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Slant {anything} (By {anything}) [C3A]
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Slant anything (By anything) -- [C3A]
   (Glenn Zeno 1979)
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From Parallel Two-Faced Lines and other applicable formations. EN: 10
平行な Two-Faced Lines や他の適切な formation から. JP: 10

Trailers Dodge inward to form Facing Couples and take the first anything call (working in the center) as Leaders do their part of the second anything call. EN: 20
Trailers は中の方へ Dodge をして向かい合ったカップルとなり, 始めの anything のコールをし (center で動きます), Leaders は 2 番目の anything のコールの自分のパートをします. JP: 20


  • If the second anything call is 'Wheel' do a Wheel & Deal. EN: 30
    もし 2 番目の anything のコールが 'Wheel' のときは, Wheel & Deal をします. JP: 30
  • In general, Slant means to adjust by Dodging inward to form Facing dancers and then do the anything call (e.g., from Parallelogram Facing Lines: Slant Relay The Shadow). EN: 40
    一般的に, Slant は中の方へ Dodge をすることで向かい合ったダンサーに adjust し, そして anything のコールをします.(例えば, Parallelogram Facing Lines から: Slant Relay The Shadow). JP: 40

Slant Fan The Top By Shakedown:

Slant Fan The Top

Slant Grand Swing Thru:

Slant Grand Swing Thru
adjusting to face EN: 50
向かい合うように adjust JP: 50

 Grand Swing Thru

3 By 1 Slant Touch 1/4 By 1/2 Circulate:

3 By 1 Slant Touch 1/4
1/2 Circulate

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