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Wheel And {anything} [C1]
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Wheel And anything -- [C1]
   (Herb Lamster)

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From applicable formations with one or more Out-Facing Couples not directly looking at any other dancers. EN: 10
Aus passenden Formationen mit einem oder mehreren Out-Facing Couples, welche keine anderen Tänzer direkt anschauen. DE: 10

Wheel And anything:
Out-Facing Couples (Step Ahead if necessary, and) Promenade 1/4 on the outside (As Couples 1/4 Left; Counter Rotate 1/4, As Couples 1/4 In). The Others (move in to the center if necessary, and) do the anything call. EN: 20
Out-Facing Couples tanzen (Step Ahead, falls erforderlich, und) Promenade 1/4 auf der Außenseite (As Couples 1/4 Left, Counter Rotate 1/4, As Couples 1/4 In). Die Anderen (gehen, falls erforderlich, in die Mitte und) tanzen den anything Call. DE: 20

Reverse Wheel And anything:
Out-Facing Couples Reverse Promenade 1/4; the Others (move in and) do the anything call. EN: 30
Out-Facing Couples tanzen Reverse Promenade 1/4; die Anderen (gehen in die Mitte und) tanzen den anything Call. DE: 30

Wheel And Touch 1/4
Out-Facing Couples
Promenade 1/4
New Centers Touch 1/4

Wheel And Chase Right

Reverse Wheel And
Explode The Wave


  • Wheel And anything:
    Promenade direction is Counter Clockwise. Left shoulders are always toward the Center of the Set on a Promenade. EN: 40
    Die Richtung für das Promenade ist gegen den Uhrzeigersinn. Die linke Schulter zeigt bei einem Promenade immer zur Mitte des Sets. DE: 40
  • Wheel And anything
    Out-Facing Couple go Left EN: 50
    Das Out-Facing Couple geht nach links DE: 50
    Reverse Wheel And anything
    Out-Facing Couple go Right (hint: both Reverse and Right start with 'R'.) EN: 60
    Das Out-Facing Couple geht nach rechts. (Tip: Sowohl Reverse als auch Rechts beginnen beide mit einem 'R'). DE: 60
  • The CALLERLAB definition states that the Out-Facing Couples must be Outsides. This is interesting to note since the CALLERLAB definitions of Clover And anything [A1] and Cross Clover And anything [A1] don't have this restriction. EN: 70
    Nach der CALLERLAB Definition müssen die Out-Facing Couples Outsides sein. Dies ist interessant festzustellen, da die CALLERLAB Definitionen von Clover And anything [A1] und Cross Clover And anything [A1] diese Einschränkung nicht haben. DE: 70

CALLERLAB definition for Wheel and (Anything)
CALLERLAB definition for Reverse Wheel and (Anything)

Choreography for Wheel And anything

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