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Revert (The) {any Tagging call} [C4]
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Revert (The) any Tagging call -- [C4]
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From various formations.

Do the any Tagging call (or any variation of a Tagging call) to the 1/2 Tag position; Arm Turn 3/4; and complete the any Tagging call.

The any Tagging call is a call such as Double Pass Thru, Chase The Tag, Flip The Line, Invert The Column, Tag Your Neighbor, Tag The Top, Track n, etc...

Revert Tag The Line
1/2 Tag
Arm Turn 3/4
Complete The Tag

Revert Flip Back
1/2 Flip The Line
Arm Turn 3/4
Scoot Back


  • Revert The fraction Tag means Revert fraction Tag The Line.
  • Revert is similar to Reflected [C3B], except that you do an Arm Turn 3/4 instead of a Tandem Arm Turn 1/4.
  • If the given call involves both Reflected and Revert, do the given modifier in the order in which you hear it.

    Revert The Reflected 1/2 Tag:
    From Parallel Lines. 1/2 Tag; Cast Off 3/4; Split Counter Rotate 1/4.

    Reflected Revert The Flip Back:
    From a Tidal Wave. 1/2 Flip The Line; Split Counter Rotate 1/4; Cast Off 3/4; Scoot Back. (Are you dizzy yet?)
  • We believe the call Revert The 1/2 Cross Invert The Column is illegal since Revert implies an Arm Turn 3/4 not a 'Push' Cast Off 3/4.

See also Tagging Calls.

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