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Rotary Circulate [C4]
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Rotary Circulate -- [C4]
   (Willard Orlich)
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From Parallel Waves.

Leaders 1/2 Split Circulate, Circulate twice, and do the last half of a Split Circulate as Trailers Extend, Hinge, Box Circulate twice, Hinge, and Extend.

Ends in Parallel Waves.

Rotary Circulate

Dancing Hint: The Trailers part is often danced as Extend, Hinge, Box Counter Rotate 1/2 (holding on to the same person!), Hinge, and Extend.


  • Rotary Circulate is a palindrome (a call whose parts occur in the same order if read either forward or backward).
  • Be careful: a Rotary Motivate or Percolate, Perk Up, Couple Up, etc.) refers to a Rotary Circulate (then Finish the given call), not a Rotary Spin variation (Rotary anything). Some callers, in an attempt to be unambiguous, will say Rotary Circulaters Motivate.

Variations: The caller can designate either the Ends or the Centers to Circulate a different number of positions (i.e., Rotary Circulate But Centers Circulate 3 spots).

Cheat: Follow Thru; Circulate twice; Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag.

Contour The Line [C4]: From a Generalized Line. Hinge; Box Circulate twice; Hinge. Ends in a Wave or Inverted Line. This is a 4-part call.

Contour The Line
Box Circulate twice

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