuck has been a part of the San Francisco chocolate scene since 1987. He taught himself everything he knows about the art of chocolate making through trial and error. With the help of artisan chocolate pioneers, Joseph Schmidt and Alice Mendrich, he learned the skills he needed to start his own company, Attivio Confections, at the remarkably young age of 25. After selling Attivo in 1995, Chuck took a break from making confections to work as a business consultant. Not being able to stay away for long, Chuck founded his second artisan chocolate company, Charles Chocolates, in 2004 where he remains today. With Charles Chocolates, Chuck has set out to redefine the world of fine chocolate confections by using only the finest ingredients, including some of the world's best chocolates, organic herbs, fruits, and nuts as well as the freshest cream and butter.
USA  (Emeryville, California)
Charm School Chocolate1
Born and raised in Maryland, Joshua Rosen developed his palate from a world tour of experiences. His journey began in Pittsburgh, PA, while studying Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. There he cultivated his analytical mind, while engaging in his creative passion, cooking. After graduation, Josh worked as an engineer in Cleveland, OH. where his enthusiasm for cooking soon became an obsession. He enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY., and the rest is history. Chef Josh's distinct, eco-friendly, unpretentious sweets serve as the foundation for Charm School Chocolate. He has developed and perfected confections that satisfy vegan, and non-vegan, health-conscious lifestyles. To make this possible, all Charm School Chocolate products are 100% dairy-free, egg-free, cholesterol-free, soy free lactose-free, and gelatin-free. Josh's chocolate is made without high fructose corn syrup, or refined sugar. His discriminating palate had allowed him to create delectable products that have the least impact on allergies & health.
USA  (Reisterstown, Maryland)
Choclatique is a privately owned, super-premium quality chocolate company founded in California in 2003, by Ed Engoron and Joan Vieweger--chocolate and confectionery dreamers and futurists. By marrying classic French-style artisan techniques with old-fashioned American ingenuity, our goal was to create the most beautiful, distinctive, luscious and *Authentically American chocolates in the world. With almost 3 years of planning and preparation, the Choclatique brand launched with nearly 150 different flavors and artistic designs.
USA  (Los Angeles, California)
Choco Museo7
Dominican Republic  (Santo Domingo)
Choco Suisse Import1
107, rue la Curiaz
Z.I de l'Erier
F-73 290 La Motte Servolex
Poland  (Piaseczno)
United Kingdom  (Falmouth, England)
Chocolat Elot8
Chocolat Madagascar1
Madagascar  (Antananarivo)
Chocolat Moderne2
Joan Coukos, Chocolatier & CEO of Chocolat Moderne, is a native New Yorker. Open to new inspiration and challenge, in December 2000, on a trip to Brussels, she fell under the spell of old world, hand made chocolates and began creating recipes back in her tiny Manhattan kitchen. Since that memorable day on the Place du Grand Sablon, she has studied chocolate and confectionery arts with a coterie of world-class French, Belgian, American and Swiss chocolatiers in NY and at The World Pastry Forum in Las Vegas.
USA  (New York, New York)
Chocolat Stella3
Switzerland  (Kreuzlingen)
Chocolate and Love2
Chocolate and Love is family-owned by Richard O'Connor and Birgitte Hovmand. Richard is a qualified Surveyor turned entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt and Birgitte, a lawyer, has worked for the film and music industry, set up a law office in Moscow, established a travel business in Barcelona and most recently was MD of a promotion and event company in Copenhagen. "With a decision to convert to a majority organic diet after the birth of our daughter Sophia, we struggled to find quality organic chocolate, so we decided to make our own, and Chocolate and Love was created -- excellent quality, ethically made, organic chocolate at an affordable price." Fours years later, all of their seven flavours have won gold or silver awards and they are selling in 35 countries worldwide.
United Kingdom  (Perth, Scotland)
Chocolate Decadence1 
OUT OF BUSINESS Dairy free chocolate.
USA  (Eugene, Oregon)
Chocolate Maya1
Maya Schoop-Rutten grew up in Geneva, Switzerland where chocolate was a constant in her daily life. She wanted to share this wonderful food with everybody! At the time she owned a small breakfast and lunch restaurant called the Come Backcafé. She sold the Comeback Café and opened Chocolate Maya in 2007.
USA  (Santa Barbara, California)
Chocolate Nugget1
USA  (Carson City, Nevada)
ChocoLate Orgániko5
Spain  (Alcalá de Henares)
Chocolate Tree5
Our mission at Chocolate Tree is to create fine flavour chocolate whilst protecting biodiversity and rewarding farmers with a true premium for their crops of heritage cacao varieties. We purchase cacao from farms in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Madagascar. These ultra premium cacaos have been fermented and dried to an exceptional standard by the growers at origin. Only through these careful post harvest processes can the true flavours of our unique chocolate be brought to life.

We take a perfectionist approach to our chocolate making, obsessively roasting, winnowing, grinding and conching the cacao in small batches. Our range includes some purist origin bars alongside some bars with inclusions and alternatives to dairy and cane sugar. We have won several International Chocolate Awards and we are recognised as one of the world's most passionate chocolate makers.

We also create a range of bars from organic Belgian couverture. Organic farming on small plantations is in fact the best way to preserve biodiversity and achieve the highest flavours. The pesticide free agriculture allows midges to thrive and fertilize the cacao flowers, thus helping the plants to create the cacao pods and beans from which the chocolate is made. Not only is this organic technique the best way to farm cacao, it is the only good use for a midge we have ever heard of!

In December 2009 we opened a classical yet contemporary chocolaterie at 123 Bruntsfield Place, in the boutique shopping district and much loved residential area of Edinburgh. We aim to provide a unique and comfortable atmosphere for you to explore the delights of fine flavour chocolate.

Alastair & Friederike Gower, chocolate makers.

United Kingdom  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Chocolates Para Ti3
Bolivia  (Sucre)
Chocolatour by Chocolove is our premier chocolate line designed to give you a quintessential "taste of place" from legendary cocoa growing regions around the world.
USA  (Boulder, Colorado)
Chocolats Olivier3 
The American revolution was at its peak, and the popular Louis XVI was king of France when François Olivier opened his confectionery store in 1780. Today, Olivier is the oldest chocolatier of France and also one of the oldest in the world. As it has always done for nearly 230 years, the House Olivier continues to create and innovate with the finest ingredients. Our chief chocolatier controls and is personally involved in the purchase of raw material and in the whole manufacturing process.
France  (Toulouse)
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
Chocolove is a chocolate manufacturer with headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado, founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Timothy Moley.
USA  (Boulder, Colorado)
USA  (Washington, District of Columbia)
Chocovic has been manufacturing chocolate and cacao derivatives for all kinds of professional uses since 1872. Chocovic's origins can be traced to the city of Vic, in the province of Barcelona, where a small family business called Chocolates Arumi was set up. Its commitment to high quality service led it to create special blends for locals to suit their particular tastes. In 1977 the business was bought by a Spanish company, Nederland, which changed the name of the business to Chocovic and turned it into an industrial chocolate factory specialised in artisan pastry making and confectionery. In 2009, Chocovic entered the Barry Callebaut group, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate -- from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate product. As such, the advantages of belonging to a large business group are combined with Chocovic's technical knowledge and experience.
Spain  (Barcelona)
Chocxo Bean to Bar Chocolatier is the brainchild of Richard Foley, a third generation chocolate guy. Richard literally bleeds chocolate. For the past 30 years, Richard has immersed himself in the chocolate industry. From distribution to manufacturing, he's done it all. Through his vast experience, he's created a simple formula--the very best ingredients combined with the very best processes creates extraordinary chocolate. We start with fine flavor cacao beans from Central and South America, not bulk Forastero beans. We believe in the quality of the bean above all else. We process them using the latest technology and highest quality raw materials in our Irvine Factory, resulting in a chocolate like no other. From this incredible liquid chocolate, we create our chocolate bars, our filled chocolates, chocolate bark, and other chocolate specialties. Visit one of our locations, our factory, or shop online to taste this extraordinary chocolate.
Canada  (Richmond, British Columbia)
Chokolade Compagniet4
Chocolate Compagniet is a wholesaler company established in 1995 by Claus Meyer, Mikael Grønlykke and Søren Sylvest. They specialize in the distribution of highly processed foods and related luxury products to the specialty stores in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Among their agencies are Valrhona, AMMA and Meyer products. Chocolate Compagniet owns the three brands - Estate Coffee, Nute Organic and T Town.
Denmark  (Rødovre Grønlykke R&os)
Christophe Morel2
Canada  (Montreal, Quebec)
Christopher Elbow1
USA  (Kansas City, Missouri)
USA  (Carlsbad, California)
Claudio Corallo7
São Tomé and Príncipe
Co-op Food1
United Kingdom  (Manchester, England)
Cocanú was founded by Sebastián Cisneros as a vessel to shake the imagination through tasteful chocolate ideas produced with fine ingredients, technique, and whim. We started making our chocolate at night in the basement kitchen of a restaurant in the West End neighborhood of Portland Oregon. We launched our first line of chocolate bars including: Fauno (discontinued), Helvetic (discontinued), Moonwalk, Picasso, Romulus Remus and Sindy in the autumn of 2009. Cloudforest is our line of single origin chocolate combining cacao with or without sugar.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
COCO Chocolatier1
We meticulously craft our portfolio of premium chocolate bars with the world's finest South American cocoa before enveloping them in original designs by independent artists. Our small team of visionary chocolatiers have free rein to create unique flavour combinations that deliver extraordinary experiences. From our workshop and boutiques in Edinburgh, to our retail partners around the world, COCO will change the perception of chocolate forever.
Scotland  (Edinburgh)
Cocoa Parlor2
USA  (Laguna Niguel, California)
Cocoa Pete's3 
No longer in business.
USA  (Campbell, California)
Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A. engages in operating food retail stores in Portugal. The company's portfolio includes continent hypermarkets, mini-hypermarkets, and supermarkets. It also engages in non food retail, including sports clothing and equipment, white goods and consumer electronics, computers, apparel, building construction materials, baby and kids clothing, pharmacies, and travel agencies. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Matosinhos, Portugal. Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A operates as a subsidiary of Sonae Investimentos SGPS, SA.
Portugal  (Matosinhos)
Coop Änglamark5
Coop Trading is the internordic procurement company for Coop in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Our task is to secure branded products at competitive prices, and to develop and maintain a varied assortment of PLBs. Coop Trading develops and source products for the following retail chains (among others): SuperBrugsen, Irma, Kvickly, Fakta, Coop Närä, Coop Konsum, Coop Extra, Coop Mega, Prisma, etc. Änglamark includes products characterized by being allergy and environmentally friendly and also organically produced.
Denmark  (Taastrup)
Oliver Coppeneur founded Coppeneur Chocolates in 1993. Bruce Toy discovered Coppeneur during an epicurean travel adventure through Europe in 2004. Together they enjoy an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of impecable cocoa creations.
Germany  (Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Countrywide Gourmet Network1 
Chocolate is made in Russia. Distribution is through Brooklyn, New York, USA (718) 757-0043
Covirán is a supermarket chain in Spain.
Spain  (Granada)
Creo Chocolate2
Creo Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate factory and tasting room in the Lloyd District of Portland, Oregon. Tim, Janet, & Kevin Straub source their beans directly from the farmer and craft with detail attention to bring out their interesting flavors.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Crow & Moss5
Crow & Moss began in 2019. Mike Davies makes artisan chocolate in one hundred pound batches in a 2000 square foot factory in Petoskey Michigan, trying to bring out unique and true-to-bean flavor experiences to share with chocolate lovers everywhere.
USA  (Petoskey, Michigan)
Cultura Craft Chocolate is a collaborative effort between two chocolate makers who have a passion for creating amazing chocolate with greater transparency and accessibility. The formation of Cultura began in 2016 when Matt Armstrong, co-founder of Mutari Chocolate, sold his business and teamed up with Damaris Graves at Cultura's predecessor Dead Dog Chocolate. Cultura Craft Chocolate focuses on bean to bar, and sources ethically from organic cocoa farms prior to the roasting process, which includes a rigorous hand sorting effort.
USA  (Denver, Colorado)
Cuna de Piedra1
Mexico  (Santa Catarina, Nuevo León)
Italy  (Bologna)
D. Barbero2
Italy  (Asti)
Dagoba was founded in 2001 by its "head alchemist," Frederick Schilling, and acquired by Hershey in November 2006. Chocolate is sacred. There is an art to the alchemy of flavor infusion, an art we explore with mystery and integrity. "You can deprive the body, but the soul needs chocolate."
USA  (Ashland, Oregon)
Daintree Estates1
Daintree Cocoa now produces the world's first Australian single origin cocoa beans and chocolate, plus organic single-origin cocoa and chocolate. We are the only company growing and processing cocoa pods into fermented dry beans and producing chocolate commercially from these beans in Australia. Each of our growing estates is unique, with cocoa being grown in different soil types, sunshine and shade conditions and a balanced water supply using natural rainwater and selective irrigation. Such diversity ensures we produce an equally unique range of cocoa flavours and aromas from each of our estates. We are very proud of all our estates and suppliers.
