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Reactivate [C3B]
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Reactivate -- [C3B]
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From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag.

Very Centers and directly-facing Outside dancers Pass Thru as the End of the Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4 around the outside; Center 6 Trade; Very Outsides and the Very Centers Phantom Hourglass Circulate.

Ends in Parallel Lines or Parallelogram Parallel Lines (if dancers come to the same spot).

Very Centers and Facing Dancers Pass Thru
as End of Center Line Counter Rotate 1/4
Center 6 Trade
Very Outsides and Very Centers
move up (Phantom Hourglass Circulate)


  • Those doing the Pass Thru should point at each other before moving.
  • Be careful not to get Reactivate mixed up with Reaction. Some dancers shout 'Toe' when the call is Reactivate ('Reac-TOE-vate') and 'Shun' when the call is Reaction ('Reac-SHUN').

Cross Reactivate [C3B]: From an applicable Generalized 1/4 Tag. Same as Reactivate, except that the Very Centers Diagonal Pass Thru with the diagonally-facing Outside dancers. Ends in Parallel Lines or Parallelogram Parallel Lines.

anything (Cross) Reactivate [C3B]: Do the anything call leaving off the final Extend, then do a full (Cross) Reactivate. The anything call is usually a Scoot Back variation of a Tagging call.

Tag (Back) Reactivate
Tag Back To A Wave To A Wave

See also anything Reaction [C3A].

Choreography for Reactivate

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