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Stretch Concept [C1]
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Stretch Concept -- [C1]
   (Jim Davis)

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From applicable 8-dancer formations. EN: 10
Fra anvendelige 8-danser formationer. DK: 10

Do the given 4-dancer call with the resulting Centers ending in the far Center positions. The given call must be a call that can be done with four dancers. EN: 15
Udfør det givne 4-danser kald: De 4 dansere der ender som Center dansere skal ende i den fjerne Center position ved at bevæge sig langs den lange akse af formationen. DK: 15

To get to the proper ending position, it is always possible to do the call in each group of 4, and then those who end as the centermost 4 dancers do a 'Substitute' with each other, moving away from the dancers with whom they have done the call. To dance this smoothly, the substitution is accomplished at some time during the call. This optimal time (usually toward call completion) varies and is dependent upon the call. EN: 20
For at nå til den rigtige slutposition, vil det altid være muligt at udføre kaldet i hver gruppe af 4, efterfulgt af at de 4 Center dansere laver en 'substitute' med hinanden hvor de bevæger sig væk fra de dansere de udførte kaldet med. For at få glidende dans kan denne 'substitute' gennemføres på et eller andet tidspunkt af kaldet. Det optimale tidspunkt varierer afhængig af kaldet. DK: 20


  • The resulting Centers move along the long axis of the resulting formation, crossing the flagpole center of the 8-dancer formation. EN: 30
    De der ender som Centers i det oprindelige kald bevæger sig langs den lange akse af formationen og krydser flagpole center af 8-danser formationen. DK: 30
  • From Parallel Two-Faced Lines, Ferris Wheel is identical to Stretch Wheel & DealEN: 40
    Fra Parallelle Two-Faced Lines er Ferris Wheel identisk med Stretch Wheel & DealDK: 40
  • At C1, the Stretch CONCEPT is primarily limited to calls that start from Parallel Lines. EN: 50
    På C1, Stretch CONCEPT kan dette kun udføres fra Parallelle Lines. DK: 50

Stretch Recycle (

from Parallel R-H Waves EN: 60
fra Parallelle Right Hand Waves DK: 60
Stretch Recycle

Out-Facing Ends and adjacent dancers normal Recycle as others do a 'long' Recycle
(like a Ferris Wheel) to end in the far Center. EN: 70
Out-Facing Ends og deres partner laver normal Recycle mens de andre laver en 'lang' Recycle
(som i Ferris Wheel) og ender i det fjerne Center. DK: 70

Stretch Recycle (

from L-H Tidal Wave EN: 80
fra Left Hand Tidal Wave DK: 80
Stretch Recycle

Recycle; Centers Half Sashay. This usage is not common at C1. EN: 90
Recycle; Centers Half Sashay. Ikke normal på C1. DK: 90

Stretch Explode The Wave (

from Parallel R-H Waves EN: 100
fra Parallelle Right Hand Waves DK: 100
Stretch Explode The Wave

Leaders Explode The Wave as Trailers Extend (to a Center Wave) and Explode The Wave. EN: 110
Leaders Explode The Wave mens Trailers Extend (to a Center Wave) og Explode The Wave. DK: 110

Stretch Explode The Wave (

from R-H Tidal Wave EN: 120
fra Right Hand Tidal Wave DK: 120
Stretch Explode The Wave

Explode The Wave; Centers Pass Thru.

Stretch Chase Right (

from Trade By EN: 130
fra Trade By DK: 130
Stretch Chase Right

Chase Right, but original Ends go to the far Center. EN: 140
Chase Right, men originale Ends ender på den fjerne Center position. DK: 140

The following is a list of calls typically done Stretch at C1: EN: 150
De følgende Kald bliver typisk udført Stretch på C1: DK: 150

From Parallel Lines | Waves EN: 160
Fra Parallelle Lines | Waves DK: 160
1/2 Tag Cycle & Wheel Shakedown
2/3 Recycle Explode The Wave Turn & Deal (R-H Two-Faced Lines)
Ah So Recycle Wheel & Deal (Two-Faced Lines)
From Eight Chain Thru EN: 170
Fra Eight Chain Thru DK: 170
Flutter Wheel Reverse Flutter Wheel
From Trade By EN: 180
Fra Trade By DK: 180
Chase Right | Left

Stretch Cross Fire (

from As Couples R-H Wave EN: 190
fra As Couples Right Hand Wave DK: 190
Stretch Cross Fire

Cross Fire & Slither.

Stretch Linear Cycle (

from R-H Tidal Wave EN: 200
fra Right Hand Tidal Wave DK: 200
Stretch Linear Cycle

Hinge; Leaders Fold; Double Pass Thru; Centers Double Pass Thru; all Right Peel Off. EN: 210
Hinge; Leaders Fold; Double Pass Thru; Centers Double Pass Thru; alle Right Peel Off. DK: 210

Stretch Cut The Diamond (

from R-H Point-to-Point Diamonds EN: 220
fra Right Hand Point-to-Point Diamonds DK: 220
Stretch Cut The Diamond

Cut The Diamond; As Couples Slither.

Single Stretch CONCEPT [C4]:
From 4-dancer formations. Do the given 2-dancer call with the resulting Centers (of the 4-dancer formation) ending in the far center. EN: 630

Single Stretch Touch 1/4

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