Australia  (Mossman, Queensland)
After meeting at a bar in 2013 and falling in love, we set out to start a business around a shared passion: chocolate. We believe cacao has the ability to encourage passion and ignite love. What makes our company and our chocolate different? A few things. The first, we
USA  (Brooklyn, New York)
Conjunto Val de Cães Rua Vira Copos 17, Bairro, Val de Cães, CEP 66, 110-050 Bélem-Pará
Brazil  (Belém)
Dammenberg is a young and dynamic family business that has been manufacturing a wide range of special chocolate products since 1994. Our chocolate factory is situated in Sääksjärvi Lempäälä, approximately 6 km south of Tampere city centre. In the year 2003 Dammenberg became the first European chocolate manufacturer, whose factory environment is entirely nut, gluten and egg free. Hence all our products are nut, gluten and egg free. We also produce sugar free products. In addition, our dark chocolate is lactose and milk free.
Finland  (Lempäälä)
In early 2010, Dandelion Chocolate decided to share their craft chocolate with their friends and family and have expanded since. Currently, in their factory in the Mission district of San Francisco, they roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of beans and then mold and package each bar by hand. By sourcing high quality beans and carefully crafting tiny batches, Dandelion tries to bring out the individual flavors and nuances of each bean.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
Canada  (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Dansk Supermarked A/S7
(now Salling Group A/S)
Denmark  (Højbjerg)
DAR Chocolate1
DAR Chocolate by Gila & Joel Dar
124 Krameria St.
Denver, CO 80220
USA  (Denver, Colorado)
Dark Forest7
USA  (Lancaster, New York)
Das Exquisite1
Brand name for Dirk Rossmann's drugstore.
Germany  (Burgwedel, Niedersachsen)
David Bacco3
David Bacco began his culinary career in 1994 at Roy and Nadine's, an upscale dining establishment in Lexington, KY, where he studied under Chef Jonathan Lundy. In 1997, David relocated to Madison, WI, and began working at the Opera House restaurant under Chef Eric Rupert. In May of 2008, David opened his high-end chocolate shop, David Bacco Chocolats, where he created over 30 varieties of exclusive chocolates. He relocated to San Diego in October, 2010 to launch his new venture, David Bacco Chocolatier, with an entirely new line of chocolate flavors, looks and tastes.
USA  (San Diego, California)
De Heer (Baronie)2 
Netherlands  (Rotterdam)
De Vries5
DeVries Chocolate was America's pioneer micro producer of fine chocolate bars. Founded in 2005, the company was born of a hobby turned obsession; a chocolate-loving glass artist was transformed into a nationally-acknowledged chocolate artisan. On a trip to Costa Rica, Steve DeVries picked up some cacao beans with the idea of trying to make his own chocolate bars at home. The hobbyist was surprised to discover that his homemade chocolate, despite being quite rudimentary, was extremely complex and sophisticated in flavor. His experiment was enough to convince him to focus his efforts from transforming glass into art to creating edible gold from cacao beans. It is sad to report that De Vries has, at least temporarily, stopped making chocolate at this time.
USA  (Denver, Colorado)
DeBrand Fine Chocolates1
Growing up in a family deeply involved in the confectionery arts, Cathy Brand-Beere began working with chocolate at the age of eight. She had always loved the creative process of making fine chocolates and remembers dreaming of opening a "real chocolate shop" when she grew up so she could always do something that she truly enjoyed. Throughout high school Cathy made and sold custom designed wedding cakes as a summer job, but it was her passion for confectionery arts that led her to open the first DeBrand chocolate shop in October 1987. The first DeBrand store was located on Wells Street in Fort Wayne in Cathy's childhood home, a historic 100+ year old home unfortunately no longer in existence. The name "DeBrand" came from the French prefix "De", meaning "from", and Cathy's last name, "Brand". Today, DeBrand employs nearly 100 people with our three shops in Fort Wayne and a mail order department which ships our chocolates all over the world. But rest assured, we will never outgrow our commitment to perfection! The quality and freshness of each chocolate remains our absolute top priority. We still use only the finest ingredients, whether they are imported from other countries or found fresh locally.
USA  (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
Dominican Republic  (Santo Domingo)
Delhaize Le Lion5
Delhaize has a history in Belgium going back to 1867, when founders Jules Delhaize and Jules Vieujant opened their first store in Charleroi.
Belgium  (Brussels)
Délices de Belgique1
Toekomstlaan 49 2200 Herentals, Belgium
Belgium  (Herentals)
Dick Taylor Chocolate24
Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor who previously used their talents making furniture and building boats, bring that same attention to detail to their bean to bar chocolates. Everything is made in their small factory in Arcata, California, with only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic cane sugar. They don't add vanilla or cocoa butter, so the unique flavor of each bean comes through.
USA  (Arcata, California)
Divine dark chocolate is made with the best quality fair trade cocoa beans from the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana. The growers get a guaranteed price for their beans and long term trading relationships which help them work their way out of poverty...that's fair trade.
United Kingdom
Dolce & Amaro4
Italy  (Saluzzo)
Harmoniously blending the strength of a fine chocolate with the delicate flavours of carefully selected spices or fruits, this is the philosophy that lies behind the Dolfin range.
Don Puglisi2
Donna Elvira1
Dormouse Chocolates2
United Kingdom  (Manchester, England)
In 1956, Leo Stefanos created the Dove brand of ice cream bars, which were only sold locally in Chicago until 1985 when distribution began in selected cities around the country. In 1986, the company was acquired by Mars, Incorporated.
USA  (Chicago, Illinois)
Dream Chocolate3
Dream Chocolate evolved from Salmon River Foods, the spawn of a trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Kay Johnson was burned out by thirty years in the food service industry and decided to sell his business and begin anew. Quite by accident he received a call asking if his new company Salmon River Foods would consider selling chocolate bars. Kay purchased a chocolate factory and began production in April 2002.
USA  (Boise, Idaho)
Gerardus Johannes Droste started a confectionery business in Haarlem (Holland) in 1863. The first Droste factory of the firm G.J. Droste opened its doors on August 2, 1890. Because of a lack of room, the factory was relocated to the Noorder Buiten Spaarne in 1891. Since 1891 Droste had been able to allocate the complete chocolate process in-house. The cocoa beans were stored in the loft, while sales took place in the retail store. It was in this plant were the production of cocoa and chocolate started. This waterside location was very favourable for Droste, enabling the delivery of raw materials and the transport of finished products by boat. In 1898 Droste was officially entitled to use the coat of arms of Queen-widow Emma. In 1961 a new cocoa-factory had been opened. In 1964 the factory received the "Royal" designation. Droste's new name became: Koninklijke Droste Fabrieken N.V. In 1975 N.V. the inheritor, Widow J. Van Nelle, took over the share capital of Droste. By the year 1977 Droste's ownership was transmitted to Standard Brands Incorporated. Because of the transmittal to an American company, the 'Royal' title had to be taken away from all Droste products. The name was then changed into Droste Fabrieken B.V. By the year 1985 Van Nelle separated itself from Standard Brands, which was, in turn, taken over by Nabisco. In 1986 the production of Droste was transferred to Vaassen, Gelderland. The old production location in Haarlem continued as Dutch Cocoa & Chocolate Company B.V. A new factory was opened in Vaassen, in 1988, where the products of Venz (chocolate sprinkles) were also made. It was also in this year that Van Nelle had been taken over by Sara Lee/D.E. Two years later the Dutch sugar- and food concern CSM, bought Droste. Since January 1, 1997 Droste was sold to the Swiss-based company Hosta. Venz moved to Koninklijke De Ruijter B.V. in Baarn. Droste B.V., as of now, is still situated as an independent company in Vaassen, Gelderland.
Owner -- Duffy Sheardown. Red Star Chocolate is a small artisan chocolate making company that produces Duffy's fine chocolate in Lincolnshire. We source the finest beans that we can find, working directly with the cocoa farmers or as close as we can get. We pay a premium for the finest beans so that the cocoa farmers realize that we appreciate the work they put into growing top quality beans and fermenting and drying them after the harvest. All of our bars are single origin -- they are made with beans from one harvest from one region of one country. The taste of each bar will very year-on-year: as the growing conditions change so the flavours slightly change.
United Kingdom  (Lincolnshire, England)
Eat Your Hat1
United Kingdom  (Gateshead, England)
Edeka Markt3
Founded in 1898, the Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation.
Germany  (Hamburg, Hamburg)
Sweden  (Gothenburg)
Austria  (Vienna)
El Castillo del Cacao2
Nicaragua  (Matagalpa)
El Ceibo2
Beans used for the production of El Ceibo's fine chocolates are grown by the farmers of El Ceibo in Alto Beni. Located 250 km from La Paz, Alto Beni is a region rich in natural resources and has a climate ideal for cocoa production. El Ceibo farmers grow their cocoa trees on 3 to 4 ha plots. Trees are cared for using organic standards and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used. After careful selection, the beans are then fermented and dried at El Ceibo's facilities in Sapecho under close supervision of El Ceibo's technical staff, where they become into our best chocolates.
Bolivia  (La Paz)
El Rey7
An exceptional chocolate begins with the land. The most flavorful and aromatic cacao in the world grows in Venezuela. There, on small plantations in secluded coastal valleys, the grassy llanos, and the foothills of the Andes, generations of farmers have perfected the art of nurturing these delicate and coveted beans. Since 1929 El Rey has used only Venezuelan Cacao, fermented, sun-dried and processed with the most advanced technology. From this marriage of art and science are born premium chocolates that redefine world standards of excellence.
Endangered Species22
Each and every creature is essential to the balance of life on this planet. An estimated 74 species of insects, plants and animals become extinct every day, critically challenging the balance the earth struggles to maintain...
USA  (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Enna Chocolate1 
We make our chocolate in micro batches from the finest ethically sourced cacao and other ingredients that we can find. Chocolate's flavor depends first on its origin (genetics + terroir + farming practices + fermentation) and then on the chocolate-maker's skill, senses, and artistry (sort + roast + crack + winnow + grind + conche + temper + mold + lots and lots of tasting). Enna's mission is to learn the story of cacao, explore the full range of its complexity of flavors, and share this magic with you. The Enna logo emblem is a glyph of an oyster, used by the Mayans to represent zero in their ancient counting system. Zero is the starting point of any creative endeavor, resonating with our sense of adventure and our artistic approach to making chocolate. Oysters are native to New England, so this symbol also pays homage to cacao's Central American origins as well as our New England home.
USA  (Epping, New Hampshire)
Equal Exchange4
Equal Exchange, founded in 1986, is the oldest and largest for-profit Fair Trade company in the US. Equal Exchange's mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate, through our success, the contribution of worker co-operatives and Fair Trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.
USA  (West Bridgewater, Massachusetts)
France  (Strasbourg)
936 N. Blount St., Raleigh, NC, USA
USA  (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Ecuador  (Guayaquil)
Ethereal Confections4
USA  (Woodstock, Illinois)
Euphoria Chocolate Co.1
USA  (Eugene, Oregon)
Fairglobe (Lidl)3 
This brand is sold exclusively by Lidl stores.
Germany  (Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg)
USA  (San Francisco, California)
Switzerland  (Schwyz)
Feodora developed out of a sugar refinery established in Tangermünde on the Elbe River in 1826. Hermann Meyer requested Empress Auguste Victoria for permission to name his chocolate after her sister, Princess Feodora. She agreed and since then her sister's personal signature as well as the crown and coat-of-arms of the royal house of Schleswig Holstein have adorned Feodora's chocolates. Following World War II, the company was expropriated and parts of the factory were dismantled. It found a new site in Bremen where the company then relaunched its chocolate and praline production. Feodora was acquired by Toms Group in 2012.
Germany  (Bremen)
Distributed through Kraft Foods Slovakia and Kraft Foods CR (Czech Republic).
Slovakia  (Bratislava)
Fin Carré5
Made by Solent GmbH & Co.
Germany  (Übach-Palenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Fine & Raw1
151 Kent Ave, Suite 108, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (by appointment only), 646-894-2929
USA  (Brooklyn, New York)
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
United Kingdom  (Peterborough, England)
Norway  (Hardanger)
USA  (Mount Vernon, Washington)
Since 1929. Four generations of chocolate tradition have led Cortés Hermanos to the leadership of the chocolate industry in the Caribbean. As a tribute to the quality of Caribbean cacao, Cortés Hermanos has created its most exclusive product, an expression of expertise, dedication, and passion for chocolate.
Puerto Rico  (San Juan)
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
Making chocolate since 1830.
Venezuela  (San José, Estado Mé)
This Norwegian company was founded in 1889. It was purchased in 1993 by Kraft Foods.
