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 CSDS Sequence Databases 

 Singing Call Breaks, ordered by level and call. 
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Square dance singing calls are typically composed as follows:

  1. Intro (if any)
  2. Opener
  3. Sequence 1
  4. Sequence 2
  5. Middle Break
  6. Sequence 3
  7. Sequence 4
  8. Closer
  9. Tag (if any)

A Singing Call Break may be used as the opener, middle break, or closer. The break usually takes 64 beats.
Level:   Beginner   Basic   Mainstream   Plus   25 sequences
   4 sequences  (Singing break (Opener-Middle-Closer))
Easy (4)  

   7 sequences  (Singing break (Opener-Middle-Closer))
Easy (1)  Medium (6)  

(anyone) Cross Run
(anyone) Run (1)
Alamo Style
All Around The Corner
Around (n) To A Line (1)
Bend The Line
Box Circulate
Box The Gnat (1)
California Twirl
Chain Down The Line
Circle (Left|Right) (4)
Circle To A Line
Couples Circulate
Couples Trade
Courtesy Turn
Dive Thru
Do Paso (1)
Double Pass Thru
Extend (from a 1/4 Tag)
Face (Right|Left)
Ferris Wheel
First Right, Next Left
Flutter Wheel
Grand Square
Half Sashay
Ladies Chain (fract) (4)
Ladies In, Men Sashay (1)
Lead (Right|Left)
Left Swing Thru (1)
Move Along (To Lines)
Pass The Ocean
Pass Thru
Promenade (fract) (2)
Reverse Flutter Wheel
Right & Left Grand (3)
Right & Left Thru
Roll Back (n) (from Promenade)
Rollaway (With A Half Sashay) (3)
See Saw
Shoot The Star
Single File Promenade
Slip The Clutch (1)
Split Circulate
Split The (Outside Couple) (1)
Square Thru (n) (1)
Star (Right|Left) (1)
Star Promenade
Star Thru
Step Thru
Step To A Wave
Sweep (fract)
Swing (Your Partner|Corner) (7)
Swing Thru
Those Who Can CONCEPT
Touch (fract)
Touch 1/4
Trade By
U-Turn Back
Veer (Right|Left)
Weave The Ring (3)
Wheel & Deal
Wheel Around
Wrong Way
Wrong Way Grand
Wrong Way Promenade (fract)
   4 sequences  (Singing break (Opener-Middle-Closer))
Easy (1)  Medium (3)  

(anyone) Cross Fold
(anyone) Fold (1)
(anyone) Walk (others) Dodge
(anything) & 1/4 More
(anything) On (n-th hand) CONCEPT
1/2 Tag (The Line)
Cast (Right|Left) (fract)
Cast Off (fract)
Centers In
Centers Out
Couples Hinge
Dixie Style (To An Ocean Wave)
Do Your Part CONCEPT
Eight Chain (Thru|n)
Face (dir)
Pass To The Center
Recycle (from a Wave)
Scoot Back (1)
Single Hinge
Slide Thru
Spin Chain Thru (1)
Spin The Top
Tag The Line (full) (dir)
Turn Thru (1)
Walk & Dodge
   10 sequences  (Singing break (Opener-Middle-Closer))
Easy (1)  Medium (8)  Hard (1)  

(Chase (R|L)) But
3/4 Tag (The Line)
Acey Deucey
All 8 Spin The Top (4)
Chase (Right|Left)
Cross Fire
Cut The Diamond
Diamond Circulate
Dixie Grand (2)
Do The Centers Part CONCEPT (Central)
Do The Ends Part CONCEPT (Peripheral)
Explode (from a Wave)
Explode The Wave
Extend (from non 1/4 Tag)
Fan The Top
Flip The Diamond
Follow Your Neighbor
Grand Swing Thru
Linear Cycle
Load The Boat
Peel Off (1)
Peel The Top
Ping Pong Circulate
Relay The Deucey
Roll (1)
Single Circle To A Wave
Slide (Right|Left) To A Line
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears
Spin Chain The Gears
Spread (3)
Teacup Chain (5)
Track 2
Trade The Wave

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