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Relay The Top [C1]
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Relay The Top -- [C1]
   (Holman Hudspeth 1969)

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Fra Parallelle Waves, Eight Chain Thru eller andre anvendelige formationer.

Alle laver Arm Turn 1/2 og derefter laver Centers Arm Turn 3/4 mens Ends laver 1/2 Circulate (gør deres del af Hourglass Circulate) og danner en Star mellem 2 Mini-Waves. Center Star drejer 1/4 mens de andre laver en Trade. Dem der mødes (Center 4 i 6 hånds Waven) laver Cast Off 3/4 mens de andre move up (laver Phantom Hourglass Circulate.)

Ender i Parallelle Waves.

Relay The Top
Arm Turn 1/2
Centers Cast Off 3/4
mens Ends 1/2 Circulate
Centers Star 1/4
mens Outsides Trade
Centers Cast Off 3/4
mens Others move up

Variationer: But turn the Star Star 1/2, 3/4, eller Don't Turn The Star.

Note: You may wish to think of Relay The Top as start like a Relay The Deucey but finish like a Chain Reaction.

fraction Cast & Relay [C3B]: From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru. Arm Turn the given fraction; Centers Cast Off 3/4 as Ends 1/2 Circulate; Centers turn the Star the given fraction as the others Trade; those who meet Cast Off 3/4 as the others move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate). Ends in Parallel Waves. There is no default fraction for this call. Cast & Relay is a Relay The Top with both the initial Arm Turn and the Star turning the given fraction.

{i - j - k - l} Relay The Top [C4]: From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru. Arm Turn i/4; Centers Arm Turn j/4 as Ends 1/2 Circulate; Center Star (Diamond) Circulate k spots as Others Trade; those who meet Cast Off l/4 as Others move up to the end in Parallel Waves or Facing Twin Diamonds. This is the same as {i-j-k-l} 1/4 The Deucey [C4] except for the Outsides Trade.

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