French Broad Chocolates6
Jael and Dan Rattigan bought an abandoned cacao farm in Costa Rica in 2004 and opened Bread and Chocolate, a café and dessert shop in Puerto Viejo de Limon, on the Caribbean coast. They started playing with chocolate recipes the next year. In 2006, they sold Bread and Chocolate, moved to Asheville, NC and established French Broad Chocolates. In 2008, they opened the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, which quickly grew in popularity. By 2011, they traveled to Peru to begin sourcing beans and began construction on a chocolate factory in Asheville.
USA  (Asheville, North Carolina)
USA  (Lynden, Washington)
Fresh Coast2
Nichole Warner launched Fresh Coast Chocolate Company in 2014 in Traverse City, MI.
USA  (Traverse City, Michigan)
Friis Holm4 
Denmark  (Kirke Såby)
Fruition Chocolate18
Bryan Graham is the founder of Fruition Chocolate Works and Confectionery. Fruition is a small batch bean to bar chocolate workshop located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. With meticulous attention to detail, we slowly roast and stone grind carefully selected cocoa beans to accentuate their inherent flavor. Our chocolate is made from fair trade and organically grown cocoa beans.
USA  (Shokan, New York)
Fu Wan1
Taiwan  (Donggang Township)
Brazil  (São Paulo)
Sweden  (Solna)
Garden Island Chocolate Co.2
USA  (Kilauea, Hawaii)
Georgia Ramon2
Georgia Ramon was founded in the spring of 2015 by Georg Bernardini and Ramona Gustmann in Bonn's Oberkassel district. Georg is a learned confectioner, chocolatier and confiser for over twenty years. Co-founder of the Confiserie Coppeneur in Bad Honnef, who left the company in June 2010. Author of the books "The Chocolate Tester", published in October 2012 and awarded in May 2014 for the best chocolate book in the world of 2013 and the follow-up work "Chocolate-The standard work".
Germany  (Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was founded in San Francisco, California in 1852 by Italian chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli. Ghirardelli once was one of the largest regional independent chocolate brands in the United States until it was bought by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1998.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
Gillham & Grand1 
Introduced in 2007, Hallmark's exclusive line of chocolates called Gillham & Grand™ is named for two streets at Hallmark's Kansas City headquarters. Gillham & Grand chocolates are made of a proprietary formula and sold exclusively in Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.
USA  (Kansas City, Missouri)
Godiva was founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium by chocolatier Joseph Draps. The Campbell Soup Company had acquired North American distribution rights by 1966 and purchased the company in 1972.
Goodnow Farms6
USA  (Sudbury, Massachusetts)
51 Road 8, VSIP, Thuan An dist, Binh Duong province, Viet Nam
Vietnam  (Binh Duong)
Green & Black's16
Green & Black's was founded in 1991 by Craig Sams and his wife, Josephine Fairley. In May 2005 Cadbury-Schweppes bought Green & Black's. At Green & Black's, we buy only the finest organically grown cocoa beans direct from our growers.
United Kingdom  (England)
green bean to bar1
green bean to bar chocolate is handcrafted with Japanese dedication and reverence. From bean to bar, start to finish, chocolate is lovingly made in our flagship Tokyo store by artisans passionate about creating a product of exceptional quality, richness and ultimate flavor that captures the cacao
Japan  (Tokyo)
Grenada Chocolate Company6
Mott Green founded the Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999. Mr. Green was born David Friedman, and grew up on Staten Island. He became Mott over the course of many years of visiting and eventually living in Grenada, where residents had a distinctive way of pronouncing his nickname, Moth. He later took Green as his surname to reflect his environmental interests. Grenada Chocolate Company is a cocoa-growing and chocolate-making cooperative, producing chocolate from tree to bar. Their organic cocoa farm uses solar energy to power the factory. On June 1, 2013, Mott Green was tragically electrocuted while working at the factory.
Guido Castagna3
Guido Castagna's "Atelier del Cioccolato" was started in Giaveno in 2002. This young skilled Italian craftsman from Turin, with refined taste and creativity, has brought innovation to the traditional chocolate from Piedmont. He combines basic ingredients with flair and originality, adding also a personal artistic touch. For its products the Atelier uses the best cocoas from all over the world and the Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P. "Signora Tonda Gentile". Toasting, refining and conching are parts of a production process aimed at enhancing the natural basic raw materials and at obtaining very high quality hand-made products.
Italy  (Torino)
Guido Gobino2
Étienne Guittard founded the company on Sansome Street on the San Francisco waterfront in 1868. Each E. Guittard single origin chocolate is carefully crafted to showcase the unique flavors of the region and the ancient cacao tree type from which it came. We refer to them informally as our 'sipping chocolates' and savor them as one savors a fine wine. Vintage chocolate making in the French tradition.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
GUS Chocolate1
USA  (Ouray, Colorado)
Habitation Céron2 
Martinique  (Le Prêcheur)
Established in 1890 by Belgian chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez. Headquartered in Bremen, Germany the company controls each step of the chocolate-making process, starting from cocoa beans sourced predominantly from South America. The company was acquired by the Toms Group in 2012.
Germany  (Bremen)
Hacienda El Castillo1
The cocoa at the Hacienda El Castillo is the Don Homero -- Cerecita. The Don Homero refers to the variety of the cocoa used in the plantation, and Cerecita means the region where the Hacienda is located: both determining factors in the unique flavor and aroma of our cocoa. The Don Homero is of Trinitarian origin, and the Cerecita valley is located west of the city of Guayaquil, on the way to the coastal beaches.
Ecuador  (Guayaquil)
Germany  (Berlin, Berlin)
Hammond's Candies1
USA  (Denver, Colorado)
Hana Gold1
Hana Gold Plantation was founded in 1978 by Robert and Francine Frost with a commitment to provide people with the finest, naturally grown products. In recent years Hana Gold has begun producing Maui's first "branch to bar" chocolate. We are joined by our son Aldon and his wife Alyssa in our efforts. The growing of each tree to the pouring of every bar, making a quality 100% Maui grown chocolate has become a family passion. Our commitment to our neighbors and customers is to deliver a superior gourmet chocolate crafted from natural Hawaiian ingredients using only the most environmentally thoughtful methods. Hana Gold Cacao Plantation rests along the rugged Hana Coast of Maui on the slope of the towering Haleakala Volcano. Cooled by a gentle tropical mist and naturally fertilized by Hawaii's rich volcanic soil, our trees produce the most flavorful cacao beans in the world. East Maui offers a unique environment for growing cacao that creates a chocolate rich in diverse flavors and subtle undertones. All of our cacao is harvested with care by hand and processed under the watchful eye of our master chocolatier. It is this careful treatment of our beans that gives Hana Gold chocolate its critically acclaimed flavor.
USA  (Hāna, Hawaii)
Hands Off1
Netherlands  (Laren)
Harms Chocolat1 
Harper Macaw3
USA  (Washington, District of Columbia)
Harry And David1
Harry and David Operations Corp. is an American company that was founded in 1910, when Seattle hotelier Samuel Rosenberg purchased 240 acres of pear orchards in Medford, Oregon. His sons, Harry and David, took the company over upon his death in 1914. The company is best known for beginning the business of mail order direct marketing of fruit, especially through its "Fruit-of-the-Month Club".
USA  (Medford, Oregon)
As early as 1955 the first Heilemann pralines were produced in Karl Heilemann's master confectioners in Memmingen. The business expanded in 1977 and relocated to more spacious premises in Woringen. Following the death of the company founder in 1982, the business which had in the meantime acquired a wide reputation for its excellent confectionery specialties, was taken over by the confectionery specialist, Friedel and carried on as a subsidiary. 1990 saw the building of a new confectionery factory equipped with the latest technology in Woringen. In 2001 Confiserie Heilemann GmbH parted ways with the Friedel company to independently continue its chosen pursuit of an uncompromising premium strategy. For over half a century, Confiserie Heilemann has dedicated itself to the creation of exclusive chocolate delicacies. At the heart of south Germany's Allgäu region, exquisite pralines, fine chocolate and many other masterpieces of the confectioner's art are handcrafted in premium artisanal tradition. An art appreciated by real connoisseurs and true lovers of chocolate. Heilemann uniquely combines modern manufacturing processes with the concept of traditional manufacturing art. From the selection of the finest ingredients, creation of exquisite recipes to the loving care devoted to the embellishment and refinement of our products, our guiding principle always takes pride of place: uncompromising quality.
Hershey's, one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States, was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company.
USA  (Hershey, Pennsylvania)
Czech Republic  (Čejč)
Hoja Verde3 
Ecuador  (Cayambe)
Holy Chocolate4
Holy Chocolate is a delicious hot chocolate dedicated to community betterment. Created by Father Stan Smith, an Eastern-Syrian Orthodox priest, it provides a sophisticated and strong chocolate with a single packet of mix. Just add water! Our 'Ingots' of gourmet artisan chocolate are hand cut and wrapped featuring the unique tastes of the best in chocolate from around the world. Each chocolate bar showcases chocolate from a single region (Single Origin). Our gourmet bar has only 125 calories and one large satisfying portion.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
Honeymoon Chocolates1
USA  (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hotel Chocolat43
Founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris had one goal in mind - to make a better type of chocolate available to UK consumers bored by the mediocrity of that available in supermarkets and on the high street.
United Kingdom  (England)
Hummingbird Chocolate4
Founded by Drew & Erica Gilmour, we’re a small mighty team bound by our shared passion for the sweet, chocolatey good stuff. We love to make, share, and most importantly, eat chocolate. We take our chocolate very seriously, but not ourselves. Our team is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, craftsmanship and quality. Our approach is industrious, not industrial, and we believe the best things happen when inspired people come together in a collaborative, creative and fun environment. We’re proud the chocolate we make is recognized as some of the best in the world.
Canada  (Almonte, Ontario)
Silvio Agostoni set up the company ICAM (Industria Cioccolato Affini Morbegno) in 1942 and in 1946, acquired a pasticceria workshop at Morbegno near Lecco for the production of sugar sweets and desserts. Together his wife and his brothers in law, Giancarlo and Urbano Vanini, started up a little factory for making chocolate. This family-owned company guarantees direct control over the whole production chain.
Italy  (Como)
Idilio Origins4
Idilio is a Swiss company based in Basel who pride themselves in seeking out rare Criollo cocoa bean varieties to produce for their chocolate. MDs Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer concentrated their search on Venezuela where these rare varieties thrive only in the shade of other fruit trees. Working with Swiss chocolate maker Felchlin (who currently manufacture the bars for Idilio), Blumer & Wirth determine the optimal roasting and conching time for each variety of bean. The result is an award winning range of single plantation bars each made from a single bean variety.
Switzerland  (Basel)
Il Modicano1
Italy  (Sicilia)
Indulgence Chocolatiers1
Founded in 2007 by owner and chocolatier, Julie Waterman, Indulgence Chocolatiers meticulously handcrafts all of its confections in its Milwaukee, Wisconsin kitchen. Working with the finest chocolate from around the world and other locally sourced ingredients, our talented chocolatiers create confections that are as delicious as they are beautiful. No mass production, no artificial preservatives, just quality ingredients handcrafted into artisan confections in both classic and unique flavor combinations.
USA  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
IQ Chocolate1
United Kingdom  (Stirling, Scotland)
Denmark  (Aarhus)
It's Chocolate4 
USA  (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
Ithaca Fine Chocolates2
USA  (Ithaca, New York)
J.D. Gross10 
JD Gross chocolate is a chocolate brand made for LIDL supermarkets.
Jacques Bockel5
France  (Saverne)
Jacques Callebaut2
Jacques Torres2
In December 2000, Jacques Torres opened his own chocolate factory serving the wholesale and retail markets. Jacques Torres Chocolate, LLC specializes in fresh, hand-crafted chocolates that are free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Jacques has given new life to classic recipes. He uses state-of-the-art technology in his custom-designed chocolate factory. Jacques Torres Chocolate is located at 66 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 in the fashionable neighborhood of D.U.M.B.O. (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass). In 2004, Jacques opened Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven, a Manhattan chocolate factory. At this location, Jacques transforms cocoa beans into chocolate bars before your very eyes at 350 Hudson Street.
USA  (Brooklyn, New York)
A division of the Ruth Hunt Candy Co., Jamieson's Chocolate was a new company formed in 1998 to develop, import, wholesale, and retail premium finished chocolate from Ghana, West Africa. Its founders are David J.C. Jamieson and Susan Abbott-Jamieson.
USA  (Mt. Sterling, Kentucky)
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
Jean-Marie Auboine5
Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier is an Artisan Chocolate company that creates unique chocolates and confections. No additives or artificial compounds, everything pure and natural. We start by sourcing the best ingredients and cocoa from around the world. Blended with more than 20 years of expertise and passion to create the most luxurious and decadent confections. Flavors and aromas that will captivate your senses and take you to places you have never been before. The emotion to create the excitement to give you pleasure is our commitment, enjoy!
