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Jack Borgström
 Square Dance Caller
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Jack Borgström

Jack started calling in 1983 for Örebro SD in his hometown Örebro, Sweden where he learned to dance in 1980. Here he called MS clubnights and classes for a couple of years. Then he moved to Stockholm where he started to call for Grödinge SD. In 1987 he met his wife Camilla and they now have two wonderful girls Isabel and Elin. Jack is now calling thru C2, has been having a C1 dance for Coordin8's in Stockholm for 7 years, and is currently running a C2 class. Jack enjoys the basics and mainstream as well as the higher levels. He has been one of the staff callers at Böda Baden, a squaredancing resort in Sweden, since they started back in 1984. He is also proud to be a staff caller at Sting Records.

Jack has been traveling around the world a couple of times thanks to Squaredancing and enjoyed calling in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria.

Highlights throughout the years:

Swedish National Conventions
The Easter Festivals in Örebro, what a dance!!
Ericsson Jamboree, Stockholm, the dream come true!
BÖDABADEN, the best place on Earth for Squaredancing and recreation my second home, THANKS Inger and Gösta!!
International Squaredance Festival in Perth, Australia
Weekends in Auckland, New Zealand, the best of friends!!
US National Convention Anaheim, California
European Convention the first one! In Germany PADER RODEO / Paderborn, Germany
The famous DO SKI DO/Austria, Skiweek and dancing, wonderful!!
National Conventions in Denmark
Weekends in OSLO, Fjordfrolickers and Stavanger, all those wonderful friends!
One of the first callers to call in Finland
And then all these clubnights and specials throughout Sweden and other parts of the world.

Squaredancing is a wonderful activity and Jack believes that he would not be where he is today without it. He is a member of Callerlab and the President of SACT the Swedish Association of Callers and Teachers. Jack is now running his own company and is a consultant working with management training.

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