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Lockit [A1]
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Lockit -- [A1]
   (Lee Kopman 1971)

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From a Wave, applicable Line of 4, or applicable Diamond.

Centers Arm Turn 1/4 as the Ends move up 1/4 of a Circle around the center point of the 4-dancer formation (i.e., Ends do your part Fan The Top).

Usually ends in the same formation, but rotated 90°.

From a Wave:


From a L-H Two-Faced Line:


From a Diamond:


From a Tidal 3 & 1 Line: (to show ending position when dancers meet at the same spot)



  • The Centers must start in a Mini-Wave. The Centers' part is an Arm Turn 1/4, not a Hinge. It is inappropriate for a caller to call Lockit when both Centers are facing the same direction.
  • Think of Lockit as a 'short' Fan The Top (Centers turn only 1/4 instead of 3/4).
  • From a Two-Faced Line, Lockit is identical to Couples Hinge.
  • From a Tidal Wave, Tidal Two-Faced Line (As Couples Wave), or Point-to-Point Diamonds, Lockit is identical to Split Counter Rotate 1/4.

Hinge The Lock [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1974): From an applicable non T-Bone 2 x 2. Hinge; Lockit. Ends in a Wave.

Lock The Hinge [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1974): From a Wave or a Two-Faced Line. Lockit; Hinge. Ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Locker's Choice [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1981): From Parallel Waves. Lockit; Center Wave Lockit as Others Trade; Center Wave Hinge as Others Step & Fold (Centers Step Ahead as Ends Fold). Ends in opposite-handed Parallel Waves. This is a 3-part call.

Cross Lockit [C3B] (Lee Kopman): From a Wave or a Two-Faced Line. As one movement, Lockit and Spread. Ends in a Wave or Two-Faced Line.

Lock 'Em Up [C3B] (Bill Davis 1982): From applicable Tidal Lines or applicable Parallel Lines. Lockit; Hinge; Centers Hinge as Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4; Centers Lockit as Outsides Roll. This is a 4-part call.

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