USA  (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Jeff de Bruges3
France  (Marne La Vallée)
Jelina Chocolatier1
Jelina Chocolatier was founded in September 1985, known in Canada under the brand name "Galerie au Chocolat".
Canada  (Montreal, Quebec)
Johnny Iuzzini4
USA  (New York, New York)
We at Jordi's Chocolate have been making chocolate since 2012. First we read the books and browsed the web to oblivion. Then we employed our taste buds and grey cells and started the trial and error process. Our first ton of cocoa came from Ecuador; now we import the best cocoa beans available from many other countries. Our aim is to make the best chocolate in the World and have fun while doing so.
Czech Republic  (Hradec Králové)
Joseph Schmidt1 
Joseph Schmidt Confections was started in 1983 in San Francisco. In November 2005, Joseph Schmidt Confections was purchased by Artisan Confections Company, a Hershey subsidiary. In early 2009 Hershey's announced plans to eliminate the Joseph Schmidt brand, and Mr. Schmidt joined the Scharffenberger brand.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
France  (Pau)
The flavor of cocoa is affected at every step in the production process. Because we control every step
Grenada  (St. Mark)
K + M3
Chef Thomas Keller + Organic olive oil producer Armando Manni = K + M, a revolutionary extravirgin chocolate high in antioxidants. Good for your body and good for your soul.
USA  (Napa, California)
Kah Kow2
Kah Kow: The name that pays tribute to the main ingredient, cocoa. It is the first organic and gourmet chocolate produced in the Dominican Republic. Each recipe perfectly represents the characteristics of Dominican cocoa: notes of fresh fruits, a delicate and balanced twist of acidity, wood, high level of chocolate, along with subtle aromas of nuts and dried fruits. For over 100 years the Rizek family has planted, harvested and produced high quality cocoa beans. This long aged know-how has enabled the company to develop a unique treatment system that allows post-harvest notes and highlights specific flavors within each cocoa bean.
Dominican Republic  (Santo Domingo)
Spain  (Balmaseda)
Kakaw Roatán1
Honduras  (Roatán, Islas De La Bahia)
The Kallari Association is a self-governed coalition of Amazon artists and organic cocoa producers. Our cooperative began in 1997 with less than fifty families and has now grown to over 850 families. Kallari has created sustainable income so Kichwa people can fulfill our basic family needs without logging our rainforests or selling our land. Kallari Association has demonstrated that the revolutionary concept of local food applies to chocolate. Kallari cacao beans spend only three months between harvest and destination. This comparative freshness of the beans guarantees higher quality flavor to the consumer.
USA  (Bridgewater, New Jersey)
Germany  (Cologne)
Karl Fazer2
On 17 September 1891 Karl Fazer opened his French-Russian Café at Kluuvikatu 3 in Helsinki, Finland. His café soon became the most popular café and meeting place in town. Karl Fazer is the brand of Fazer's most popular chocolate, Karl Fazer milk chocolate. Karl Fazer's signature in the chocolate wrapping is a guarantee of high quality. We have given the Karl Fazer brand also to other products which we are especially proud of: Karl Fazer Exclusive and Karl Fazer Nordic Gourmet chocolates.
Finland  (Helsinki)
Kauai Chocolate Company1 
Donald, David, Patrick, and Marlene Greer comprise a local family owned small business that have been making chocolate on Kauai since 2003, located in the Port Allen shopping center.
USA  (Ele'ele, Hawaii)
Mexico  (Mérida, Yucatán)
Self-trained chocolatier Rob Kingsbury embraced his Vermont maple sugar roots and inherited his love of confection making from his grandparents. Starting with his family's recipes, Rob tweaked them with finer chocolate, butter and ingredients. Today his maple popcorn crunch drizzled in chocolate is a daily thank you to his grandparents love of family and sweets -- who sold their original maple popcorn at a roadside stand. Today's chocolates and confections showcase Kingsbury's sophisticated whimsy.
USA  (Washington, District of Columbia)
France  (Morteau)
Kommunarka Confectionery3
OJSC "Kommunarka" was started in 1905 by George Raczkowski in Minsk. Today OJSC "Kommunarka" produces many different kinds of sweets, chocolate, hard candies, candy drops, and cocoa powder.
Belarus  (Minsk)
Founded in 2003 by Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Henrik Konnerup in a small production facility, Konnerup & Co has grown to produce a variety of chocolates while still keeping the important fundamentals intact. Superior ingredients, quality craftsmanship, and fresh taste is what has brought us to where we are today and drives us to create products customers can't resist. Konnerup & Co has made its home in a 101 year old inn in Vester Aaby, Southern Fyn which has been fully renovated into a modern production workshop and boutique. Here you can take a glance at the daily production while enjoying some of our many specialties including fresh churned ice cream in the summer and new chocolate surprises all year long.
Denmark  (Faaborg)
K Shocolât is an international premium chocolate brand with a range of delicious chocolate treats and sophisticated chocolate gifts perfect for any occasion. Characterised by elegant and superior packaging, quality ingredients and rich flavours, K Shocolât has a distinctly unique identity.
United Kingdom  (Blackwood)
KTO Chocolate8 
USA  (Hermitage, Pennsylvania)
K'ul Chocolate4
K'ul (pronounced cool) creates great tasting, good for you, functional chocolate and energy bars. Our bean-to-bar artisan dark chocolate is designed to elevate the superfood status of this vital nourishment. We enhance this powerful snack with other healthy ingredients such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds, guarana and maca powder to provide unique nutritional benefits with a great taste. We are here to change the perceptions around chocolate and create a new attitude for this ancient indulgence choc-full of health benefits
USA  (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Denmark  (Broby)
USA  (San Francisco, California)
L.A. Burdick9
USA  (Walpole, New Hampshire)
La Cure Gourmande1
France  (Frontignan)
La Féverie3
France  (Bordeaux)
La Guérande2 
Martinique  (Les Trois Îlets)
La Maison du Chocolat5
France  (Paris)
Lake Champlain15
Our goal has always been the creation of something special for our customers. Sweet indulgences that capture the essence of Vermont, the tradition of making fine chocolate, and the pride that goes into each bite - you'll want to savor it all.
USA  (Burlington, Vermont)
Uganda  (Kampala)
Laughing Moon1
Leigh Williams founded Laughing Moon Chocolates in May of 2002. Laughing Moon Chocolates is committed to social responsibility, environmental stewardship and to creating a healthy local food system. Most of our packaging is now compostable, including our clear cellophane bags and ribbon which is 100% cotton and made in the USA. Our boxes are made using 100% Post Consumer Waste paper which is manufactured using wind power in New York State by Mohawk Paper Company and are printed with soy based inks.
USA  (Stowe, Vermont)
Le Belge1
USA  (Napa, California)
Le Tao2
Japan  (Otaru City, Hokkaido)
Founded in the early 1900's by Greek American Leonidas Kestekides, this Belgian based chocolatier continues to be headed by family members.
Les Chocolats de Balata1
Martinique  (Trois-Îlets)
Les Chocolats de Pauline1
France  (Paris)
David Menkes worked in the visual effects industry in Hollywood for over 18 years. His passion for food and chocolate in particular culminated in a visit to a cocoa plantation in St. Lucia in 2011. In 2012, David and Corey Menkes started Little Brown Squares, a chocolate blog dedicated to bean to bar makers. After being sent to the Northwest Chocolate Festival on behalf of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine, they quickly realized there were no makers in Los Angeles and decided to change that. In March of 2014, David bought a small bag of cacao beans and roasted them in his toaster oven, hand-peeled the beans, and hand-ground them using a mortar and pestle. The resulting chocolate was terrible, but David was determined to continue. Eventually, the couple would acquire small tabletop melangers which could grind the beans for days at a time. Eventually, their landlord asked them to move the operation out of their apartment, and they moved into a shared commercial kitchen in West LA. There, they grew their tiny operation to a small factory, producing roughly 2,500 bars per month. They are currently looking to expand, purchase larger equipment and move into a larger dedicated space, and make decisions on financing.
USA  (Los Angeles, California)
Founded on May 10, 2012, Levy is the tiniest and most uncompromising chocolate factory in Finland. We're the only bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Finland. Roasting, cracking, winnowing and stone grinding cacao beans are the soul of our chocolate.
Finland  (Helsinki)
Lewis & Rose2 
United Kingdom  (Windsor, England)
Czech Republic  (Kutná Hora)
Liebhart's Gesundkost1
Germany  (Detmold, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Lillie Belle Farms22
USA  (Central Point, Oregon)
Lindt & Sprüngli was founded in 1845 by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann. Excellence embodies the passion of Lindt's Master Chocolatiers. Their selection of the finest quality cocoa beans, combined with more than 150 years of craftsmanship and expertise, has culminated in a gourmet bar, par Excellence.
Little Green Bean1
A coffee bean roastery off Highway 1 on the California coast. Tom Neth started this business in 2012 at 211 Main Street, Point Arena, CA.
USA  (Point Arena, California)
Lonohana Estate8
Lonohana Estate Chocolate is located on the island of O‘ahu, Hawaii and is the result of two families’ (Seneca Klassen's and Lawrence Boone's) dream to create a vertically integrated chocolate company here in the United States. By controlling the entire product cycle, starting with our own Hawaii-grown cacao all the way through crafting small batches of world-class chocolate bars in Honolulu, we aim to share where this beloved food comes from, how it is grown and made.

We propagated our own cacao seedlings, planted our first trees in 2009, and now farm 14 acres of cacao by hand on the North Shore of O‘ahu. We harvest the fruit, use wild fermentations, and dry the beans, up on the farm. We then hand craft small batches of chocolate bars at our solar-powered factory in Honolulu.

From 2009 to 2014 we were exclusively a farming operation. It takes roughly 5 years before the trees begin to produce cacao pods and in order to make ferments optimal you need to have enough seed harvested together, so we took a plunge into the deep end with a decade-long planting regime that now includes 14 acres. Straddling the 21st parallel, our farm is one of the northern-most plantations in the world.

USA  (Honolulu, Hawaii)
In 1948, Lotte Co. was founded by Takeo Shigemitsu (Shin Kyuk-ho), a native of Korea who had studied in Japan. The company's focus was chewing gum. Lotte Confectionery was established in 1967 after successfully launching its first milk chocolate, Ghana, in 1964. Lotte Confectionery a South Korean company headquartered in Yangpyeong-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea. Their products include gum, chocolate, pies, biscuits, candy, bread, ice cream and snacks.
South Korea  (Seoul)
Luisa Abram4
Brazil  (São Paulo)
Colombia  (Bogota)
Lumineux Chocolate produces small-batch, European-style chocolate of the highest quality using the best ingredients and time-honored techniques. Lumineux was started to showcase cocoa beans that are not widely used in the United States, beans from the African continent. While most African cocoa beans are not known for their quality, we carefully search and source out the best and most flavorful cocoa from all over Africa. Our desire is to illuminate the depth and complexity of flavors in these under-appreciated beans. Chocolate, for us, is not merely about indulging; it is about bringing light to the unique differences in the terroir of different African countries.

Ben and Becca Snyder have spent a combined 20 years in the restaurant industry–Ben as a pastry chef and baker and Becca as a cake decorator and baker. Chocolate became an instant love and an opportunity to use their collective skills to create unique flavor combinations done in unusual ways. They want to open palates to new flavor profiles using ingredients associated with the regions their cocoa beans are sourced from.

USA  (Greenville, South Carolina)
Lydgate Farms1
Emily and Will Lydgate, owners of Lydgate Farm, are the great-great-grandchildren of William Ludgate who arrived in Hawaii as a young man in the 1860s. Lydgate Farms’ predecessor, Steelgrass Farm was created by Lydgate descendants on Kaua’i in 2008. The farm began to produce chocolate, vanilla, and honey and conduct some of the first farm tours in Hawaii. Lydgate Farms is run by William ‘Will’ Hibbs Lydgate, our fifth generation Kaua’i family. We grow high-quality cacao to make the finest craft chocolate. We also grow award-winning vanilla and honey. Our 46-acre farm sits above the town of Kapa’a, between Sleeping Giant and Mt. Wai’ale’ale. Lydgate Farms is in an ahupua’a (land division) named Olohena, known for its rolling hills and the numerous springs and rivers that make this valley fertile for growing. Often called the Garden Island, Kaua’i is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and, as a result, has the most developed soils and fertile growing conditions. In addition to our specialty crops, you’ll find a wide variety of botanicals around our farm that influence the taste of our honey and chocolate. Visit us in Wailua for an interactive farm tour and chocolate tasting.
