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Trade Circulate [A2]
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Trade Circulate -- [A2]
   (Holman Hudspeth)

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From Parallel Waves, Two-Faced Lines, or other applicable formations.

Leaders Trade as Trailers diagonal Pass Thru.

Parallel Waves end in opposite-handed Parallel Waves;

Parallel Two-Faced Lines end in opposite-handed Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

L-H Waves から:

Trade Circulate

R-H Two-Faced Lines から:

Trade Circulate


  • Only the original Leaders can Roll.
  • Pass Right-shoulders with any dancers you meet. This is especially important if the call is 1/2 Trade Circulate.
  • From Parallel Waves:
    • Trade Circulate is identical to Crossover Circulate.
    • The Leaders' part is identical to Trade The Wave.
    • Point at the dancer to whose spot you are going, or make eye-contact with that dancer. That dancer should also point or look at you. Such teamwork increases the success rate of this call.
  • From Parallel Two-Faced Lines:
    • Trailers should point at each other since dancers often try to do a Crossover Circulate instead.
    • Dancers often say "Ding-Ding" as the Trailers move past each other ("Ding-Ding" is the sound made by two streetcars ringing their bells as they pass).

Trade Circulate can also be done from other formations:

Asymmetric Inverted Lines から:

Trade Circulate

Two-Faced Lines of 3 から:

Trade Circulate

T-Bone Couples から:

Trade Circulate

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