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Interlocked Scoot (Back) [C3A]
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Interlocked Scoot (Back) -- [C3A]
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From a 1/4 Line.

Scoot Back with the dancers in your Interlocked Single 1/4 Tag (the dancers occupying the Interlocked Diamond footprints).

Ends in a 3/4 Line.

Interlocked Scoot Back
(Interlocked Follow Thru)

Note: Use the hand that the Centers have closest toward the Center of the set.

There are two traffic patterns in use:

  1. Interlocked Extend; Swing; as one movement, Extend and Very Centers Slither (same as Step Thru; Centers Veer Right or Left).
  2. Interlocked Extend; Swing-Slither; As Couples Extend.

The first traffic pattern is preferred as it is more indicative of the Interlocked CONCEPT. However, most dancers tend to use the second traffic pattern as it is smoother to dance.

Interlocked Extend [NOL]: From a 1/4 Line. Everyone except the Very Centers do a normal Extend the Tag as the Very Centers (as one movement) back-to-back Slither and Extend. Ends in Parallel Waves.

Interlocked Follow Thru [NOL]: From a 1/4 Line. 1/2 Interlocked Scoot Back (Interlocked Extend and Arm Turn 1/4). Ends in Parallel Waves.

Interlocked Scoot Chain Thru [C4]: From a 1/4 Line. Interlocked Extend; Swing; Slip; Swing; as one movement, Extend and Very Centers Slither. Ends in a 3/4 Line.

Interlocked Scoot The Diamond [C3AV]: From a 1/4 Line. Interlocked Scoot Back; Outsides 1/4 to the handhold; all Interlocked Diamond Circulate. Ends in Interlocked Diamonds.

Interlocked Drop direction [C2V]: Aus Interlocked Diamonds. Jeder, ausgenommen die Very Centers, tanzt ein normales Drop direction, während die Very Centers ein Interlocked Extend (in einer Bewegung Back-to-Back Slither & Extend) tanzen.

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