USA  (Kapa'a, Hawaii)
M Bar1 
Michelle Pontius is a graduate of the International Culinary School-Art Institute, a certified member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), and fine chocolate industry association (FCIA). Her vision is to create chocolates with a modern edge while still using the traditional European methods of artisanal hand craftsmanship. Michelle fuses art, music, fashion, fine design, and pure passion into each chocolate creation. Kimi Nash also attended the International Culinary School-Art Institute. Kimi brings to the kitchen her knowledge and love for savory dishes from around the world. Collaborating with Michelle on creating flavor profiles which infuse herbs, chiles, & savory tastes brings out a sophisticated chocolate fusion which pushes the edge on gourmet.
USA  (Laguna Beach, California)
In 2012, Dylan Butterbaugh started a bean-to-bar chocolate company called Manoa Chocolate Hawaii in Kailua on Oahu, with the goal of crafting high-quality chocolate bars using sustainable production methods. Dylan Butterbaugh started Manoa Chocolate as a project that combined his passions - science, sustainability, and chocolate. Butterbaugh searches for small farms from which to source cacao; about half of his chocolate is made using cacao from Hawai'i Island.
USA  (Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii)
Míšina Čokoláda2
Czech Republic  (Praha-Lipence)
Mövenpick of Switzerland1
Madre Chocolate14
Originally founded in 2010 by Nat Bletter and David Elliott in Honolulu, Hawaii.
USA  (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Magia Piura2
Peru  (Piura)
Launched in 1989, the Magnum Classic was the first hand-held ice cream aimed exclusively at adults. Its winning formula combined delectable silky ice cream and fine chocolate specially formulated to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius
United Kingdom  (Norfolk, England)
Mahogany Road Chocolate2
US Virgin Islands  (Fredricksted, St. Croix)
Maison Duplanteur4
Maison Duplanteur owns a 15 hectare cocoa tree plantation in Sierra Leone which gives it the unique possibility of managing the whole chain of production where the respect for ethical and environmental principles is strictly applied in addition to supporting the local populations. Maison Duplanteur also sources cocoa beans from local cooperatives in Madagascar, Cameroun, Ghana and in the up and coming cocoa producing countries in Asia (Thailand and Burma). All of the cooperatives that Maison Duplanteur work with hold the "UTZ" label: this label guarantees reliable traceability for a responsible production of cocoa both socially and environmentally.
France  (Grasse)
Majani, founded in Bologna, Italy in 1796, uses only the finest ingredients in its exquisite, award-winning chocolate confections. The first chocolatier in the world to make a chocolate bar, the Majani factory has provided chocolate delicacies for the royal dining halls of the world and has won numerous awards in Europe throughout the centuries.
Italy  (Bologna)
Malagos Chocolate1
Philippines  (Davao City)
Malmö Chocolate Factory10
Malmö Chokolad & Konfektfabriks Aktiebolag was started in 1888 by Emil Mazetti-Nissen, who originated from Copenhagen. The company had a wide assortment of chocolates, candies and handmade pralines and to this day makes high quality chocolate in the same factory building. They are the only bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Sweden.
Sweden  (Malmö)
Mana Chocolate2 
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Belgium  (Brussels)
Manufaktura Czekolady1
Poland  (Lomianki)
Map Chocolate Co.1
Mackenzie Rivers started Map Chocolate: map stands for Mackenzie and People.
USA  (Eugene, Oregon)
This Swedish company was founded in 1916 by the Norwegian chocolate manufacturer Johan Throne Holst (1868-1946), who had great success with the Freia brand in Norway. Now a subsidiary of Kraft Foods, Inc.
Peru  (Lima)
USA  (New York, New York)
Marimba World3
United Kingdom  (Sudbury, Sussex, England)
Markham & Fitz1
USA  (Bentonville, Arkansas)
The name of the company is derived from the last names of its two founders: Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou-Rochebois. Their products are made with cacao from the various different regions of Vietnam and mixed only with cane sugar.
Vietnam  (Ho Chi Minh City)
Marquise de Sévigné1
Martin Mayer2
Austria  (Meggenhofen)
Mast Brothers16
Rick and Michael Mast began their company in their apartment in 2007. Mast Brothers Chocolate offers a variety of single estate and single origin chocolates as well as our first house blend. We have partnered with incredible farms and organizations such as Anderson Almonds, Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup to create chocolate pairings that blow minds!
USA  (Brooklyn, New York)
Maverick Chocolate is a family owned and operated bean-to-bar craft chocolate company. The chocolate connoisseurs behind Maverick are the Picton family: Paul, wife Marlene, and sons Scott and Benjamin. Paul, who spent 30 years as an aviation engineer before venturing into chocolate making, either handmade or retrofitted nearly all of their equipment
USA  (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Mazet S.A.S.4
France  (Montargis)
Australia  (Toowoomba, Queensland)
In 1923, Emil and Luise Meyerkamp founded a sweets company in L
Germany  (Löhne, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
United Kingdom  (London, England)
Michel Cluizel27
Cluizel is a family business that started in 1947 in Normandy, when pastry chefs Marc and Marcelle Cluizel decided to venture into the world of fine chocolate. Fascinated by his parents' chocolate business, Michel became an apprentice and in 1987 opened what has come to be a renowned boutique, La Fontaine du Chocolat, on the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. Cluizel takes immense pride in quality ingredients, using strictly cane sugar and Bourbon vanilla pods. To enable the purest chocolate flavors he avoids lecithin--an emulsifier commonly used for added smoothness and mouthfeel--so that every nuance of the cacao shines through.
Middlebury Chocolates3
USA  (Middlebury, Vermont)
Treat your senses to a smooth, rich flavor. Delight in MILKA - the tender, chocolaty pleasure of Alpine Milk.
MilkBoy Swiss Chocolates1
Switzerland  (Zürich)
Millcreek Cacao Roasters1
Dana Brewster & Mark Delvechio, owners. At Millcreek Cacao Roasters, Mark and Dana have chosen to use a pure heritage cacao called Arriba Nacional. This naturally occurring cacao has a beautiful floral aroma and fine flavors. Arriba Nacional is grown in shaded cacao farms in Ecuador's coastal lowlands where the climate and soil conditions occur exclusively. Dana has owned Millcreek Coffee Roasters for two decades and brings her nuanced palate and expertise in coffee roasting to our farm to bar chocolate experience. Mark is an international educator, having had several assignments in Ethiopia and China. Mark brings his researching skills and appreciation of food and culture to enhance the business.
USA  (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Millésime Chocolat1
Vintage chocolate by Jean-Christophe Hubert.
Belgium  (Liège)
USA  (Dexter, Michigan)
Ecuador  (Quito)
Our single origin collection is crafted from beans originating from Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and India.
United Arab Emirates  (Dubai)
Mission Chocolate4
I am Californian- born in Los Angeles, raised on a peach/plum/chicken farm in Central California and attended university in Berkeley where Alice Waters and ScharffenBerger Chocolate were my distractions from homework. Berkeley was the birth of the bean to bar craft chocolate movement and locavore movement and it happened at the same time I was studying Business and Latin American Literature. All of this influenced the type of human I would become. My first job was in marketing at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school where I was exposed to the the world of gastronomy. I learned my chocolatier skills with Ewald Notter, Andrew Shotts, and Shawn Williams. In Los Angeles I was a chef instructor at the Summer Cooking Academy, and in 2005 I founded a confection workshop which featured flavors of Latin America made with Guittard Chocolate. I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2011 established my retail location in Berkeley which was immediately featured as one of the best sweet shops in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Later, I was named “Most Gifted Chocolatier” by the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon in 2013. I sold the retail location in 2013 to pursue a more intimate relationship with cacao growers, to become a chocolate maker with the amazing bean to bar artisans at Dandelion Chocolate, and to move to Brazil. -- Arcelia Gallardo
Brazil  (Bahia)
Belize  (Belize City)
Moka Origins1
USA  (Honesdale, Pennsylvania)
Nicaragua  (Managua)
Adam Krantz, founder and head chocolatier of Monsoon Chocolate, started his business in the summer of 2017 after years of working in the craft chocolate industry. At Monsoon, Krantz takes part in the chocolate manufacturing process and conceptional work along with a small team of six people.
USA  (Tucson, Arizona)
United Kingdom
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Moser-Roth is a German chocolate company that has been around since 1902. In 2007 it was bought up by Storck (who make Werther's, Toffifee, Riesen and Mambas) and produced exclusively for Aldi Markets (ALDI, short for "ALbrecht DIscount", is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany).
Moulin Des Moines1
Mumuja's Chocolates3
Colombia  (Bogota)
Switzerland  (Flawil)
The Muzzi confectioners' dynasty started in the historical center of Foligno, Italy in 1795.
Italy  (Foligno)
Nói Síríus4
Lithuania  (Vilnius)
Nathan Miller Chocolate2
USA  (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)
Naturally Love It1
Netherlands  (Nieuw-Vennep)
Henri Nestlé founded Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland (1866).
Neuhaus is a producer and retailer of Belgian chocolates. It was founded in Brussels in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus, a Swiss immigrant. Neuhaus Chocolates (UK) brings you the finest Belgian chocolates, each uniquely created in Brussels by our Master Chocolatier and his chefs. Each individual Neuhaus chocolate is hand made using traditional techniques passed down through the generations.
New Moon Magick1
4 Chapman Avenue Oak Bluffs, Ma 02557
USA  (Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts)
New Tree5 
Newman's Own Organics7 
Newman's Own Organics was founded in 1993 by Paul Newman's daughter, Nell Newman, as a division of Newman's Own. It became a separate company in late 2000. Their motto is "Great Tasting Products That Happen to Be Organic." Their products include organic pretzels, cookies, popcorn, chocolate bars, peppermint cups, peanut butter cups, olive oil and vinegar, dried fruit, fair trade coffee and pet food.
USA  (Westport, Connecticut)
Nibble Chocolate1
Launched in June 2014, Nibble Chocolate (run by David Mejía and Sandra Bedoya) started in a La Jolla kitchen and quickly expanded to a commercial operation. The couple obtains the beans from Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Madagascar (they're still working on getting bean from their native country of Colombia), then roast, winnow, grind, and conch before adding the only other ingredient: sugar. Then the mixture is tempered, molded and packaged into mouthwatering chocolate that will just force you to close your eyes. We know you will want to devour it, but take your time, that is why it's called "Nibble". 11585 Sorrento Valley Rd, Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: (858) 848-1781
USA  (San Diego, California)
Heather Kenzie and Jennifer Love launched NibMor in 2009. At NibMor, we believe that the food we eat should be as simple and delicious as possible. That means using ingredients made by Mother Nature, not someone in a lab coat. What happens in our kitchen? We combine the best of it all. Our ingredients are All Natural and Organic, and our batches are handled with care to create perfection. We kicked refined sugar, dairy, gluten and GMO to the curb (bye bye off you go!) without sacrificing taste. The result? Snacks that are simple, healthy and delicious.
USA  (Huntington, New York)
Germany  (Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein)
Nina Chocolate uses only single origin cacao from Chazuta, a region at the edge of the Amazon within San Martin, Peru, an area world famous for its consistently high quality cacao. Fundo Qoya, our farm in Chazuta, and other farms in the region, provide us with high quality, naturally grown, fine flavor cacao.
Peru  (San Martin)
Nirvana Chocolates brings you a selection of exquisite, all-natural chocolate tablets, each made by hand with the finest chocolate varieties from all over the world. Truly gourmet chocolate for real chocoholics!
Liam Burgess left school and set up his own chocolate company at age 18. Masterminded from a cowshed in Llanboidy in West Wales, Nomnom has grown quickly since it was established in 2011 and amassed a following in Wales and across the world with its creative flavours including Welsh cake, orange marmalade and waffle flavoured chocolate. Where possible Liam sources as much of his product from Wales as he can. Liam soon plans to expand into much larger premises across the road in the former Pemberton's Chocolate factory later this year. He hopes to buy the factory by crowd funding and wants as many small investors as possible to have a stake in his business, rather than seeking support from large commercial investors.
Wales  (Llanboidy)
Norman Love Confections1
After learning the craft of pastry-making in France, Norman Love served as executive pastry chef for many luxury resorts including The Beverly Hills Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton. During his career with The Ritz-Carlton he was appointed to the position of corporate executive pastry chef where he oversaw global pastry and baking operations. In 13 years, he opened 30 hotel and resort pastry kitchens in international and domestic locales such as Boston, Dubai and Bali. In 2001, the culinary virtuoso left the corporate world and entered into private enterprise, and founded Norman Love Confections in Ft. Myers, FL. In 2009, Norman received the honor of one of the "Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America" by Dessert Magazine. A decade later, Norman opened a second Chocolate Salon in Naples, FL. And in 2012, Artisan Gelato by Norman Love opened next to the Fort Myers Chocolate Salon. Another Chocolate Salon opened in Estero in 2014.
