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Pass & Roll [A2]
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Pass & Roll -- [A2]
   (Lee Kopman 1972)

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From a Single Eight Chain Thru (or a R-H Mini-Wave Box).

  1. Pass Thru;
  2. Centers Turn Thru as Ends Right-face U-Turn Back;
  3. Pass Thru;
  4. Centers Pass Thru and all Right Roll To A Wave.

Ends in a R-H Mini-Wave Box.

Fra en Single Eight Chain Thru:

Pass & Roll
Pass Thru
Centers Turn Thru
mens Ends Right-face U-Turn Back
Pass Thru
Centers Pass Thru og
all Right Roll To A Wave

Dancing Hint:

  • Everyone does a Right-face U-Turn Back exactly once during the call, but only the original dancers coming into the middle do the Turn Thru.


  • Pass & Roll is a 4-part call.
  • Left Pass & Roll is the mirror image of Pass & Roll.
  • From a 1x4, some callers add the word 'Single' before calling Pass & Roll. They think that since the call is normally done from a 2 x 4 (an Eight Chain Thru formation), 'Single' allows the call to be done from a 1 x 4. This is an incorrect usage of the term Single. The word 'Single' is not required.
  • Some glossaries define Pass & Roll as a Touch; Scoot Back; and Split Circulate. It is not recommended that you memorize this cheat definition for at least two reasons:
    1. Pass & Roll is a 4-part call, whereas the cheat given above is a 3-part call. If the caller fractionalizes the call (for example, 7/8 Pass & Roll ends in a R-H Diamond), you're in trouble.
    2. Callers sometimes use parts-related concepts such as (from Magic Columns) Those Facing Start Pass & Roll, or (from Trade By or R-H 3/4 Tag) Finish A Pass & Roll. If you use the cheat definition, you may not be able to understand or execute these variations.
  • Pass & Roll can also be done from a R-H Mini-Wave Box. In this case, the first Pass Thru is really quick (you may need to "rear-back" to see where you are).

Pass & Roll Your Neighbor [A2]: From a Single Eight Chain Thru (or a R-H Mini-Wave Box). Pass Thru; Centers Turn Thru as Ends Right-face U-Turn Back; Pass Thru; Centers Right Arm Turn 3/4 as Ends individually turn 3/4 to the Right. Ends in a L-H Wave.

Right | Left Roll To A Wave [A1] (Dick Han 1970): From a Generalized Tandem. As one movement, Leaders Right (or Left)-face U-Turn Back, and all Step To A Right (or Left)-Hand Mini-Wave.

Grand Pass & Roll [C4]: From a Grand Single Eight Chain Thru (e.g., from a Tidal Line after 1/4 In), or from other applicable formations. Pass Thru; Center pairs of dancers Turn Thru as Very Outsides U-Turn Back; all Pass Thru; Center pairs of dancers Pass thru and all Right Roll To A Wave. Ends in R-H Columns.

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