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Interlocked Little [C3A]
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Interlocked Little -- [C3A]
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From a Generalized 1/4 Line or other applicable formations.

Outsides 1/4 Right and Counter Rotate 1/4 (i.e., Little) as Centers Step And Cross Fold (Ends Cross Fold as Centers 1/2 Press Ahead).

A Generalized 1/4 Line ends in Parallel Lines.

Aus einer 3/4 Line:

Interlocked Little

Aus einer ungewohnten Formation:

Interlocked Little


  • Historically, callers have called Interlocked Little from Twin Diamonds, in which case the Outsides were expected to 'go As You Are' (i.e., omit the 1/4 Right). This usage is typically frowned upon today. It is our opinion that the caller should explicitly state something like 'Outsides go As You Are' or 'Centers Start A' so that the outsides do not start with a 1/4 Right.
  • To smoothly dance the Center's part, the Very Centers should wait (before doing their 1/2 Press Ahead) until the Ends have almost completed the Cross Fold.

Interlocked Scoot & Little [C3A]: From a 1/4 Line. Interlocked Scoot Back; Outsides 1/4 to the handhold and Counter Rotate 1/4 as Centers Step & Cross Fold. Ends in Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

Interlocked Little More [C3A]: Aus einer 1/4 Line oder anderen passenden Formationen. Die Outsides tanzen ein 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4, während die Centers ein Step & Cross Fold tanzen (Ends Cross Fold as Centers Extend); die 4 Centers tanzen ein Box Circulate.

Little [C1] (Lee Kopman 1972): From a 1/4 Tag or other applicable formations. Outsides 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4 as Centers Step & Fold. A R-H 1/4 Tag ends in Parallel R-H Waves, a L-H 1/4 Tag ends in Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines.

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