USA  (Ft. Myers, Florida)
USA  (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Odense Marcipan was founded by the Thobo-Carlsen family in 1909, and since 1991 the company has been a part of the Orkla Group. In 2005 Odense Marcipan acquired the subsidiary Bæch's Conditori, which manufactures ready-to-serve frozen confectionery products. In 2008 Odense Marcipan took over the Italian company Natural Food, which specialises in industrial production of marzipan. Odense Marcipan's headquarters are located in Odense [Denmark]. The group has a total of 250 employees, and an annual turnover of approximately DKK 550 million.
Denmark  (Odense)
Denmark  (Copenhagen)
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.3
Hand crafted by Native Nashvillians in the heart of Music City, Olive and Sinclair is proud to be the original bean-to-bar chocolate make of the South. Slow roasted and stone ground in small batches, select single origin beans are combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor that's unique to Southern Artisan Chocolate. Our combination of traditional methods, modern European technique and classic southern flavors make Olive & Sinclair the new old fashioned chocolate.
USA  (Nashville, Tennessee)
Oliver Kita1
USA  (Rhinebeck, New York)
Omanhene pioneered the manufacture and worldwide distribution of single-bean chocolate in 1994. We feature 100% cocoa beans from Ghana where growing cocoa has been a family tradition for generations. Premium Ghana beans are fermented between palm leaves on the forest floor and dried in the warm African sun prior to being crafted into chocolate bars. Shade-grown, fairly traded, manufactured entirely in Ghana and most importantly, delicious, we hope you enjoy our chocolate.
USA  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Iceland  (Reykjavik)
Original Beans17
The idea for Original Beans was born when a German conservation entrepreneur, a Dutch fair trade pioneer, and an American organic food marketer met in 2006. The company's vision follows in the footsteps of founder/CEO Philipp Kauffmann's family heritage. His direct forefather, Georg Ludwig Hartig, helped coin the term sustainability ("Nachhaltigkeit" in German) and in 1791 wrote that "any wise forest management must use the forest in such a way that generations thereafter can draw at least as much advantage from it as the presently living generation has." Original Beans' Board of Directors consists of Josh Mailman, Pieter Borkent, Willem van Weede, and Philipp Kauffmann.
Acquired by Nestlé in 1991.
Czech Republic  (Prague)
Peru  (Lima)
Pacari Chocolate is a line of premium organic chocolate, and the first single-origin organic chocolate made in entirely in Ecuador. We carefully select the finest ingredients and work in small batches in order to bring you an unforgettable chocolate experience. All of the ingredients are 100% organic and produced according to fair and equitable standards. Each of our single-region, raw and specialty chocolate products is crafted to maintain the complex flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. We partner directly with small-scale cacao growers to preserve their traditional way of farming, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador. We undertake a number or sustainability programs for the benefit of the cacao-growing communities with which we work. By choosing Pacari Chocolate, you are contributing to these efforts. (co-founder: Santiago Peralta)
Ecuador  (Quito)
Palette De Bine9
Christine Blais, connected with established craft chocolate producers like Dandelion in San Francisco and learned by watching and asking questions. She made her first batch of hand-made chocolate in the fall of 2013. Palette De Bine was launched in 2014.
Canada  (Mont-Tremblant, Quebec)
Pam & Panorama1
GruppoPam, which opened its first supermarket in 1958 in Padua, Italy, has since then expanded into other formats, primarily concentrating in Central and Northern Italy. Today, this private firm has a total of 847 outlets (146 of them franchised and 224 under master franchises). GruppoPam is the holding company for five store banners, each run separately by different companies. The group encompasses Pam and Superal supermarkets and Panorama hypermarkets (
Italy  (Spinea)
Paris Chocolates, Inc.1
USA  (New York, New York)
Parliament Chocolate6
Parliament Chocolate is a small team of impassioned individuals striving to bring something new and exciting to the chocolate world. The truth is, the art of chocolate making is a truly artisanal process. Our true respect for the amazing cacao bean fuels our process by deciding to only use two ingredients, high quality cacao and organic cane sugar. By creating and nurturing with this simplistic approach we are able to let the true profiles of the cacao beans come through in our chocolate.
USA  (Redlands, California)
Dark chocolate artistry starts with the bean. Pascati is among only a handful of chocolatiers in the world that controls every step of this art of fine chocolate making. Batch after batch of the finest cocoa beans sourced from select plantations are roasted, cracked, winnowed, conched and tempered in a carefully controlled environment. The cocoa butter used in our chocolate is extracted from the beans we process. Only certified organic ingredients of high quality make the grade to help achieve flavours of complexity and finesse.
India  (Palghar, Maharashtra)
Canada  (Toronto, Ontario)
Lebanon  (Sibline)
Patric Chocolate was founded in 2007, owned and operated by Alan McClure. The name of the company is rooted in Alan's middle name, Patrick. Patric chocolate has embarked upon an unceasing analysis of each step of the chocolate-making process in order to create a collection of fine chocolate bars whose individual components are superbly interwoven into flavors both unique and magnificent. As our efforts come to fruition, we are proud to introduce a line of select, micro-batch dark chocolate bars that reflect the results of our commitment: the aroma, taste, and feel that are uniquely Patric.
USA  (Columbia, Missouri)
Paul A. Young4
United Kingdom
Penny Markt1
Germany  (Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Perugina, an Italian confectionery company, was formed in 1907 by Giovanni Buitoni. An Italian tradition of passion and style. Look to Perugina's distinctive Griffin for your guarantee of quality of the finest chocolate and confectionery products since 1907. The Griffin, a medieval symbol of the Italian city of Perugia, represents our commitment to quality and tradition world-wide. Perugina™ is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.
Peter Beier Chokolade A/S2
Denmark  (Helsingør)
Piece, Love & Chocolate2
805 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302
USA  (Boulder, Colorado)
Pierre Marcolini10
Pierre Marcolini is a true boutique chocolatier, a Belgian patissier who expanded into making his own chocolate from raw bean. He opened his first shop in Brussels in 1994; and in order to satisfy the appetite the world has developed for his chocolate, he now has shops in Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow, and most recently, New York City opened in 2005. The New York boutique is now closed, but Marcolini still produces chocolate.
Pitch Dark4
A Portland, Oregon crafter compelled to forge a new yet authentic manner for understanding chocolate. From initial roasting to final packaging, every aspect of production is carefully considered to ensure the ultimate tasting experience for the everyday connoisseur. Combining proven old-world methods with new and innovative technology, we do our best to highlight the character and personality of our handpicked single origin cocoa beans.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Pollinator Chocolate7
Mark Burrows founded Pollinator Chocolate in the mountains of Colorado in 2019.
USA  (Carbondale, Colorado)
Ben Rasmussen, based in Woodbridge, VA, founded Potomac Chocolate in 2010, as the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, DC area.
USA  (Woodbridge, Virginia)
The legacy of Pralus (pronounced prah-LOO) began in 1955 when Auguste Pralus opened up a patisserie in Roanne. His son Franc¸ois took over in 1988 and continues the family business today, with an especially keen focus on single origin chocolate. After studying with the finest pastry chefs including the renowned Jean Jacques Bernachon in Lyon (the first patissier to discover the superiority of single origin Chuao over cacao blends and to use it in his chocolates), François decided to pursue his own passion--producing chocolate from bean to bar.
Primo Botánica3
USA  (Troy, New York)
Prodotti Tipici Iblei1
Italy  (Frigintini, Modica, Sicily)
Paloma Puentes and Marco Bergero together created Puchero, which has grown since 2015 to become a leader in specialty coffee and one of the best roasters in Spain. Three years later they branched out into cacao.
Spain  (Valladolid)
Pump Street Bakery18
Having mastered the art of bread and pastries, we have turned our all-consuming focus on quality to chocolate. Along with only a few other UK producers, we are making small batch, handmade chocolate from beans imported directly to us from family farms and cooperatives around the world. Upon arrival in our bakery, we hand select the beans and then carefully roast, winnow, grind and conch them for up to 5 days before maturing and tempering the chocolate into bars. We tailor the process at each step of the way to coax a unique flavour from our different types of beans.
United Kingdom  (Orford, Suffolk, England)
Pura Delizia6
Italy  (Borgo Priolo)
Qantu, Cocoa and Chocolate is the discovery of the purest cocoa flavors. The founders, Elfi and Maxime, roam the plantations of Latin America in search of native cocoa beans with exceptional aromas. Then, in their workshop, they transform by hand these beans in bars of pure happiness that will surprise your tastebuds.
Canada  (Montreal, Quebec)
Queen's Choice1 
Produced in Germany for Private Brands A/S, DK-4000 Roskilde.
Denmark  (Roskilde)
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé12
Hungary  (Budapest)
Ryan Cheney founded Raaka to explore low-temperature chocolate making and create a more equitable global society in which communities have opportunity to improve their quality of life. After spending a year learning bean-to-bar chocolate making, Ryan teamed up with Nate Hodge to develop a new approach to chocolate making that would become Virgin Chocolate. In 2011, Raaka built its first factory in Clinton Hill with help from their friend Tim Skehan.
USA  (Brooklyn, New York)
Rain Republic1 
Rain Republic is an artisan chocolate company founded in 2007 to showcase Guatemalan Chocolate. Guatemala has a 4,000 year legacy of fine chocolate and is THE origin of chocolate. It all started here. We were the first Guatemalan company to break the neo-colonial cycle by processing and exporting our own bean-to-bar fine chocolate in 2009. Our company is an ongoing social experiment and we are committed to our community and our environment before the bottom line. Save the planet!
Guatemala  (Correo Central Guatemala City)
We produce small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate using ethically-sourced cacao beans. We are currently focussed on three single origin Peruvian beans. Each bean is unique and surprisingly different. We recently travelled to Peru to source our beans directly from farmers. The trip was a humbling journey down the food chain into the Andes where we met the amazing people that make our most loved food possible.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Inspired by my sons, Raphael and Rio, Raphio Chocolate was born from a desire to promote healthy real chocolates to other parents or anyone, for that matter, so their children or loved ones can also enjoy pure dark chocolate. Not candy, just healthy. My mission is to make and sell only what I prefer to feed to my own children. -- Elisia Otavi, chocolate maker
USA  (Fresno, California)
Rapunzel was founded in Germany in 1974 by three friends (Joseph Wilhelm, Hans-Peter Erlinger, and Jennifer Vermeulen) who shared the vision of promoting healthy living and sustainable agriculture by growing, manufacturing, and distributing premium quality, pure organic foods. The name Rapunzel was chosen to remind people of the importance of eating good, wholesome food, just as it was depicted in the fairy tale. In the Brother's Grimm story, the mother of the girl 'Rapunzel' urged her husband to get her some of the delicious salad from the witch's garden.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
REMA 10002
REMA 1000 is a multinational no-frills supermarket chain owned entirely by the Reitan Group (Reitangruppen). REMA is a short for Reitan Mat (Reitan Food), referring to Odd Reitan (founder of the company). 1000 refers to offering a selection of only one thousand different products. Odd Reitan opened the first REMA supermarket in Trondheim, Norway, 15 February 1979.
Denmark  (Horsens)
República Del Cacao12
Germany  (Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Founded in 1993, Ricar/Les Chevaliers BV is one of Holland's leading suppliers of chocolates and pralines; also for seasonal and themed products.
Netherlands  (Nieuw-Vennep)
Richard Donnelly1
USA  (Santa Cruz, California)
Ritter Sport3
Ritual Chocolate23
Ritual Chocolate began in 2010 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, eventually settling in the mountain town of Park City Utah and travelling the world in search of the best cacao. We fell in love with chocolate—not just the eating part, but the history of and the beautiful stories of small chocolatiers around Europe that would live above their chocolate shops and devote their lives to creating and perfecting their craft. There is something about chocolate that grips people and inspires them. We desperately wanted to be a part of this world and share what we discovered. Through our specialized approach to roasting, milling and aging, we are able to preserve the flavors that are unique to our single estate cacao beans. We are involved with the entire chocolate making process, from the bean to the bar, because we want to ensure that our values for the highest achievable quality are present every step of the way, including the traceability of ingredients, sustainable living for the cacao farmers, and inspiring our customers to explore the world of chocolate. --Robbie Stout and Anna Davies
USA  (Denver, Colorado)
USA  (Chantilly, Virginia)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert, a French couple from Reunion Island, started a small artisanal chocolate company in 1940 in Toamasina, on the east coast of Madagascar. The chocolate factory transformed Madagascan cocoa from the vast plains of Brickaville (a sugar town lying 100 km from Tamatave). Around 1948, the family gave the company to a French settler who relocated the factory to Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. Following the Malagasy Uprising and subsequent independence, the French settlers gradually left the Big Island and the nationalization of the economy began. In 1977, Robert Chocalaterie was owned by a French family by the name of Berger, who sold to a Malagasy business group run by the Ramanandraibe family. The Ramandraibe group is currently working closely with the farmers of Brickaville to rebuild local expertise in cocoa production.
