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Keep Busy [C3A]
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Keep Busy -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1977)
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From Parallel Two-Faced Lines. EN: 10
平行な Two-Faced Line から. JP: 10

Leaders Couples Circulate With The Flow as Trailers 1/2 Circulate, Very Centers Hinge, Flip The Diamond, Step & FoldEN: 20
Leader は Couples Circulate With The Flow をし, Trailers は 1/2 Circulate, Very Centers Hinge, Flip The Diamond, Step & Fold をします. JP: 20

Ends in Parallel Waves. This is a 4-part call for the Trailers. EN: 30
平行な Wave で終わります.Trailer にとっては 4 パートのコールです. JP: 30

Keep Busy
 Leaders Couples Circulate
as Trailers 1/2 Circulate
& Very Centers Hinge
 Outsides With The Flow
as Centers Flip The Diamond
& Step & Fold

Note: If you are a Leader, make sure the End dancer goes in front! EN: 40
注釈: Leader だったら, End の人が先に行くようにしてください. JP: 40

Mini-Busy [A2] (Ron Schneider 1978):
From Parallel Two-Faced Lines. Leaders Any Shoulder Turn & Deal as Trailers 1/2 Circulate; Very Centers Hinge; Flip The Diamond. Ends in a 1/4 Tag. EN: 273
平行な Two-Faced Lines から.Leaders は Any Shoulder Turn & Deal をし, Trailers は 1/2 Circulate, Very Centers Hinge, Flip The Diamond をします.1/4 Tag で終わります. JP: 273

With The Flow [C1] (Larry Dunn 1984):
From Facing Couples. Dancers closest to the flow direction Walk (Circulate) as the others Dodge. Ends in a Mini-Wave Box. This call must be preceded by a call in which the dancers have some sort of turning flow (i.e., all dancers are moving in a Clockwise or Counter Clockwise direction). Any call that can be followed by Sweep 1/4 can also be done With The FlowEN: 276
向かい合った Couples から.Flow の方に 1 番近い人は Walk (Circulate) をし, 他の人は Dodge をします.Mini-Wave の Box で終わります.このコールの前にはある種の回る flow がなければなりません (すなわち, 全ての人が時計回りか反時計回りの方へ動いていなければなりません).Sweep 1/4 ができるコールの後には With The Flow もできます. JP: 276

Busy anything [C3B] も見てください.

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