Madagascar  (Soanierana)
Robert E's Choklad2
Grundtvigsg. 26 Bromma +46 08 - 650 45 23
Sweden  (Stockholm)
United Kingdom
The first Rogers' Chocolates were made in 1885 by Charles W. (Candy) Rogers in the back of his grocery shop in Victoria. In 1891, Rogers expanded his chocolate operation to the company's current heritage storefront on Government Street in Victoria. Today, Rogers' Chocolates is owned by a small group of shareholders located primarily in B.C. The Victoria-based company now has 10 retail stores, several hundred wholesale outlets, and a 20,000-square-foot factory.
USA  (Three Rivers, Massachusetts)
ROYCE' was founded in Sapporo in 1983. By gradually acquiring better techniques and enriching our experiences, we are dedicated to making real good chocolate of world quality in Hokkaido where the climate and the clean air are suitable for making confectionaries. The fundamental principle of Royce' has been and will always be to painstakingly source for high quality ingredients, and to sell its products at prices that customers can afford for daily consumption.
Japan  (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Sacred Chocolate2
Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with much love, gratitude, and high "phi-bration" in a small custom-designed, certified organic, vegan, kosher, halal, carbon balanced factory in San Rafael, California. We are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate.
USA  (San Rafael, California)
Safeway Select5 
A grocery chain in the United Kingdom.
United Kingdom  (London, England)
Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.6
USA  (Ventura, California)
The Santander cacao is processed at the factory of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, a company established in 1920 and Colombia's chocolate and coffee market leader.
France  (Marseille)
Saratoga Chocolates2
USA  (Saratoga, California)
Saveurs et Nature1
Jean-Michel Mortreau began making small-batch organic chocolates to be made available to the customers of "Resto'bio", one of the first certified organic restaurant in Nantes, France in 2001. Shortly thereafter, Saveurs et Nature was created. The beans come from the Dominican Republic, Peru and West Africa, and all the ingredients in the recipes are from organic agriculture.
France  (Saint Sulpice le Verdon)
Scharffen Berger32
Scharffen Berger was founded in 1996 by champagne maker John Scharffenberger and physician Robert Steinberg.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker sources the world's best cacao beans, roasts and grinds them in small batches on vintage European equipment and creates blends that make the world's finest chocolate. In August 2005, The Hershey Co. acquired Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker Inc.

USA  (Berkeley, California)
Germany  (Gundelscheim)
Germany  (Bergisch Gladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen)
In an industry dominated by multinational conglomerates, Schokinag remains one of only a small handful of privately held, family-owned chocolate companies. For over 80 years, we have been manufacturing some of the world's best chocolate in our factory located in Southern Germany.
Schokoladen Küche2
Germany  (Kappeln, Schleswig-Holstein)
Schwarze Herren Schokolade1
Schwarze Herren Schokolade ("Black Chocolate for Gentlemen") by Stollwerck is one of the company's oldest chocolate products still included in its current range. Stollwerck had the name and recipe for this chocolate patented in 1903. Finest bitter "Schwarze Herren Schokolade" Premium quality chocolate which exudes the unmistakable aroma of fully-matured ARRIBA cocoa beans, with their spicy, subtly bitter fragrance. The chocolate contains at least 60% cocoa.
Germany  (Berlin, Berlin)
Seahorse Chocolate2
USA  (Bend, Oregon)
Seattle Chocolates4
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
Founded by Charles See and his mother Mary See in Los Angeles, California in November 1921. The chocolate in See's candies has been provided by the Guittard Chocolate Company since the 1950s.
USA  (Los Angeles, California)
Seeds Of Change6 
Founded in 1989, Seeds of Change directly contributes 1% of its net sales to advance the cause of sustainable organic agriculture worldwide. It is a division of Mars, Inc.
USA  (Hackettstown, New Jersey)
Seidl Confiserie2
Germany  (Laaber, Bayern)
Shade Tree1 
USA  (Glen Ellen, California)
Shaman Chocolates4
All profits go to support the Huichol Indians. The Huichols are a small tribe of approximately 15,000 living in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains, and are perhaps the last tribe in North America to have retained their pre-Columbian traditions. They have used chocolate in ceremonies since ancient times, leaving offerings of chocolate to show their love for Mother Earth.
Peru  (Lima)
Costa Rica  (Katira de Guatuso, Alajuela)
Founded in 2007 by historian Julio Fernandez Amón and journalist George Soriano, Sibö Chocolate is an artisan chocolate maker in Costa Rica. We work exclusively with Costa Rican Trinitario cacao, a high-quality, fine-flavor bean that represents only about 12% of cacao traded worldwide, and pay an average of 25% above local market prices in exchange for only the highest quality beans and a commitment to sustainable farming practices.
Costa Rica  (San Isidro de Heredia)
Simón Coll1
Founded by Simón Mestres in 1840 in Sant Sarduní d'Anoia, continued by Francesc Coll. Now run by the son, Miquel Coll.
Spain  (Barcelona)
Sirene Artisan Chocolate Makers hand craft small batches of direct trade chocolate in a custom chocolate workshop in Victoria, Canada. Our Bean-To-Bar technique is more art than science. We carefully source our beans from select farms and nurture each beautiful bean to its full chocolaty potential. We bring out the complex range of natural flavours inherent in each bean and transform it into the chocolate of your dreams. The universe is unfolding. Taylor Kennedy, founder of Sirene Chocolate, has been a globetrotter for most of his life. He has worked with The National Geographic Society in photography, writing and photo editing for more than 18 years now. His work brought him to remote countries with rich agricultural heritage where he began to make the connection between food and the growing demand for ethically sourced products. Toronto born, Kennedy received a double major in cell and molecular biology and economics from Tulane University in New Orleans and also studied finance at Cambridge University in England. He has resided in Toronto, Paris, Cambridge, New Orleans, Washington, and now calls Victoria home. With a life-long obsession of wanting to know how things work and why, Kennedy combined his business acumen, interest in sustainability, and love of food and the planet into Sirene Chocolate. As a specialty chocolate maker, Taylor is able to oversee production from the cacao bean to the bars on the shelves and feel good about each of the steps along the way. And secretly, he wanted a way showing his young family the world through chocolate. Currently his wife and two-year old twin daughters serve as official chocolate samplers while they look forward to their first plantation visits.
Canada  (Victoria, British Columbia)
Snake & Butterfly5
Snake & Butterfly refines a premier selection of organic, fair trade cocoa beans in small batches. Since 2007, we have hand-roasted and hand-poured a wide variety of award-winning bars and confections. The Snake & Butterfly team consists of Benjamin Bulik, Celeste Flores, Vincent "Papa Vince" Flores, James Hull and his wife Mara Privitt.
USA  (Campbell, California)
Sol Cacao3
The Maloney brothers (Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel) were born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up they were always surrounded by cacao trees and enjoyed eating chocolate made from the trees they grew and from the pods they picked. They brought their strong passion for chocolate to the United States, where they realized the most popular chocolate products did not have the same distinct taste they grew up on. After traveling back to their roots in Trinidad they realized that they wanted to combine their love for Trinidad & Tobago and New York City, which is reflected in their product: A unique bean to bar chocolate experience. They started Sol Cacao in 2015. Sol Cacao is an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer that crafts single origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx (Port Morris). The company strives to create the finest quality of chocolate by having a thorough understanding and expertise associated with every step in the chocolate manufacturing process from growing the cacao pods to the actual crafting of the chocolate bars.
USA  (New York, New York)
Solomon's Gold1
New Zealand  (Mount Maunganui)
Solstice Chocolate6
USA  (Salt Lake City, Utah)
An architect with a lifelong passion for chocolate, Eric Parkes
USA  (Somerville, Massachusetts)
We work closely with our cacao suppliers who directly source the finest ethically grown and produced cacao beans. Each bean origin has its own unique flavor profile. We roast each origin to ensure its flavor will be developed to its fullest for your enjoyment. After cooling, we carefully crack the beans to remove the shells from the Nibs; the shells are donated to community gardens. The Nibs are poured into the conch where they are ground by granite wheels. The conching process further develops the flavor and produces the luscious mouth feel of our chocolate. We then age the chocolate according to bean origin until ITS time. This process creates the "sheen" and "snap" that is so important when eating a chocolate bar. Each bar is placed in a compostable cello inner wrapper, heat sealed, then placed into our uniquely designed box; please recycle.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
For more than 175 years, Confiserie Sprüngli has been indulging customers throughout the world with its exquisite range of products made from Swiss chocolate. Everything from our pralines, Luxemburgerli and cakes through to our sandwiches and desserts are all lovingly made by hand using the finest ingredients.
Switzerland  (Zürich)
Begun in the San Joaquin Valley of California in 1987, Stafford Chocolates was founded by Larry Stafford of Porterville, CA. Ben Taylor took over the business in 2011 as head chocolatier.
USA  (Porterville, California)
Standout Chocolate5
Fredrik Martinsson founded Standout Chocolate in 2018. An award winning craft chocolate company based in Sweden, all the cacao they source is certified organic, from single estates and they work with several unique origins.
Sweden  (Kållered)
Steelgrass Farm3
Steelgrass Farm, Kaua'i, is owned and operated by siblings Emily and Will Lydgate, the fifth generation of the Hawai'i Lydgate family. The trees in our orchard are the descendants of fine cacao varieties from all over the world, brought to Hawai'i by farsighted naturalists beginning in the 1870's. The farm is located in the hills above Kapa'a, Kaua'i. Their cacao and vanilla are turned into finished bars by Dylan Butterbaugh on the Island of Oahu, Hawai'i.
USA  (Kapa'a, Kauai, Hawaii)
Stone Grindz3
Steven Shipler & Kasey McCaslin began Stone Grindz in Scottsdale, AZ in 2012. We are a small-batch dark chocolate company that works directly with fair-trade cacao farmers from countries all over the world. We only source cacao that is grown sustainably and with premium flavor. Each country we source from has a different essence and we showcase that in many of our bars. In addition, we create unique flavors of chocolate with different ingredients, while using no dairy, soy, or gluten.
USA  (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Strita Supreme Chocolat1 
USA  (Marysville, Washington)
Austria  (Vienna)
Founded by Chef/Restaurateur/Entrepreneur Joel Dondis and pastry Chef Tariq Hanna in 2007, Sucré has quickly become a cherished local landmark in a city with a rich culinary history. Artisan chocolates are made celebrating local flavors such as the Blangé - a white chocolate ganache with banana and rum enrobed in white gourmet chocolate or the Meuniére - brown butter folded into white chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate or the Chicory - New Orleans' favorite coffee folded into a dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate. Hot drinking chocolate features homemade marshmallows flavored with Tahitian vanilla. Visitors to Sucré can stay to enjoy dessert or they can take home their own chocolate gifts.
USA  (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Denmark  (Aalborg)
Sunspire Natural Chocolates is a division of The Hain Celestial Group.
USA  (Boulder, Colorado)
Svenska Kakaobolaget2
Sweden  (Österlen)
Sweet Earth4 
USA  (San Luis Obispo, California)
Sweet Riot2
USA  (New York, New York)
Char and Morgan Coleman teamed up with local entrepreneur and chocolate expert Phil Davis to produce bean-to-bar artisan chocolate. Taste Artisan Chocolate utilizes traditional chocolate making methods and modern technologies to craft chocolate that showcases the extraordinary flavor range of the world's best cacao.
USA  (Provo, Utah)
Taza Chocolate8
Taza Chocolate, founded in 2006 by Larry Slotnick and Alex Whitmore, is unique among U.S. micro-producers. Instead of focusing on refined bars, Taza leaves its cacao in a more unadulterated form. The company makes rustic-style chocolate, as it was made from the creation of the first chocolate bar in 1847 (by the Fry Brothers in Bristol, England) until the invention of the conche in 1879. "Rustic style" means a certain amount of gritty texture, not from external sources but because the early processing was not sophisticated enough to break down all of the particles in the chocolate.
USA  (Somerville, Massachusetts)
TCHO (pronounced "cho") gives California its second bean-to-bar company after Scharffen Berger, which arguably is responsible for initiating this small-scale bean-to-bar trend in America. TCHO was started by Timothy Childs, a space shuttle technologist, and Louis Rossetto, co-founder of Wired Magazine (the "T" stands for technology, the CHO for chocolate). Where TCHO also differs is in its marketing and product development strategy. Rather than hire a focus group to tweak a chocolate's flavor to perfection, or use their own palates, as the other microbatch producers do, TCHO conducts public "beta testing," a product development process that allows the purchasers to give feedback that the company uses to refine the product.
USA  (San Francisco, California)
Scott & Michelle Moore founded Tejas Chocolate in 2011, the first and presently only "bean to bar" chocolate maker in Texas.
USA  (Houston, Texas)
Terra Nostra1
Karlo Flores, a Vancouver, British Columbia producer of organic chocolates, founded Terra Nostra Organic in 1998. Karlo is the youngest of a line of chocolate makers that spans five generations and two countries, Mexico and Canada. After the birth of Karlo's son, Marko and daughter, Natasha, he realized he wanted to make the world a better place by offering ethically grown, international organic chocolate. Mix the history & expertise with conscientiousness and you've got Terra Nostra Organic.
Terroir Chocolate4
While honeymooning in California in April, Josh and Kristin Mohagen toured a chocolate factory in San Francisco. After returning home, the Mohagens began planning to start their own chocolate business. Shortly thereafter, Terroir Chocolate was born. Kristin graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2005, where she focused on pastries. Starting her own business was something she had been dreaming of for a long time. Josh took some business classes in college and is starting his own financial planning business soon, so it seemed a perfect fit for the two to go into business together, with Kristin coming up with the ideas and creating the chocolate and Josh in charge of many of the business decisions. Currently a kitchen business, they hope to expand soon.
USA  (Fergus Falls, Minnesota)
Produced in France for Tesco Stores.
United Kingdom  (Welwyn Garden City, England)
The Art of Chocolate: Cacao Santa Fe7
Welcome to the Art of Chocolate/Cacao Santa Fe! We are New Mexico's first and Santa Fe's only authentic NM Certified True Bean to Bar chocolate maker. We source beans direct from small farms and cooperatives making chocolate that goes into our bars drinking elixirs baked goods and truffles. Learn more about Craft Chocolate in one of our fun and educational workshops held each week or come tour our factory. Full espresso bar and retail shopping on site. Derek Lanter, Melanie Boudar and Mark J. Sciscenti
USA  (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
The Chocolate Conspiracy4
USA  (Salt Lake City, Utah)
The Chocolate Traveler1
USA  (North Hollywood, California)
The Meadow1
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
The Oakland Chocolate Company1
3228 Helen Street, Oakland, CA 94608, 510 545-CHOC (2462)
USA  (Oakland, California)
The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory2
USA  (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory1
USA  (San Francisco, California)
The Smooth Chocolator3
Australia  (Lara, Victoria)
The Tea Room3
USA  (American Canyon, California)
Theo Chocolate27
As true chocolate makers we carefully steward the cacao (cocoa beans) through the process of roasting, milling, blending and conching in order to coax out the distinctive flavor imparted by each unique growing region. Similarly, we've carefully selected European certified organic sugar grown in Sweden to balance the flavors of the cacao. Come and visit our chocolate factory, learn how we make chocolate and experience our passion firsthand - Theo is located in a beautiful historic building in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We can't wait to meet you!
USA  (Seattle, Washington)
Thompson Organic1 
Thompson Organics is a division of Thompson Brands.
USA  (Meriden, Connecticut)
United Kingdom  (Colchester, Essex, England)
Tiny House2
Tiny House Chocolate was created to fulfill our deepest desire to create things and share them with our community. We craft our chocolate from the beans to the bar in small batches, using only two ingredients: cocoa beans and just enough organic sugar, to enhance the unique flavors of each cacao type and its different origins.
USA  (Santa Cruz, California)
Spain  (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
USA  (Walworth, New York)
In 1924, the pharmacists Hans Trojel and V. H. Meyer establish Toms Chocolate factory. The company functions as a wholesaler selling other factories' products. In 1938 Toms starts its production of the Gold-Bar. In 1950 Toms is awarded the predicate 'by Appointment to the Royal Danish Court'. Between 1954-56 Toms in Sweden is established with its own warehouse and sales unit. Victor B. Strand expands the business and acquires Anthon Berg in 1954, Helvetia in 1954, Reichardt in 1955 and Østrup-Jeppesen in 1955. In 1971 Toms Group acquires Galle & Jessen, Denmark's oldest chocolate factory. In 2012 Toms Group acquires German Hanseatische Chocolade thereby taking over the two brands Hachez and Feodora.
Denmark  (Ballerup)
Tony's Choco Lonely2
Almost 11 years ago the Dutch investigative reporter Teun (Tony) van de Keuken launched an investigation about the use of slavery within the cocoa industry on his consumer report show Keuringsdienst van Waarde. He was literally shocked to discover that most of the chocolate on supermarket shelves was harvested by slaves
Netherlands  (Amsterdam)
Founded in 1890, Chocolates Torras was the first chocolate maker in Spain to commercialize a range of "sugar free" cocoa derivatives.
Spain  (Girona)
United Kingdom  (Thornham, North Norfolk, England)
Trader Joe's28
The origins of Chocolates Trapa date back to December of 1891, when a group of monks settled in the Trappist Monastery in Palencia and inaugurated the first chocolate factory. In 1960 the Cistercian monks sold the factory, along with all their old manufacturing formulas. In 1964 the company Chocolates Trapa was incorporated. Adapting to the changing markets, the chocolate factory started manufacturing bonbons in 1969. Today the company produces bonbons, bars and drinking chocolate.
Spain  (Palencia)
Treehouse Chocolate Co.1
Curiosity has driven Aaron Koch to do some wild things.... It made him leave his Singapore homeland and venture to the frigid waters of the Oregon coast. It led him to sail a boat through pirate territory in the Celebes Sea. A boat that later got struck by lightning. But the greatest thing curiosity guided him to do was work on the cacao farms of Hawaii. There, Aaron dug his hands into the dirt and discovered a lifelong passion. In the tiny treehouse he called home, an idea formed: a chocolate company that does justice to the craft and spirit of cacao farming. That uses only premium organic cacao, sustainably sourced direct from the farmers. Treehouse foregoes unhealthy substitutes in favor of simple, natural deliciousness.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Triangle Roasters2
Triangle Roasters began in 2018, the passion project of two couples sharing a friendship and a business. Joy and Joe Zernhelt and Jeana and Mikey Master have combined a passion for making a difference and roasting coffee and cacao.
USA  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Twenty-Four Blackbirds12
USA  (Santa Barbara, California)
Ecuador  (Quito)
Valley Isle Chocolate1
Valley Isle Chocolate is a family business that we started in our home kitchen. After long years of friendship and living and working apart, we all followed a dream of living on Maui to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and work with plants and food. We began experimenting with small batches of chocolate made simply by hard work and fine ingredients. We are currently sourcing new and exciting cacao origins and planting an orchard in Hana. We hope you love Valley Isle Chocolate as much as we do. Mahalo Nui Loa!
USA  (Hāna, Hawaii)
Valrhona was founded in 1924 by a French pastry chef. It is based in the small town of Tain L'Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine-growing district near Lyon, France. Valrhona is one of the few companies in the world that produces vintage chocolate made from beans of a single year's harvest from a specific plantation.
Vao Vao3 
Established in 1878 by Italian artisan chocolatier Silvano Venchi in Turin.
USA  (New York, New York)
USA  (Glenview, Illinois)
USA  (Raleigh, North Carolina)
André Stengel became vice president of the French Chocolatiers and Confectioners Confederation and Professional Chocolatiers and Confectioners Union of Alsace. In 2003, he traveled to Vietnam and met with the head of the Vietnam Cocoa Development Committee. In 2008, Vietcacao was founded along with Chocolaterie A. Morin, artisan-chocolatier for 4 generations since 1884 in Donzère.
France  (Wolfisheim)
USA  (Hackensack, New Jersey)
Taste the Swiss Alps! Villars Maître Chocolatier presents exquisite chocolate born of century-old tradition, faithfully produced with the finest authentic ingredients. Select cocoa beans slowly roasted and kneaded in traditional style. Incomparable flavour!
Vintage Plantations12
Plantations is a project coordinated by the combined efforts of Vintage Chocolates and the Rain Forest Alliance. Founded in 1993 by Pierrick Chouard, Vintage Chocolates started with a goal to protect heirloom cacao varietals, encourage rain forest preservation, and guarantee equitable wages to cacao farmers. The Rainforest Alliance is a conservation organization that strives to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them.
USA  (Newark, New Jersey)
Originally founded as a premium chocolate mail order company in 1984 by Bob and Paige Leavitt, Vivra Chocolate today is the culmination of Bob's childhood in Paris visiting patisseries, Paige's traveling the world along the way, and various other careers, primarily in fashion. The original expedition in mail order chocolate was re-founded in 2010 as Vivra Chocolate, bringing 30 years of chocolate experience, fashion sense and French heritage to a new vision for chocolate, featuring smooth and refined chocolate matched with adventurous and fun flavors. For our Single Origin Bean to Bar we carefully source the finest beans from outstanding growing regions around the world, then hand select the beans and roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, and then conch the chocolate in our Chocolate Studio until it meets our criterion for smooth and refined chocolate. Once the chocolate is smooth and flavorful, we temper the chocolate and then cast into bars. Our goal is to create smooth and enjoyable chocolate while retaining the best flavors representative of each bean growing region. We believe no chocolate meant to be enjoyed should be astringent, dry or grainy which means some sources never become chocolate bars.
USA  (Boston, Massachusetts)
Since 1897. A selection of the finest cocoas and a century of chocolatier tradition.
USA  (Windsor, California)
Owner/Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into our Chicago kitchen. Markoff utilizes the original methods of French confectionery artistry which she learned during her training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Having graduated with the Grand Diplôme from Le Cordon Bleu and having worked extensively in France, Spain, Italy, Southeast Asia and Australia her collections of haut-chocolats have great, worldly inspirations.
USA  (Chicago, Illinois)
Wailua Estates (Dole)5
For over a century, until its closure in 1996, the Waialua Sugar Company in the town of Waialua, on the North Shore of Oahu, was home to one of the largest sugarcane plantations in the state of Hawaii. The North Shore is also the original location of Dole Food Company's pineapple growing and processing operation established by James Dole in 1901. Several generations and many thousands of immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Portugal, and the Philippines came to work and live in the plantation towns and camps, raising their children and making Hawaii their home. With increasing globalization of agriculture, an economic need to diversify arose and culminated in the mid 1990s. With the closure of the sugarcane plantation in 1996 and in response to a growing consumer demand for distinctive, high quality Hawaiian grown products, Dole initiated a program of diversified agriculture to assist displaced workers while expanding the local market with new products. Crops were selected and planted to take advantage of new, emerging markets and products included papaya, mango, tropical flowers, and specialty crops such as coffee and cacao. Mr. David Murdock, Chairman of Dole Food Company, was especially interested in the healthful antioxidant benefits of coffee and cacao. Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao is dedicated to this vision of healthy, nutritious food products and the continued practice of diversified agriculture on the North Shore of Oahu.
USA  (Wahiawa, Hawaii)
Waitrose 16
United Kingdom  (Bracknell Berkshire, England)
Switzerland  (Neuenegg)
White Label12
USA  (Santa Cruz, California)
Whole Foods Market1
USA  (Austin, Texas)
Wild Sweets1
Canada  (Richmond, British Columbia)
Willie's Cacao14
United Kingdom
Wm Chocolate3
931 E. Main St., #17
Madison, WI 53703
USA  (Madison, Wisconsin)
Woodblock Chocolate15
Founded in 2011 by Jessica and Charley Wheelock.
USA  (Portland, Oregon)
Dominican Republic  (Santo Domingo)
USA  (Atlanta, Georgia)
USA  (Sugar Land, Texas)
Swiss-made chocolate manufactured by the Chocolat Frey company, which also sells Swiss Delice. Xocriolata is branded specifically for PLUS supermarkets.
Switzerland  (Zurich)
USA  (Henderson, Nevada)
Zak's Chocolate4
Zak's Chocolate is a family-owned small-batch craft chocolate maker and an artisan chocolatier. At Zak's we roast ethically sourced cocoa beans and make our own single-origin and House Blend chocolate to use in bars, truffles, brownies and other yummy confections. Everything is done by hand, from sorting cocoa beans to wrapping our bars to hand crafting our truffles. Our single-origin dark chocolates contain only cocoa beans (most of which are organically certified), organic cane sugar and a small amount of cocoa butter (which we press in-house from the same beans used in each origin bar).
USA  (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Switzerland  (Geneva)
Michelle Morgan fell in love with cacao trees and pods on a trip to Costa Rica and dedicated herself to making chocolate from scratch, reflective of its origin. Zokoko chocolate has a depth of flavour that is both rich & intense but incredibly satisfying. We source the finest cacao beans from around the world and use traditional artisan methods to make our chocolate unique.
Australia  (Emu Heights, New South Wales)
The inventor Josef Zotter has constantly invested in his products. He has been involved in fair trade since 2004, in 2005 his company converted to organic and in 2006 he opened his own Chocolate Factory. Since the opening of the Chocolate Factory Josef Zotter has ranked among the few quality chocolate makers around the world whose chocolate production processes are located under the same roof: From the roasting of the cocoa beans via the rolling up to the finishing touches in the conching plant everything is carried out with a high degree of sensitivity. In this way Zotter clearly positions himself against standardized mass production and the concentration of the chocolate market. In his Chocolate Factory there is no run-of-the-mill processing.
Austria  (Riegersburg)
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